28 Hours Of Dopamine Fast + What I’ve Learned

28 Hours Of Dopamine Fast + What I’ve Learned

Dopamine fast (or also known as dopamine detox) is a productivity hack that allows you to reset your brain’s dopamine receptors; therefore make them more sensitive to certain action. It is also one of the greatest ways to build your self-discipline as a champion again.

Basically, what you will have is to easily feel pleasure in smaller things, again.

And when calibrating it with right actions, you can feel motivated and like it; so you can repeat the action, again.

Guess what? I just have tried this shit again.

What I did was not touching any activities that stimulate instant gratifications: no electronics, no games, no porn & masturbation, no reading, no eating, no lifting, … No anything that makes me feel pleasurable for 28 hours straight. (Except some setbacks …)

But I can sit still in my room, journal in my notebook, take showers, and do some little exercise. And oh boy, it was boring as fuck; and I am glad I’ve made it.

Dopamine fast

To be honest, it was a gratifying experience.

Yet it was terrible that I had to do nothing and be bored for 28 hours straight; but I’ve felt great.

For now, here’s my breakdown about this experiment

Breakdown 28 Hours Of Dopamine Fast (Or Mental Jail) Experience

Normally, I rarely ever do this for one of the reasons is time-wasting as hell. But after weeks of feeding myself tons of instant dopamine constantly (I masturbated and ate junk few dozen times). I thought this was the best time to start.

And I was right.

However, it was honestly tough as shit and it wasn’t easy. If it’s not easy for me, it won’t be for you.

What you will see here is the full journey of some griefs and highs during this experience.

(*Note: I also did this along with a 40-hour of water fasting with also increased the effects of mental clarity simultaneously.)

0 – 4 Hours: Grief

Simpson Bored

First hours of trying anything are vastly agonizing; just as much as this thing. But in this case, you are voluntarily bored yourself into agony.

My experience with first 4 hours of dopamine fasting was utterly boredom, the cravings running in my mind was the sting in the ass. Fuck sake, I noticed that I couldn’t even sit on the chair still for more than 10 minutes.

I constantly got out of the chair, and walk, while looking to the window with little void inside, then jumped into bed; rinse and repeat.

And I also noticed that during that bored time, I tickled my nipples while thinking of sexual fetishes a lot.

It sounds weird as shit, but tickling the nipples stimulates body & mind orgasm by rising both dopamine and oxytocin (love hormone) to intense levels; and combine that shit with your degenerate sexual imagining mind? It is like goddamn masturbation, and it still sucks dry your dopamine up! That was the weird knowledge I had found out during dopamine fast.

Then I went out and sunbathing a little bit, it was bit refreshing, at least.

But you got the point, in conclusion, that cycles of void and boredom repeated; until eventually I started regaining composure, some self-awareness and writing journal more.

4 – 7 Hours: Slight Bliss From Surge Of Dopamine

The next 3 hours was kinda great and light-headed.

This was when I randomly had a quote popped in my head: “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” by Blaise Pascal. And my contemplative head found out this is to be true.

So, I started practicing sitting in the chair for longer minutes; without doing anything.

Then my mind started to feel more clarity; I felt this kind of intense dopamine surge again, and it was awesome. It was blissful, it was basically like the first time you are doing NoFap journey pasts 2-3 weeks.

Forward, I started journaling and writing with self-assessment questions more often. It was this moment of slight clarity of consciousness gives me more intellect and perception to study about myself more; also all the past problems and anxiety were slowing fading out of my mind, and I was feeling more positive and blissful.

The bliss was intense, but not much; it was slight and that’s enough for me to feel powerful. Then, the next 4 hours…

7 – 11 Hours: Extreme Boredom & Tiredness

Dopamine fast - mental jail

This was a tougher one, as freaking horrible as Satan nailing my tongue shoved in the table.

This felt like a prison mentally; at least it wasn’t hell but it was definitely shitty. But this is the case of dopamine fast, bear with it.

Now, I was still feeling great but I was running out of ideas to write (or could not describe some of them in the paper) and couldn’t sit still for few hours; I decided to stand up and walk for few minutes in the living room; then went straight up to bed to relax a bit, the weather was kinda great and it felt good.

I had learned that when I stayed in bed for longer; I felt more groggy and the sexual thoughts started coming up more; made me tickling my nipples and having orgasm, again. After that, it was bit of void; because it sucked some dopamine up already.

And I was feeling sleepy afterwards, that made me wanting to lay in the bed for longer, with my groggy consciousness started taking over; I was tired and sleepy, I tried to stay awake during in bed, but eventually napped for 2 hours. And woke up with bit of boredom and emptiness again for 30-40 minutes.

