21 Rules To Be A Great Integrated Man

21 Rules Of A Great Integrated Men

Integrated masculinity, or simply I called it “high-value, top 1%, kingly, alpha male” masculinity; it is a sense of masculinity that have made those great integrated men.

That being so, if you want to be a man, you have to act like a man.

But being a man is not enough, what about being a powerful, respected and integrated man?

You, or I, or any men or “boys” becoming men, have to be so grounded with your own sense of masculinity with integrity and virtues.

Being a strong, masculine man is being virtuous; and being a wimpy, meek and effeminate “men” are just drowning little boys.

Therefore I’d like to bring you my personal 21 rules of integrated masculinity; that I’ve contemplated and collected throughout years of learning to be a greater man.

Understand Masculinity Is Virtuous

“Masculinity Is A Sacred Thing”

Don’t ever buy into the bullshit of mainstream media that are filled with radical feminism, political correctness and fools.

What these motherfuckers want it to twist the nature of “masculinity” like it’s a repugnant hellspawn, an immoral entity full of vice.

How many times have you heard the word “toxic masculinity”? And have you ever seen any media talked about “toxic femininity”?

No, not even one.

Because right now masculinity is treated as vice and the social justice trends right now are wanting to demolish it.

If you type in search engines about “toxic masculinity”, there are dozens to millions articles about it; and they all shame the most definitive traits of being a man: dominance, aggression, ambition, power, boisterousness, …

And toxic femininity? Very few; and there’s this definition:

What the fuck?

Isn’t that how most women behave to men subconsciously?

But screw it, now you know how the world works right now.

For now, as being an integrated man, you’ll have to understand that masculinity itself is virtuous and sacred.

Each gender has been given with their own divine natures, and both genders must respect and embody it: masculinity is a male’s virtue; femininity is female’s virtue.

So, if you are a man, are masculine, and act and behave like a man; you are being virtuous.

And it is the complete opposite to bitch-boys, low testosterone beta males that act weak, submissive, wimpy, obedient and passive; are completely full of vice. Just look at most men nowadays, are any of them feel like a man?

That’s why this is the first and foremost rule to know to become a great, powerful and integrated man.

Be Physically & Mentally Strong

If you are not tough at all and are a fucking weasel-wimpy; then get lost, you are not a man, you are a girl in a man’s suit.

According to The Way Of Men By Jack Donovan, strength itself is one of the masculine’s virtues, you must have strength, both outer and inner, as an imperative element that makes you manly.

Because you have higher testosterone; better muscle insertions; more analytical and emotionally stable mind and higher upper body strength then women, hence determines masculine physical attributes.

And we all know this is true.

Guys have big and powerful muscles have much stronger mental & emotional toughness; and an ability to assert their will more than skinny or obese guys.

So, in any ways to be an integrated, great man, I’d always advise you to:

Hit the gym!

Lift fucking weights!

And push your own physical & mental limits!

Be Aggressive Like A Lion, A Tiger, An Eagle

What is the first impression of yours when I’ve brought out the image of a lion, a tiger, and an eagle?

Let see, ….

A lion … a tiger … and an eagle: the kings of animals

They are the strongest, baddest the most fearsome and ferocious animals ever; and most animals in their habitats either fear or respect them as their leaders, their kings, their rulers.

And they all have a common trait: natural, raw aggression.

That one single trait makes any being to become more powerful and respected, yet is heavily condemned in a human world, what a fuckin’ irony.

But let me tell you something.

Aggressive men are those who are most masculine and the most competent.

Aggressive men get more shit done, they have better resources, they are more decisive, actionable, courageous and strong-willed; due to the high amount of testosterone radiating in their body.

So whenever something block their paths, men who are aggressive will relentlessly attack and conquer it.

That being said, however, I am not suggesting you here to always act like a fucking maniac and be irritated, be destructive all time. No man, that’s stupid as shit; what I am saying is the aggressive energy you internally resonated with to assert kinetic force and conquer anything that is on your way.

This is the kind of aggression that lions, tigers and eagles have: tender-yet-calm aggressive energy.

So, as an integrated man, aggression is not a vice, it is a tool that you must carry by your side.

Be aggressive!

