5 Ways To Tap Into The Conqueror Attitude & Mindset

5 Ways To Tap Into The “Conqueror” Attitude

“Who are we? What are we? Conquerors & winners.

We are men of greatness, we are conquerors.

We seek to conquer things, to win big, to get high & mighty, to be a colossal mass of a great man on top of the mountains.

For us conquerors, we live by a code of Genghis Khan “conqueror” attitude.

And for that, it is our destiny to live big and be great.

We are conquerors!

We think and act like no one so we can conquer and achieve great things like no one can ever!

As we are the mighty warriors bound our spirit to destiny, we move rocks, push mountains, slay our demons and settle our triumphs.

No man can ever win against us, as no man can think big and desire to live big like we do.

So ALWAYS think, then be monumentally big …. or get the fuck out of our ways and be a dirt-bag losing bitch!” – Juhani Eridius

1. Have A Conqueror Morning Routine

Good morning motherfucker

My, my, fellow friends!

Nothing can trumps a good feeling of starting a day with empowering, conquering emotions by having a kicking-ass morning routine.

And I mean, by far; it is one of the best ways to calibrate your “conqueror” attitude.

Just think about it.

Every moment of waking up to start a day, you have a fully-recharged mental & physical battery that is ready to be utilized.

Due to us having shit tons of willpower & energy in our morning hours, we tend to accomplish much more things at the morning. But when it is evening, we feel lethargic and seemingly sluggish; as a result, we experience decreased productivity.

This one concept is called “ego-depletion”, friends.

Due to your willpower is a limited resource.

As that being so, how you spend your morning around is extremely vital to your success, productivity & overall well-being in life.

And as far as I know: most people spending their morning hours like fucking retards.

Do you know how go-getters and no-getter spend their morning?

  • No-getter morning routine: either hits snooze button or wakes up late around 9-10 am; next, scrolls hours on phones; then spends hours being lazy or slobbery until evening (motherfucker realizes with an “oh shit!” with his work loads and deadlines; then eventually waste his damn night resolving them without giving fucks to sleep.)
  • Go-getter morning routine: has a clear, well-structured morning routine for higher energy, clarity and productivity, his routine is implemented with high ROI daily habits (meditation, cold shower, waking up early, to-do list), to feel great then to start his first morning hours greatly.

And that’s the answer.

If you want to be a great conqueror of life, instilling a winning “conqueror” attitude.

Then start structuring your “conqueror style” morning routine.

2. Daily Mental Programming

Hey, how to structure a great morning routine that make me feel like Genghis Khan reborn?

One of the best “how-to-do-it” ways is have a solid mental programming process in your morning routine.

In order to possessing an attitude like winners and conquerors, is about calibrating your neural pathways.

Because your life is mostly pre-determined by your unconscious repetitive patterns of habits, thoughts & emotions; which is why what are your habits, how do you think and feel on daily basis reflects upon your occurrences of your reality.

So there’s reason you feel like shit everyday.

Your habits are shit, your thinking is shit, what you feel everyday is basically inducing fragility and god-shit damage to yourself.

Fortunately, you can always reprogram your mind again.

Using words repetitively is one of the most fundamental ways on re-programming your mind again.

Like Victor Pride from Bold & Determined said: “Always speak the words you want to come true into reality!”

By speaking words or thoughts that making you feel great, successful and winning repeatedly; you’ll change your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Eventually you’ll become the words you use on being who you are.

Simply saying “I am ….” and feel the sentences, the words you are saying everyday in your morning routine.

Either that, or you can write down affirmations, both ways always work great. But always remember to feel as feelings respond to your unconscious patterns.

And like that, rinse & repeat as long as it takes. Then see how your and your life change for the better.

Conquerors think & feel like conquerors.

But above all, they are men of actions, for them to win which they have to …

3. Have Small Short-Term Consistent Wins

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Folks, here me out. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned about success is:


And it will also be one of your most valuable lessons too.

I’ve lived through multiple failures and some successes.

Hence, I had always had troubles on defining and planning myself to success; which had set me up through tons of failures before I actually got something worth considering.

Like a retard, I used to think:

  • Doing everything perfectly and intensely to become successful.
  • Massive success is an overnight event or rare opportunity.
  • Those who are talented, unique & lucky can achieve massive success.

And I was colossally wrong.

Hey, no shit! If you think like that, stop. That’s a fucking scarcity mindset.

Everyone can achieve massive success by defining it right.