11 – 14 Hours: Unexpected Euphoria

I took a cold showers and did some push-ups, squats and sit-ups.

After these things, my mind started to felt great again. I decided to sit still on the chair looking out the window for longer while.

And guess what? I unexpectedly had a high in my mind from nowhere.

Euphoric and driven also.

As I noticed more self-awareness and brainpower I gained; I written in my journal more often and figured out my soul more well. And also felt more wise and empowered.

I was heavenly high, it felt like I am in a psychedelic trip but without psychedelics and hallucinations. And it really felt like having DMT produced in the mind, that I was in a higher state of consciousness.

Euphoria aside, I noticed that my urges and cravings to work on my goals, or build good habits are strong, as well as for some instant gratifications; but with self-control and awareness, I was feeling more motivated and driven to kick some asses and win.

For a moment I felt like a god, a champion; I felt like I was regaining my inner strength and integrity from within, the weird increase of dopamine also stimulates the testosterone and masculine energy in my whole being.

But still, I didn’t do shit, because of this driven state; It helped me regaining composure and keeping my discipline in check.

But indeed, this was a godly state; the calling for conquer and glory was intense.

14 – 24 Hours: Disturbingly Awful Sleep

And there was this phase.

God fucking damn it, this is what I say, a literal hell.

Yep, this was definitely hell; it was hellish that I had both shitty sleep and crashed mind at the same time, but at least not to the point where I had to feel depressed and anxious at the same time. But my body was shaking and sweating and my mind was like cable TV’s static black & white noise

I couldn’t fall asleep for hours despite had taken melatonin pill, but definitely told myself not to touch anything to stimulate dopamine. That I accepted being bored and void for a while for the sake of discipline.

Part of this reason was because probably I had no foods or carbs in my system, as carbs are needs to produce serotonin and tryptophan, signal satiation & produce more slow released melatonin; therefore allows you to falling asleep smoothly.

Yes, it was grievous, but I had to remain still.

Not doing anything, until eventually falling asleep.

But the dreams were blurry and mostly forgotten, they were short; and the sleep quality was trash, I woke up in the middle of the night like 2-3 times or whatsoever, at least not entirely woken up. I peed alot that night because of fuck tons amount of water I had drank within the day.

That was definitely hellish then. I slept for like 10-11 hours maybe.

24 – 28 Hours: Bliss And Euphoria

The next day waken up, took a cold shower and doing some push-ups. And I had like 4 more hours before I could do anything again. Still, it was refreshing and my mind was full of dopamine and euphoria of course.

I still felt mental clarity and the energy; this allowed me to put more time on journaling and doing deep contemplation,

I was also felt motivated and driven, the urges to hustle and to conquer were so strong, I felt like testosterone in a human vessel. At the same time, I was disciplined and also remain calm and sharp; as I told myself that I will end this within the next 4 hours.

For the last four hours, I was only walking around and thinking about my visions for a bit; then sit still in the chair, either writing or doing nothing but contemplating, thinking and visualizing. My thoughts were cleared and ordered, and the feelings of tranquility and inner pleasure were still immense.

And I kept doing that until this eventually ended.

Some Noticeable Benefits I’ve Had After Dopamine Fast

The 28-hour dopamine fast experiment is worthy of my credit. It was great and beneficial in many ways.

I have regained the amount of pleasure and sensitivity to greatness again after this.

I also built more inner strength because of this experiment.

And now, there are list of benefits I had noticed experiencing during this fast.

More Mental Clarity

dopamine fast mental clarity
Dopamine fast feels like this…

It is definitely clear that I’ve repeated this word far too many times in this article.

I definitely experienced extreme amount of mental clarity and sharpness during this experiment because of high amount of dopamine as well as serotonin & noradrenaline during this fast. For these two neurotransmitters responsible for pleasure, mood & concentration, in sequence.

And this benefit is noticeable for me past the first 4-5 hours mark of fast.

During this state, it is like having an extremely high genius-level brainpower.

This genius state can be achieved through 60-72 hours of long fasting; but with dopamine fast? Hell, this is way more intense. And this state is also transited even after the detox as long as you calibrate your mind again with right actions.

Extremely High Drive & Motivation

dopamine = motivation

I noticeably felt like a conqueror, a champion during this state.

But it was more like a champion that was so aggressive and craved for challenges and battles; untamed and wild.

My drive to conquer my goals and purposes were sky high; my motivation was ten folds more powerful, I was so motivated and feeling powerful for having such wild urges to achieving greatness.

It is said that there is a connection between testosterone and dopamine; as testosterone increases the level of dopamine and its receptors in the hypothalamus; vice versa, dopamine also increases testosterone (through this study, although it is designed with central participants with Parkinson’s disease.)

