4 Powerful Ways Every Man Can Do To Achieve Superior Discipline

4 Powerful Ways Every Man Can Do To Achieve Superior Discipline

Superior discipline is a noble trait of a superior man. As discipline is one of five essential qualities that start with letter “D”.

We must have discipline to have our lives in order, to get things done, to achieve our goals.

A man has no discipline is a weak man; thus he is no man, but a little bitch. An average man has average discipline, yeah that’s good; as he get things done at average pace. But … a superior, powerful, successful man, has superior discipline; as he achieve much more greater things with all blood, sweats and tears.

I want to be the guy on the latter; because simply, he is a badass.

So do you, I believe.

And superior discipline is a trait that every badass have, and every aspired badass MUST have.

Though, we are living in a world that such a great and noble quality like this is difficult to be integrated; as we are filled with distractions, tons of irrelevant information and our brain’s circuitry is proned to seeking short-cuts/quick fixes for our deficiencies.

But the thing is, to become extremely disciplined in life: There’s no short-cut.

There’s no cheat code for self-discipline.

It is cultivated with true dedication, acceptance and sheer prowess of a man. You gotta put the work for it. And to achieve superior discipline, requires superior amount of efforts.

So don’t bother looking for short-cut, it ain’t there; I too, has tried already.

Nevertheless, out of the ocean filled with knowledge and information out there, you probably won’t find any better ways to “hack” your self-discipline. Because less it more. And these are four most powerful & 100% guaranteed ways any man can do to cultivate immense sense of discipline.

Let’s get into it.

1. Wake Up Early In The Morning Is Extremely Crucial

"Get Out Of Bed" - Jocko Willink. (How To Build Superior Discipline)
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvkMSCQHHyA

Jocko Willink, an ex-Navy SEAL, a man whom I admire greatly for his powerful leadership and immense discipline says: “discipline starts with waking up early in the morning.”

It perhaps sound like nothing or pointless, but it is actually impactful.

Yes, if you know me, I’ve been waking up early around 5-7AM nearly every single morning of my day; and I’d feel energized and focused at best during these morning hours to get my shits done, so I can slow down later.

But these days ago, I was slacking shit and got out of bed 15-60 minutes late, I stayed in bed because of some dopamine hits from my phone. And guess what? I barely worked shit at all and felt kinda groggy, lazy as fuck for almost an entire day.

That being said, I’ve realized how much of waking up early in the morning impacts my productivity.

Most of my best works are usually well done in my early morning hours.

Waking up early suffices by giving you an extra boost in energy and motivation during the dawn, due to the biological clock is wired during the sunrise hours; and making you feel like you are an outlier, because you are waking up earlier than most people to accomplish your works like a badass.

And because of the motivation and energy it gives, you are more proned to build superior amount of discipline by doing the work.

But don’t just only be a 5-7AM “early riser”, if you have lack of sleep the previous day, then it still shits the next day. There’s no fucking way you’d feel disciplined and energized when you lack good sleep hours.

Always try to get around 7.5-9 hours, by going to bed earlier every night. See my guide for high quality sleep here.

2. The Key Habit Of Superior Discipline: Just Do The Fucking Work

Just Fucking Do It To Build Superior Discipline

Discipline is the root of all other qualities, or virtues, or ad infinitum.

Yet it starts with waking up early in the morning, but then; it’s about wake up early in the morning to get shits done. And even if you don’t get shits done in the first hours of morning, then get them fucking done for the day.

It is so simple to cultivate discipline, and there’s no shortcut for you.

There’s no fucking needs to go to Google and type: “How to be more disciplined” or “How to be productive and finish tasks.”

So? I’ll tell you something, the key to build discipline: JUST DO THE FUCKING WORK.

A man with discipline and integrity do the work and get it done. A superior man with superior discipline and integrity do the superior work and get it done no matters what.

That’s it, I don’t have to be a genius to understand that; and so do you.

The thing is, although it is so simple; I was a stupid fool back then when I was trying all my ways to find short-cuts and slacking off my works because I was an undisciplined pussies. But now I’ve realized this is the only way.

It sounds little bit like a motivational speech.

But doesn’t matter, if you want to achieve superior discipline: do the work everyday, like a conqueror.