Value Self-Discipline And Work Ethics

No man can make into their desired heights of greatness, if they don’t have strong work ethics and discipline.

And without them, no one will.

Because all greatness is made from soil & blood of those who fight for it. But those who can fight for it, are prematurely rare.

Which is why greatness is only for the top 10% … due to their insane self-discipline and work ethics.

Great men like Navy SEALS will never be regarded as the most powerful, formidable and respected force if they lack discipline and work ethics.

Or do you think Elon Musk could have ever achieved such paramount, world-changing accomplishments in aerospace, technology and electronics like today, if all he does is just enjoying life in the coach watching TV all day long? Fuck, no.

Hell? Do you think I created this website and have any ideas of what I am writing if my life was a shit-show of slobbery and laziness? I have to be disciplined and strengthen my work ethics, more or less, to achieve successes and wisdom like this in my life, so that I can give it to you.

These are great men, these are great integrated men

And to achieve the same kind of greatness like these men, requires solid, invincible discipline and work ethics.

Integrated Men Have Strong Self-Ownership

Self-ownership represents leadership, and leadership is one of the most powerful traits of men, without doubt.

Leadership drives charisma, social status and one man’s authority over many; that’s why integrated men mostly are leaders among men or men whom most men look up and follow their footsteps (e.g. Marcus Aurelius, Alexander The Great, Jesus Of Nazareth, Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, …)

And in order to have leadership, you must lead yourself first, and that’s come with self-ownership.

You own yourself, your life, your choices and decisions, your responsibilities and your future. In your reality, you are one who navigate your own directions in order to get what you want, that’s self-ownership.

In contrast with those who can’t lead their own lives, yet let societies and governments to determine their own life’s paths, these guys demonstrate weakness and timidity of their characters. Which is why most of them never live up to their full potential.

But you might be different.

You own yourself, you lead your own ways, that’s the way of a great, respected integrated man.

And once you, or I, can own and lead ourselves, we will have the ability to lead and guide others; there’s no easier way to cultivate leadership than leading yourself successfully first of all, my man.

Integrated Men Do Whatever The Fuck They Want

“You ain’t got but one life. You ought to live it the way you want.”

Samuel L Jackson

A man life is precious yet short.

Yet being a man is either respectable or disposable.

And you know whom will get disposable? Those who are out of usefulness for the society and elites; these are who had forfeited their choices to live the ways they want to live, to do what the fuck they want to do in life.

Most of these men like worker bees for society, or a cubicle employee: they lost their own self-ownership and eventually the integrity of being a man.

So now you know what it’s like to be a “male”.

You either somebody or nobody.

Women don’t have to care about this, because they are not disposable; all they need is to have a great top-dog man with great resources and traits that can provide their emotional and survival needs, so they can create these men children.

LIfe is precious yet short, and it is actually easy to be somebody as a man than you think; there’s no other way than: do whatever the fuck you want in life.

Do whatever you want, and don’t give in, never let your paths paved by others.

This means you gotta have that self-leadership inside you, to guide you towards your dream and fulfill it, and that’s a cue of being an integrated man. You either live up to your full potential like how you want to live and be a respectable somebody.

Or submit your ways to other, then become a disposable nobody.

Be Unapologetic

Being unapologetic is a trait of a strong, powerful and respected integrated man.

It shows you that you are grounded with whom you are, it shows that you’ve accepted your individualism and you don’t have to be an another complete 180 degree kind-of-guy for people’s approval and validation.

Those who make apologies for being themselves are weak and pathetic.

More especially, those who apologize for being masculine is a disgrace; and those who encourage this are borderline retarded.

Integrated men are just themselves, alpha males are okay with themselves.

Because they are unapologetic.

And like that, that kind of mentality makes them so attractive towards many people, there are no facade behind them; they are so secure and confident on their way to succeed in life. So should us be unapologetic of being whom we truly are.

Act With Conviction

Most people live with a pile of dog shits in their lives because they lack conviction to get their own shits together.

That’s a big no-no for me, I hate that kind of mentality; it has nothing but reeks fears, indecisiveness and intolerable weakness. It also a never for an integrated man.

When you are not living life, or take actions with conviction; you are not so serious about what you want.

If you are serious about building a powerful physique, you must have conviction to act and live vigorously for it.

