5 Reasons Why I Always Admire The Navy SEALS

5 Reasons Why I Always Admire The Navy SEALS

Navy SEALS are among the greatest, toughest and the most dangerous elite special forces ever in the world. They are the embodiment of anything you can ever imagine about “toughness”, “discipline”, “willpower”.

They are highly infamous for their hardcore regimen in training to push through their overall physical and mental limits, as only 1 out of 4 of potential SEALS make it through the intensive training and selection process known as BUD/S.

And they are not aliens or super humans.

They are people just like us, but in the top 0,1% of whom you call the most badasses ever.

And like many great warriors such as The Spartans; physical prowess might not be their determinant attribute, but the relentless, unstoppable attitude and the invincible mind.

There are many reasons why I’ve always look up to these guys are, but it is their great mental capacity is the most notable thing about the Navy SEALS. It is the one, foremost thing we must need to have in order to be successful and capable in almost anything in life.

Why I Always Look Up To Navy SEALS

Navy SEALS insignia

1. Navy SEALS Are Toughest Motherf*ckers In Earth

No doubt, if you have ever been into military training, or have heard about the reputation of Navy SEAL soldiers.

I believe you sure, know that they are the toughest, most badass guys ever in Earth.

Shit, these guys are the real deals, they are truly top 0,1% of humans and very elite warriors.

For these guys are notorious as fuck for their mind-blown training regimen; like the infamous Hell Week, they train almost every goddamn second of their waking hours for 5 consecutive days yet only sleep like 4 hours a single day?

Hence that’s just not the only thing, during the battlefield and missions, these guys must be extremely vigilant; must keep their minds & senses so sharp and focused; and must always be relentless and unfazed by any means necessary or they’d be killed or failed in any seconds.

Now let’s ask an average human being, could he or she ever be deprived from that much sleep and can still be tough and highly alerted? I’d bet not, and neither could I.

But these guys are unreal, and this is the most vital reason I’ve always admire Navy SEALS soldiers and motivate me to thrive better to live my life to fullest. And should you learn it from these guys.

2. Wars And Pains Make Navy SEALS Very Wise And Inspiring

Couple times ago, I’ve written a kick-ass article about why you must be willing to face pains and adversity (I’d recommend you to read that shit). And these guys, definitely have much more larger pains and adversity to face.

Not just Navy SEALS, like many fellow fighters: Delta Force, British SAS, Spetsnaz soldiers, Marines Corps, US Army Rangers, TACP Air Force, … and many more warriors before them; they have all gone through unprecedented experience of agony, suffering and casualties.

Many of them were lost and buried in the ashes of battlefield, …

Yet many (or some) others survived.

And those who survived or conquered the hardship live to tell the tales, give us such inspiring ideas of how great the pains and suffering these guys have faced during their wars and battles.

Shit, do you know how much strength of characters was it take to overcome such hardships? Yet any soldiers, not just the Navy SEALS all experienced those and came back with exceptional and inspiring characters.

Next times when you are struggling at something and be stupidly thinking about giving up, think about these men first.

May they give you a glimpse of inspiration and motivation to push through all hardships and conquer your shits, and never will you be a bitch anymore if you want to be successful.

3. They Can Conquer Adversity And Losses By Any Means

Just like I said above, any of these guys are greatly developed with sheer force to conquer adversity and losses by any fucking means necessary.

When they have to train crazily, they’d have to train no matters what!

And when they have to fight, they’d have to fight no matters what, it is FIGHT or DIE!

And no baloney excuses among any of these guys.

When you decide to sign your name into Navy SEALS recruitment and step your feet into their camps; always expect these upcoming days and seconds of your life are going to be horrible like motherfuckers.

Yeah, I am not joking and I think you know the truths too. The next days of your life feel like you shouldn’t be born.

Whether you are training in the bootcamp, or being recruited to the missions; every single task contains tremendous pain and adversity requires you to be strong enough to overcome and survive.

And their experience will give you the mentality and the will to overcome any challenges by any means possible, that’s how hardcore about the Navy SEALS.

If you are an average human being, you can’t never do what these guys can in tough times; especially men right now are fucking pussies that often what they can do is “running away like a bitch”.

But this is something you can (should) learn from these guys, being a conqueror through all adversity and losses

4. Navy SEALS Have Great Human Capabilities

Their training regimen contains some of the scariest practices and central-nervous-system-taxing routines ever. Let alone if I am a trainee in their camps, watching their shits is enough to faze me somehow & makes me realized how really badass are they.

Let see, these are great traits & abilities about Navy SEAL soldiers I believe they have:

  • Indomitable willpower & discipline.
  • Intense alertness, focus and mental clarity.
  • Inhuman endurance.
  • Inhuman confidence, resilience & courage.
  • Extreme pain tolerance.
  • Great firearms, tactical and hand-to-hand combat proficiency.
  • Great dexterity, agility, speed, coordination, and athleticism.
  • Competent teamwork and cooperation.
  • Heightened awareness, acute senses and environmental intelligence.