3. Lift Weights/Intense Physical Training

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” - Aristotle

The strongest warriors ever lived or are living on Earth right now such as the Vikings, Spartans, the Huns army, British SAS, Russian Spetsnaz, Navy SEALs, Delta Force Operators, … these guys have very common attributes.

They possess godly amount of discipline, will; as well as physical prowess.

Even the philosophers of old and extremely successful, intelligent people; all appreciate the values of physical training and having a powerful body. Because a powerful body = powerful mind.

And lifting weights is one of the best, greatest ways to train your mind to become more disciplined.

Also that’s what man do; being a man, you have to be both strong mentally and physically. What do you think would happens if a man is a skinny soaking wet little shit can do anything? They can’t, because they are just weak.

When you have to pack on tons of muscle and strength, it requires superior amount of discipline to do so; and after months, even years of hard work, discipline, consistency & sheer will: you achieve the top-tier physique and you’d look both attractive and powerful.

That’s the fruit of physical training.

You’d feel healthier, happier, stronger, smarter in your daily life.

You’d walk with respect & integrity.

When I started working out, I hated it because it was a tough shit, and pretty damn sure I was mentally weak and undisciplined; but then years later, I am enjoying every moment of heavy lifting and appreciate discipline in every life’s aspect. Better trust me on that one, friends.

Lifting weights gives superior discipline, yes. But it doesn’t have to be lifting weights; it can be martial arts, calisthenics or high frequency training. Anything is so intense that get your body pumps up it is good.

So, start training hard.

And be strong.

4. Program Your Mind For “Superior Discipline”

Neural Circuits

A man with strong sense of discipline has his subconsciousness impressed with the words of “discipline” and “hardship” a lot.

That being said, I’d bring you this final, but most important one ever to regain that inner authority.

If you want to be anything, convince your mind that you are it first.

If you want to be discipline, convince and make your mind absorb the values of discipline; the same goes for training, intelligence, making money, …

When you start telling yourself a.k.a affirming “what you truly are” enough, it impresses slowly on your subconscious mind, until it is fully impressed. That’s what we call “neural programming”. And to start build superior, powerful sense of discipline; impress your subconscious by affirming it consciously, consistently.

Yes, you have to consciously expose yourself to anything that contains values of “discipline”, but also consistently.

It takes around 60-180 days to truly impress, and program your subconscious mind, depends on whether the actions are significant or small.

Here’s are what you can begin with to program your brain for discipline:

  • Using affirmations such as “I am disciplined”, “I am a disciplined man”, “I honor and embody discipline in my life.”
  • Exposing yourself to any visuals or words that have contexts of “discipline”: watching YouTube videos about it; admiring someone with that quality; reading something about it.
  • Build the habit of exercising regularly (Read Atomic Habits.)
  • Build a small, high quality habit in your life consistently (Apply Slight Edge concept.)
  • Read “Discipline Equals Freedom” by Jocko Willink, or “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins.

Start small.

Stay consistent.

It will not be easy at first; but when you start to feel like you love, or understand, or value it; then you’d be doing more actively to do something, and that increases discipline until it becomes superior.


* Recommended reading: Destroy Dick December Is For The Losers – Now Discipline December.

I have listed all the best, most powerful ways every man can do to achieve massive levels of discipline as possible. And there’s no more better ways than these. Because they are rock, hard, solid, fully tested and guaranteed by most anyone.

Implementing these fours actions in your life, and prepare to notice how your internal state changing.

If you are a little pussy right now, you’d eventually become a rock, hard, disciplined man.

That’s the way of a superior man, with superior sense of discipline.

But still in case, out of these four methods; I’d recommend you to start with at least one first and slowly builds the intensity over time. Which I’ve already stated: start with programming the mind first until you feel impressed. After that, these three are within your choices.

Remember: there’s no fucking short-cuts for discipline.

It is built with blood, sweats, tears and hardship; and to achieve superior amount of discipline: DO THE WORK.

One last thing: it won’t be easy, but it will reward.

Discipline is testosterone, and testosterone is what you want to be a man.

That’s it.

I’ll see you all next time,


discipline equals freedom - jocko willink - Jocko Willink
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