There’s somehow testosterone and androgen activities increase due to dopamine increasing will lower the levels of prolactin, though it is not clear. But you can definitely knows why you feel different and motivated after NoFap within 2-3 weeks.


Blissfulness is indeed. Because of the amount of dopamine increases, mean serotonin and endorphins also increase.

I feel euphoric and happy when I have lots of motivations and pleasures. And after doing a 28-fast period; my motivation went through the roof and it is still there when I calibrate it right; and felt happy and blissful until now.

Now, I am feeling very euphoric and happy while doing my work and doing my best to conquer my daily to-do lists, and goals; with right calibration, it makes me happy to do the work and hard things.

It is said that when pleasure stimulates through an activity, serotonin increases; this is why eating carbs or sugars makes you feel satiated and happy afterwards; or social medias, video games, music gives shit tons of dopamine and it is regulating constantly to many other hormones and neurotransmitters.

And right now, achieving success in such tasks or delayed gratification can do the same; as long as you calibrate your activation with the newfound dopamine sensitivity rightfully.

More Self-Awareness & Probably Learning Ability

I noticed myself increasing on self-awareness and ability to learn/assess about myself more quicker (as I’ve learned I had many weird habits and something I do unconsciously can potentially weakens my brain). I also noticed that I could consumed knowledge and understood a book more easily after having a dopamine fast.

And I think this benefit is cool if I want to read or learn anything faster, and to regain composure also to have a clarity of visions and my true self.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter responsible for higher thinking, learning & memory, there’s a correlation between dopamine and acetylcholine that higher stimulation of dopamine inhibits acetylcholine release in the brain. [R], [R].

This make senses after a quick dopamine stimulated through video games, social medias, TikTok videos, porn makes it is harder for you to learn, to focus or to process information with ease.

But after a dopamine fast, I believe that when dopamine receptors regulate up again and reset its sensitivity, it increases the release of acetylcholine; thus when your brain is freshened, it is easier to learn, focus and to solve harder problems.

Which is why waking up in the morning you should be tackling all difficult tasks and learning matters before doing anything fun or you’d fuck your brain up.

What I’ve Done After Dopamine Fast

oh god i can feel again

Keep in mind that after the fasting session, your dopamine receptors will be more sensitive again. And it is easy to fuck it up with instant gratifications and temptations again; therefore, keep yourself in check.

Because of knowing that would happen. Good thing I had already had a list of what to do after it in order to re-calibrate.

What I’ve done to re-calibrate are:

  • Started by ordering high quality foods; then watched a video about dopamine detox (to train the mind to consume more knowledgeable videos).
  • Designed the logo for this website and page; the name will be changed sooner or later.
  • Written an small draft for this article (I’ve felt more self-control to sit down and write longer ever since).
  • Cooked quinoa and steak to break my fast.
  • Meditated for 10 minutes.
  • And finally, made plan for the next week.

These are what have I prioritized doing first, so to keep the mind in check with things that make my life better.

And I love these shits so much. It feels much more easier doing these things than before. That’s the point, to take advantages of having fuck tons amount of dopamine after a fast again, then to re-calibrate it into building something much more better.

But remember to expect: that during this day we might feel good; however, that cannot say the same for the next day, there’s a chance that we can feel little bit bored, or tired, or emptied inside so we just say “fuck it” and stimulate our brain with instant gratifications again. Stay strong with discipline and fuck motivation.

Also, I have to say that it hasn’t been perfect. Yes, I’ve felt great and driven doing after a dopamine fast; but also some failures like: checking notifications early and ordering some extra junk foods. Nevertheless, I’ve felt it is much easier to control myself than before.

Right now I am so high.

It’s so fucking good.

Conclusion: Should You Do Dopamine Fast

So, how’s my rating about dopamine fast? 9/10.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely yes if you feel like a crank-ass zombie.

If you are severely contaminated with fast dopamine sources like junk foods, video games, porns & some stupid shits, …. Do this, have your mind reset to 0; then build it with strong sense of discipline and honor, make you more powerful and stronger.

Otherwise, you don’t need to. After all my purpose of doing this is to refresh the dull shits I had been injecting in my mind earlier that hindered my potentials and discipline. And by doing this, it allowed me to build inner strength more easily.

The extra bonus I’ve gained from it is: feeling motivated and pleasurable conquering challenges and hardships.

When you feel dull and lack of will. Do a dopamine fast for 24 hours.

Sure, this thing will waste you a whole day.

But if it’s worth it, why wouldn’t you do this? You won’t regret it. For now it is time to build the warrior energy inside you and let it unleash. Find your purpose and live up to your destiny as a great man you desire to be.

For now, I’ll see you next time.


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