5 Most Essential Habits To Become A Better Man.

5 Most Essential Habits To Become A Better Man.

One important thing you must always know that habits are the incubation of your life. Because how much of your life’s quality depends on what you do regularly.

Have you ever heard the ancient saying: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ?

If you are a miserable, poor average motherfucker; then there’s gotta be a reason with your daily routines.

Back then I had not understood this concept …

But now I realized how truly profound it is.

In fact, a brief reflection on my life before and now, there are lots of differences in choices and repetitive actions. If I didn’t change, my life and self image would keep smelling like shit.

But let’s stop the ranting. Because I have and still cultivating these habits in my regular basis; I start to believe that these habits are truly core practices that every man must always do, as these are greatly high ROI practices.

I can guarantee you if you start doing any of these practice systematically; your life, self-image and masculinity will improve drastically.

Now let’s get to the point.

Key Manly Habit 1: No Porn, Masturbation & Orgasm.

Key Manly Habit 1: No Porn, Masturbation & Orgasm.

Although this sounds like cliché, I truly believe every man on Earth need to at least abstaining from porn and masturbation for a period of time in their life.

This is more detailed description of the typical NoFap, this one thing I believe is a very core habit.

And I believe how much my life has gone upward by committing to this habit.

But how powerful is NoFap and why is it matter?

NoFap is powerful due to it releases your mind from the mental confinement from pornography usage, and excessive masturbation counts that are usurping your body & mind functions.

When you notice after few weeks of practicing NoFap; you will notice a surge of joy, motivation, confidence, energy, sex drive, social acuteness and more mental clarity.

It also increases your testosterone levels up to 45.7% in seventh day; though it often crashes back to normal levels after that. Hence, this can be still significant due to contribution of elevated physiological and psychological changes.

Though, why is it matter? You will be free from porn addiction and feel humanly again, that’s why.

I goddamn believe most modern men are highly sexual debilitated and are addicted to this crap right now, it is one of the reasons why men nowadays are like pussies.

Don’t you ever dare tell me porn addiction is not real, it is fucking real!

And it is real as fuck as I witnessed the dumb, weak, enfeebled version of me few years ago; and those morons who are still endorsing this god-shit behavior look even more moronic!

That’s right, porn and masturbation in excess diminish your life force, it sucks your dopamine up, leaves you no happiness, motivation and energy to thrive in life or whatsoever.

Only by doing NoFap as a committed habit will bring you the energy and drive you used to have, and you will begin to live a greater life.

Key Manly Habit 2: Meditation

Key Manly Habit 2: Meditation

If you develop the habit of meditating everyday for 15-20 minutes rigorously, believe me, you will not be the same and you will be grateful for this good god-send gift.

Meditation is one of the hardest things you will ever done; yet one of the most rewarding practices.

Meditation makes you more masculine by improving your inner tranquility, it is extremely contagious that changes your external life with greater peace; lesser stress, anxiety & anger; increased energy, drive, focus and happiness to get whatever you wants out of life.

It is truly one of the greatest natural medicines for body, mind & spirit that any people inherently possess.

For example, let’s take my story for it:

I’ve been practicing daily meditation for nearly two years. But before that, my life was mostly hectic and out-of-alignment, I was pretty much passive, apathetic, lethargic, shy, anxious and was usually dead inside; this was also combined with excessive porn & masturbation sped up my “loser-o-meter” exponentially.

Until I discovered NoFap and was aroused by the great benefits of meditation from online threads, I decided to give them a chance.

About after 3-4 months of consistent practice, I was mind-blown by the effects of these habits, I felt more mentally clear, focused and happy; I noticed that I could control myself, stay calm and relaxed during hectic times; my social confidence skyrocketed; and I lost some fat also performed better in learning, working & doing calisthenics; I also could falling asleep much easier and sleeping better.

Though, it was not easy to practice at the beginning, it will take time to be comfortable with meditation.