If you are serious about getting laid and being successful with women, you must be convicted to put yourself out there, and force yourself to talk to women and conquer your anxiety. The same apply to making money, or building your legacy.

Live with conviction, and act on it. It shows you a man of strength and high values.

Have A Powerful Sense Of Self-Respect

What a shame that we are living in this world full of negativity and self-sabotage; I can smell the shit stenches of people sabotaging and putting themselves down miles away.

Most people nowadays don’t even fucking respect themselves and are vain as fuck! Jesus!

I can’t blame them, I mean we are living in a world full of twisted hyper-realities that skewed their own conceptions like attractive people with good genetics; wealthy guys with Lamborghini and Rolex; marketers trying to push their products that give quick shortcuts; social medias full of vanity and edited images.

And everyday we are heavily exposed to them in multiple angles, no wonder why most feel like they are out of leagues.

But that being said, if you just keep staying deep in that rabbit hole, you will truly curse your true potential.

Self-respect is important, as for any men who are integrated, they respect themselves and accept their who they are; because of that healthy perception of themselves, they know their values and flaws that allow them to overcome their limits, not like those jack-asses out there beating their shit down.

Respect yourself, treat yourself life a best buddy; you naturally exudes confidence and raw masculinity by having an ego that is big enough to accept and be true with yourself.

Have True Inner Congruence

Great men don’t lie, they don’t fake their shits, they don’t act phony and baloney.

Great men are total honest and congruent with what they do.

If they feel naturally confident, you can signal their confidence from miles away; and if they want to do what they want, they just fucking do it, no hide-and-seek.

That’s the value of congruence and authenticity.

Because great, integrated men own themselves, they are just simply true to what they already are, so why the fuck they need to fake being something they are not?

Congruence and honesty drive success and people toward you; and the more congruent you are, the more successful you be, because you know your intentions, your purposes, your goals and just act true to it.

Congruence makes alpha males and phoniness makes immoral, incompetent people, that’s all.

Integrated Men Must Have Life Purposes

Million time I be always talking about the important of having life purposes, because every most powerful and well-respected men are men of purposes and drives. I didn’t come up with that, it’s just already true.

Nothing drives a man better than having purposes in life; purposes drive you to become stronger, more aggressive and decisive in the totality of life, in order to survive and to thrive for greater. And it is already hardwired within your subconscious.

If cavemen didn’t have a purpose to thrive for survival, then would you think we’d ever exist?

In our modern world, men whom have purposes and goals to strive for seize most resources, prestige and powers. Integrated men know what they want in life, and they’re after it every remaining second; those guys are actors, builders, musicians, engineers, CEOs, world-leaders, …. and they are all respected and on the top of the social hierarchies.

And those who don’t, are pussies leftover.

So, you don’t want to be a pussy that are wimpy and meek, right?

Then know what do you truly want inside your soul.

Do you want to be the president of United States? Or an another unemployed college graduated working shifts in McDoanlds? Have dreams, follow them and make yourself a hero.

Integrated Men Make Great Decisions

I don’t care whatever the fuck you are, any men must have that very core decision-making ability.

If you can’t make great decisions for yourself and in most situations; you are still but a boy, not a man.

Our ancestors had to make lots of decisions every time in order to survive and overcome dangers from wild, tough circumstances or enemies seizing their resources. Their ability to make great decisions allowed them to passed on their genes and lessons through generations until now.

But nowadays? We are in so much comfortable right now. And that kind of comfort creates a huge “push-over” mentality to us, especially our latest generation.

I mean, just take a fucking look! Kids nowadays mostly don’t know how to make decisions for themselves.

They just push over for higher authorities or parents to decide theirs.

Indecisiveness gets you nowhere, moron; it is a sign of weakness and lack of directions.

When you have cultivated yourself a life purpose or a goal, you must decide quick to take actions! That’s a powerful trait of integrated men, or high value males.

And being decisive is one of the manliest shits you can be, if you want a woman to stick with you, be a strong, decisive leader.

Treat Women As Their Own Nature

Nowadays, radical feminism, liberals and SJWs brainwashed us with the dogshit baloney craps of gender equality and non-existent toxic masculinity carved into most people’s heads.

Now what we see is, gradually more men becoming girly and more women becoming manly.