Eventually for a long while of failures, lots of learning and contemplative works – I believe success is a result of small, little achievable wins you make on regular basis; that all add up consistently on the massive success.

Massive success, big wins or conquests regarding to the title, is process.


Many imbecilic slobs think that winning big is irrelevant if their chances are seized by someone else, or thinking that they are not good enough.

In reality, everyone can; and to do so by setting small goals and achieving them, then ramping up then keep working on that, making a solid process from “zero” to “hero”.

If you want to pack 50lbs of muscles & deadlift 700 pounds beastly, lift and eat clean consistently 5-6x/week. By crushing a workout session is small wins, by adding up 1-5 pounds of muscles and extra pounds in your lifts monthly is small wins.

These little small wins make you feel like a conqueror, and they will add up consistently until you conquer the big ass things.

“But hey Juhani, I’m afraid I will be terrible at doing my shit!”.

So? But I’ve got good news …

4. Aim To Be Great Then Start Doing Even If It Is Terrible.

Greatness is inherent within every man, but it is consistently showing up makes it happens.

So you’re telling me you are self-conscious of your ability?

That you are so, so, so GODDAMN terrible? That you are not good enough?!

Now listen to the truth: every man is terrible at something before he becomes great at something.

That’s why to conquer your way to success, you must always conquer smallest bits of wins and gradually ramp up to bigger wins consistently.

Yet success is inherent, not every man starts great, or worse, he fails a lot at the beginning.

Walt Disney got rejected many times, J.K Rowling got rejected tons of times by the publishers before they become successful.

Edison before his successful inventions of the light bulbs were fucking thousands times failures and were terrible at his projects.

Was Mike Tyson at his dawn a competent boxer? Fuck no.

Was I was a competent, professional writer? Goddammit hell no, in fact, I am so far from being good at writing – yet I am still doing it day by days.

Because it is not my current writing skills matters, what matters is I am getting more & more improved with my skills consistently if I continuously put in my work towards my end goals.

We evolve ourselves by embracing on action & conviction of what we want.

So no, having a predisposed talents in your genes ain’t mean shit, even with massive potential gets buried within 6-feet underground if there are no solid, committed, consistent actions be made.

Taking terrible, consistent actions repetitively exploits more of your true capacity; we all have a dormant potential from within, waiting to be unleashed fully.

Eventually with these small terrible works, make up to small wins and finally big wins.

That’s how conquering & winning is done. Have an attitude of a great conqueror is a matter of action.

5. Visualize Your Success

Aside from words, visualizing the big picture of your success is one very powerful way to anchor your mind into achieving your goals.

Undoubtedly, our mind can easily capture our senses & feelings to visual imagery more than words.

Visualize vividly the images that you’ve already achieved the ultimate goal.

And visualize it with deep down, clear intentions, …

Until these images have been anchored in your mind; you will experience an empowering set of conquerous feelings to deliberately drive your action towards the goal. Trust me, this thing works.

These pictures will eventually help you achieving your goals.

These pictures will make you feel like a conqueror; as a great conqueror has his vision and gameplan settled that drives him to the end.

And it is how you win your fucking game, kings!

All in all: visualization makes your goals become inevitable to you, and will give you a relentless, restless killer attitude of a conqueror.

So, settle down and imagine what is should and finally be yours, then live and act on it with conviction.

Poor Conclure

To conclude this whole thing up, to achieve the conqueror mindset & attitude requires mental effort; yet it can be easily achieved by these 5 foolproof methods:

  • Structure a morning routine that empowers you everyday with set of practices & rituals.
  • Using affirmations, hook it with great feelings to impress your mind and reprogram your mental attitude.
  • To achieve big success of your goals: make consistent small short-term wins that add up to bigger wins.
  • Always aim your standards high & work on it consistently even if it’s terrible at the beginning. Greatness is embracing terribleness.
  • Visualize the images that you finally achieve your success.


Another more resolute way to feel like a conqueror of life is developing self-discipline, discipline is an everlasting key trait of success and winning, no discipline = no boom bang winning.

These are what you can do you hook your mind up for higher measures of greatness; by being a conqueror.

As possessing an attitude eventually becomes a part of your identity; you win big, dominate your objectives = $$ CONQUEROR $$.

If you want to be a top elite winners at 1% of humanity: learn how to think, feel and do like nobody else does.

For you have to think like great men before you: Genghis Khan, Alexander The Great, Julius Caesar, … until you’ve become like one of them.

That being so, let’s make a “wake-up” call to your inner lion from within….


And for now, until we meet again. Ciao.

Exit stage, Eridius.

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