And many more, I believe, …

Their training protocols must be optimized for them to be conditioned and adapt perfectly in their missions.

Every trainee undergo a myriad of extreme training programs of physical training, calisthenics, combat and swimming; allow them to surpass physical, mental limits and be greatly proficient in land, airborne and amphibious operations.

That’s they have to be that tough shits, and how many of you motherfuckers out there can surpass them?

If you’ve been through a SEAL training before, you’ve known how nut that shit really is. And because of that, these guys have nearly beyond human capabilities.

5. They Show Us That Nothing Is Impossible

Because of the infamous reputation about their training program difficulties, there are way more guys who join Navy SEAL training end up quitting or failing a lot.

And fucking hell, their training is so, so difficult that most candidates fail miserably; and some others die too, yet die even more than in the battlefield! Jesus.

For example, the infamous Navy SEAL hell week requires you to train super-hardcore for 5 days and non-stop, for only fucking 4 hours of sleep with variety of toughness conditioning exercises like carrying rafts, long hours, running, diving and crawling in freezing surfaces.

That shit requires you to train in depleted mental state and in harsh, extreme surfaces; and only those who are absolutely fucking badass can survive through Hell Week; and more many others, either give up, injure or some die.

Even the infamous diving & swimming with your hands and legs ties in the back is certainly impossible if you have never trained for that shit, let alone swimming good.

That gives you ideas that their training is almost impossible.

And certainly impossible for normies.

But that the thing I’ve always looked up in the Navy SEALS, that shines me the ability that “nothing is impossible”.

And yeah, I mean these guys are definitely tough as nails; and if you can develop the relentless will and mind to keep pursue your shits, you will eventually win your game.

That’s how you can break out of your own imposed limitations and achieve any things, even if it’s seemingly impossible to you.

What Can You Learn And Take Away From Navy SEALS

1. Be Useful, Or Be Wasted

Because the Navy SEALS are meant to be a formidable force and a powerful asset of the US military government, they have to be conditioned and molded into boulders so that they can be useful.

In mean times, the most elite special forces will always be needed for great wars, battlefields and highly risky, delicate missions.

If we don’t have these guys or can’t use them, you would never be able to enjoy peace when wars happen.

Likewise, if out of anything you want to take away from these guys, whether they are SEALS, Air Forces, Army Rangers, military units, …. Know that you have a value to give.

You don’t just live life to be a decorated object my man, and neither do I.

In time, ask yourself if you have any values to provide; or you are just a wasted of oxygens piece of crap doesn’t have any uses and later to be wasted.

So, if you want to have anything, like being rich: aim to be useful.

2. Take Your Life And Purpose Seriously

This is how I began to admire by the Navy SEALS and be inspired by them.

And it is something I always preach to you.

Have a purpose and take your life seriously!

I want to be great, and when I look at these guys; I just straight up know their missions and purposes are to serve, and to bring pride and peace to their beloved countries. That’s why they are SEALS.

They aren’t like those who are giving no shits about their life and future, I don’t and you don’t. We love to conquer life, taking our shits seriously and having purposes separate us from those slobs.

If you want to be a great man, you must have a purpose to live in.

You must also take your life seriously because ain’t no daddies and mommies be there for you except yourself.

3. Never Give Up, Be Tough

These men are the epitomes of the big-yell: “Stop being a fucking bitch”.

And I mean, just look at what have they been and done through. And now you sitting here feeling like a goddamn pussy, a piece of shit. They are ready to risk their lives for their purposes by any means.

They never give up in their purposes because they are not pussies.

If you give up, you are a massive pussy and you don’t deserve success.

And if you want success, you have to always be tough and keep moving forward, wipe the dust and clean yourself from the obstacles, the falls, the pains. Then keep going.

When you want to give up, think about those guys and what have they achieved. So you stop being a bitch and live yourself to fullest.

4. Condition Your Body & Mind To Fullest Capacity

Even if you are not training hard to be a fighting, killing machine like the Navy SEALS; then you must always condition your body and mind to fullest capacity if you don’t want to become a bitch and start becoming a successful winner.

There’s no other way around, friends. If you want to have a tough, strong and powerful mind: have the tough, strong and powerful body.

And that’s how you start.

Training your body will train your mind undoubtedly, there’s nothing more uncomfortable and painful than feeling fuck tons of aches and straining during intense physical training.

So, start moving and hardening your body and mind at the same time.

Lift weights.

Do push-ups, pull-ups and squats.

Practice martial arts & fighting.

Sprint like a motherfucker.

And eat well, then rest well. A strong body makes a strong mind, and makes a stronger man.

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