As men and women, we are already given with a natural gender identity ever since; for men are masculine, and women are feminine.

Most women love strong, resourceful and masculine guys; because of the feminine energy, is receptive, passive, submissive, emotional, nurturing, intuitive which in complete contrast with masculine energy is active, analytical, grounded, aggressive, decisive, purpose-driven.

No women tolerate a weak and feminine guy, no matters whatever the hell mainstream media, or feminists tells you otherwise. “Gender acceptance, equality & toxicity” propaganda is just pure stupidity and a far-left dog shit that I’d never want to smell.

Being an integrated man is the man who treats women for their own nature; you have to be masculine to your woman, she is receptive to pick up on that signal and feel harmonious. This is yin-yang at its core.

It is you being manly and she being girly; or you being a girly lives with a radical feminist that act manly.

Integrated Men Must Know Themselves

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”


Had I not known myself, I would never know any of these shits, I would probably never know what I want and what are my true values; and I would keep staying confused and being a spineless shit because I was just a nobody with an existential crisis.

But no, I am glad that I start to realize who I am. And from that I’ve embodied much more greater qualities of a man can have.

Now I know my strengths and flaws, my principles, my purposes and accept my being. And it is knowing myself first, I feel like I am gaining more wisdom and growing more in my journey.

That said, every person must start to know, and understand themselves in a deep level; this comes down to a more spiritual aspect of whom you are.

By knowing yourself, you start to feel more internally connected with your core, and thus being able to see the hidden paths and wisdom that you have never known before; this is the beginning of cultivating wisdom in the words of philosophers, and attaining Eudaimonia, the blissful, good and happy life and it all starts from knowing yourself in deepest levels.

Have A Statue-Like Presence

Guys who are tough and masculine must look literally tough and masculine.

And how you can get a statue-like presence?

Hit the irons, lift heavy weights, train your body my man.

You will look healthy, muscular and strong, that powerful presence both reflects your physical prowess and mental prowess also; and when people look at you, they think : “Hey! That guy looks so masculine, strong-minded, confident and driven!”

When you look big and feel strong, everything in life as a man feels easy and penetrable to you in every single way.

Men looks up to you, women are attracted to your strong, statue-like presence.

You walk straight, tall and unstoppable; you look and feel like a man. That’s being an alpha great, badass integrated man. And it is easy to achieve: train hard and lift weights.

Value Wisdom, Knowledge & Mastery

A great, high-valued integrated man has high standards and core values.

That being said, these values mostly are strengths of characters, integrity, wisdom & fulfillment.

All great men in the history, or even now develop appreciation for wisdom, knowledge and mastery; because any man has to be excellent at certain field and skills in order to succeed in their industries, that’s why they must learn, and learn and keep learning.

Have you ever heard somebody said “knowledge is power”?

It is, your mind with handful of knowledge and wisdom is a formidable weapon, and your purpose in life is your potential. So always learn more and master what have you learned to exceed your game.

If you have learned virtually nothing in college like me, I’d recommend you to rather have your own university, and commit to your learning process for the rest of your life; and be a great man.

Integrated Men Walk Their Own Paths

Integrated masculinity is also about being strong and decisive about doing what you want and following your own paths; for you will find true success when you follow your paths, not being a conformist in the herds of sheep.

That said, you don’t give a fuck about being a well-behaved pedestrian, you don’t care about college, having a job, or follow anyone paths; instead you just follow yours.

You will choose to be a wolf or a ronin in his way to actualize his full potential within his own principles and commands. And along the ways you will strengthen your characters and overall prowess, in order to conquer challenges in your ways and eventually succeed.

Let’s leave the chess board of the sheep, go your own paths and succeed. You are leader of your own destiny, and you don’t afraid to live your dreams and do whatever the fuck you want to do; your inner strength reflects what choices you make it life.

Have Humility

While being confident and have an ego is a good thing, I’ve learned that there’s so much more values when it come to being humble and moral also.

I’ve learned and achieved humility through hard way, I was always being narcissistic and arrogant because of my fortune and intellectual edge, but only to realize it is just an another repugnant kind of behavior that subconsciously tied to insecurity and a detrimental “fixed mindset” which made me felt miserable and stagnant.