But was it worth it?

YES! And still worth it now.

Implement this on your daily routine for one month for 15-20 minutes a day, and you will believe what I’ve just said.

Key Manly Habit 3: Physical Training/Martial Arts

Key Manly Habit 3: Training/Martial Arts

It is no doubt that manly men believe how valuable is exercising or pushing their body limits in their life. And I guess you don’t need to second guess yourself as well.

Men by nature are driven to be competitive, demonstrate strength, aggression and greater physical capability; as physical capability is hard-wired as a masculine feature.

Therefore, men have to push themselves physically as well as mentally.

Lifting, doing bodyweight exercises, training hard is the a masculine habit, that will make you stronger, faster, smarter, tougher, more confident and have higher testosterone.

Those men who do not value this habit is simply a pussy, a degenerate and a weakling.

That being so, you should always lift more weights, do more push-ups, pull ups, squats vigorously and consistently. And eat big, train hard, sleep well makes you greater than most men which do not train.

This is not a necessary science, because you intuitively know it.

(This post will guide you how to train your body during quarantine lockdown, or just simply at home.)

Asides from being able to demonstrate physical strength and competence, a man must be able to fend for himself and throw a punch.

While this is not as much necessary during modern days, you should be able to defend yourself in any circumstances, by learning martial arts.

Training martial arts makes you more psychologically competent as well, in the face of threats and difficulty; you will develop immense focus, discipline, confidence, courage and ability to assert yourself in front of fears and risks.

Yet in any difficult situations, you will have to be extremely decisive; you can either run or face it, and those who are competent will face their problems.

Those who train martial arts rigorously develop these characteristics very quickly. And you should, too.

Key Manly Habit 4: Reading/Learning

Key Manly Habit 4: Reading/Learning

Reading, or learning and mastering a skill is a should-do habit that develop the mind; you most valuable asset.

This also allows you to compensate the excess of your meathead persona and create the synergy of body & mind capabilities. Because not only you must be physically competent, you should also be intellectually capable as well.

That being so, lifting and learning bring balance to your masculine lifestyle, makes you more well-rounded.

Who doesn’t want to be both smarter and stronger at the same time?

Do you?

So, cultivate your regular learning habit. For example: reading a book, learning how to code with Python, studying philosophy, psychology, math, …

But overall, you should always commit to and develop a lifetime self-educational system as a great man.

I’d recommend you to start with reading great books, it is the classic but a tremendously valuable way to gain immense knowledge.

Key Manly Habit 5: Get Enough Rest & Sleep

Key Manly Habit 5: Get Enough Rest & Sleep

Being a competent man is not always an easy thing to do.

You have to work, to thrive harder in order to succeed in anything you put your mind into; but the efforts are not always paid off in a moment.

If you always continue to work, work, work, work, work, … with little rest. You will get a fucking burnout.

And you should try to avoid burnout as much as you can if you want to work hard and effectively. That’s why too much college stuffs or constant 9-to-5 cadence is a hate sink because too much stress, with little rest and passion involved.

You must rest well enough to perform effectively!

And sleep is one of the most essential forms of rest you MUST get it right!

If you have not been functioning at peak performance of your brain and physical health, or having immune system issues, energy & mood issues; chances are you might be lacking sleep.

High quality sleep sessions are exponentially life-changing overtime, get your sleep altogether will prime your brain and body for peak performance, you will focus faster and easier while being less lethargic and tired, you will recover faster from your workout and mental stress, your mood, well-being as well as your relationships will thank you.

High quality sleep is something you must do consistently everyday long-term to receive the greatest benefits.

Your best aim should be around 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep every night, go to bed & wake up early; if you have trouble falling asleep, follow these suggestions:

Do not use any stimulants at night before bed: coffee, nootropics, meth, … Also try your best not to drink anything before bed 90-120 minutes if you don’t want bathroom trips during midnight.

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