As an integrated man, being humble is a thing to gets you further in life; because no one want to fuck around with a vain, boastful asshole as they hate smelling that kind of negativity like smelling your shit.

Also having humility allows more room to know ourselves, to grow and to learn from others; we are not godly beings, for we have flaws, we have strengths and weaknesses, and we do eat, sleep, shit, piss, fart, hurt and die like every human being. You are not Zeus and neither am I Prometheus.

So, be humble, be virtuous and be great (you can be both confident and be humble at the same time).

Treat Fellow Men With Respect And Admiration

Usually, men who put other men down are dishonorable. It is not how truly great men act.

Putting other men down for their efforts or their journey to greatness just reflects lack of dignity and scarcity.

Being an integrated man that lays rock and stones to climb to the peaks, you definitely know that these challenges requires lots of efforts and courage.

Those men who are doing this or have done this deserved massive respect and admiration from me. Because it is an act of valor that should be honored; when you’ve been through challenges in life and know that other men are just like you, or are in their journey, you automatically shows respect and compassion.

Anyone who have come through more or less conquered wilderness and their limitations should all be respected and admired for their will.

Or not just that, those who are on their journey to greatness, deserve respect and admiration from their fellow men.

So, next time when you see a skinny, or fat guy showing up at the gym every single day and is working hard; gives him a “thumb-ups” and supports the man.

Integrated Men Values Integrity And Honor

As the title of this article suggested, integrated men are men of integrity and honor. If you lack these two qualities, I spit on your damn face because that’s a disgrace.

Possessing code of honor & integrity requires you to not turn your back on your principles, your core values and your paths; that’s a thing helps you stay firm and grounded as a man in your way. And you should stay firm and respect your own principles to demonstrate honor and integrity.

As long as you are a man of honor and integrity, you are a well-respected person and a capable leader.

You will be looked up and commended by other men because of your dignity.

Demonstrate friendship with other fellow men, and pay respect to their strengths and efforts also demonstrate integrity and honor; know who you truly are is also being honorable and integrated. As long as you are congruent to your own being, you have my respect, sir.

And if you shame other men because of their lacks (unless that man lacks redeeming qualities), disrespect their strengths and values; or betray your own principles and being dishonest, living your life with a facade; you have no integrity and honor at all.

Integrated Men Use Their Sexual Energy As Power

Greatest men who existed and alive today, are shown to be very magnetic, resourceful, powerful, confident and successful.

And there’s another invisible force that drives these qualities: sexual energy.

Yes, you haven’t heard it wrong, I said it, you read it. It is their abundant sexual energy as a reservoir of great power that helped these men fulfilled their potential for greatness and success. Because they don’t waste their time doing shameful shits like most of us do nowadays: watching porn and masturbating regularly.

Instead, they’ve used their time to transmuted this potent energy to be greatly productive and attracting such success. Hence why you see lots of guys are praising the benefits of NoFap and Semen Retention.

And like that, I’d encourage you to do the same, I’ve been practicing NoFap and Semen Retention for years; and it is the reason that transformed my life and allows me to chase after what I want, and obtaining such wisdom like this.

Being sexually powerful will strengthen your manhood; no I am not shitting to you motherfuckers.

The fuck am I sound like? Am I sound like a guy who spew lies and unethical bullshits to your ears like the mainstream shits are doing now? No.

Those zombies who do nothing but waste their precious energy and time in porn sites and Internet are fucking wussies and losers that are being disposed day by day; while great integrated men are using it for greatness.

So be smart about using it as your greatest power.


That’s it! These are 21 rules of integrated masculinity I believe every man should know and embody in order to become a greater man.

To be honest, I really wish I knew them earlier in my younger years, my father had not taught me any of those; which I am sure that most of yours didn’t too either.

In the world that full of anti-masculinity propaganda, and male effeminacy are spreading like an epidemic, young men are becoming more detached to their inner spiritual, divine masculine energy. And in order to get it back, we have to arm with such wisdom and understanding in order to be strong again.

Like Tyler Durden says: “what we have now is spiritual war”; for now, in our current time, we might not have physical war, yet the only war we have is the war with ourselves. So friends, let conquer our own weaknesses and transcend our masculine potential to greatness.

For now, I’d have to say goodbye. Until next time,


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