6 Things You Must Do In 2021 Become The Top 1% Elite Guy

6 Things You Must Do In 2021 To Be A Badass Elite Guy.

2021 will continue being a wild year nonetheless.

Despite now, 2020 was one of the most devastating years, 2021 shouldn’t be expected to be any better. (an update: as for now to January 20th, 2021 is gonna be one of the wildest shits).

The Simpsons - January 20th, 2021
*sigh* Yep, The Simpsons predicted it once again.

Hoping and wishing for the better year in general is irrelevant.

For hoping and wishing continues breeding inner despair & anxiety.

As the Stoics say: “you can’t change whatever is not within your control” (I’m paraphrasing).

During these wild times, most guys will fall and suffer atrophies of progress in life.

And the average guys will always keep being average and weakened as they let the circumstances outside of their realms of control determine their destiny.


Let them be, it doesn’t matter.

Hence, you can always change yourself for the better during these hard times.

They say the strong and elite man is made from the hard times, and I can always concur it.

So now, hear me out! You, and me or any guys who are aspire for higher, shall storm upon the shores of hardship to reveal our greatness & be with top 1% elite guys.

So let us shine and rise; let us control our destiny and be great!

1. Emotional detachment from stuffs.

A badass, elite, great man upholds very less prominence of stuffs in his life.

Virtually, lots of things you own are designed to hold you back momentarily, the more you attached them, the less freedom you have.

So, what you should do?


I used to always put too much significance of objects and stuffs that are completely unnecessary to my personal development.

For these stuffs can be included as material objects & people.

I used to cling shit tons of my thoughts about clothes, accessories, shoes, devices, toys, … which are completely irrevelant.

I also used to heavily cling about the girls I like, people I want to impress, .. yada yada, ….

Until I realized that none of them were actually matter. And should you, too.

Emotional attachment to irrelevant stuffs breeds feebleness on handling things you should mind your mind into. Therefore, stuffs are just nothing but distraction.

Hence, it is the product of consumerism, and consumers are usually unhappy and depressing, nonetheless.

So learn to let them go!

Throw out some stuffs, or sell some shits you don’t even fucking need for some cha-ching!

And cultivate the minimalism lifestyle into your life!

Then, live free & enjoy your game.

2. Develop self-discipline & mental toughness.

Discipline & Mental Toughness, Spartans's characteristics.

Good lord! One of the biggest lacks of modern humans at the moment is self-discipline.

Yet, it may sounds untrue, or maybe lot more complicated than that. But then, most men right now don’t have any stronger ability to discipline themselves than our own ancestors.

During our ancestor era, hard times happened as an inevitable situation for them to develop their will, mental toughness & discipline for surviving and thriving.

We don’t have much hardship nowadays anymore.

And we are just the byproducts of modern day comfort & safety.

As for men who lack challenges, hardships & risks cause their manly instincts to be atrophied; with discipline is one of the definitive traits.

For that, you must always, ALWAYS, improve your discipline & mental toughness by any matters!

Lazy, average slobs that lack of this character are losers!

On the other hands, an elite guy, the conqueror archetype guy that has discipline and mental strength can always succeed and get anything he wants.

3. Implement high ROI habits.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle.

By any means if you want to cultivate massive success or personal transformation in life; then you must always implement habits that have positive return of investment.

For instances, these sets of habits mostly are lifting weights, eating clean, reading books, meditating & sleeping 7-9 hours of sleep daily.

Having a god-shit morning routine is also a killing habit too!

These are the essential habits for any men who wants to level up.

These guys whom you call “elite” or “top dog” are meant it for a reason: their lifestyle is pretty fucking organized & they live like no one else lives.

Their habits are much more different and hardcore compared to any average human beings.

As for any average slobs out there who enjoy watching daily Netflix, eating McDonalds, Pop Tarts; drinking, smoking day in & day out; or wasting time with social media, games, YouTube; some irrelevant bullshits that don’t net them good shit in life.


Being an elite guy is much more harder & unique.

Practicing new habits are stepping stones to transform your life, reach the top 1% and achieve more success than any guys can possibly do.

Trust me; it is always crucial to cultivate good habits in life.

Then you will thank me for having a much better life in 2021.

Extra recommended reading: The Slight Edge By Jeff Olson

4. Deliberately practice your social skills right now.

With COVID-19 lockdown is still apparent during 2021; thus has somehow indirectly caused our social skills to be diminished slowly. Nevertheless, you should still always do anyway to improve them.

I can’t imagine what a could a badass guy be if he lacks ability to behave and communicate intelligently. Because most successful guys are usually socially adept.

In fact, I recently discovered how the fuck a pussy was I when I went out with atrophied social skills.

Neither could I strike a conversation with some random girls.

Nor could I even acting assertively and vigilantly during most social situations.

I mean, I just found it’s even difficult to strike a goddamn conversation with somebody. Hence, this becomes the reason I should deliberately going out 3-5 times a week building up my social skills again.

Lack of social abilities is undoubtedly a major disadvantage, you cannot handle basic businesses, or solving some problems, making some decisions in life without social skills.

For most of us right now are so consumed by the instant dopamine strike of technology and some phony daily living on social medias; therefore leave deficiency on social abilities.

So no, you can’t be an elite guy if you lack social interactions.

Or could be worse, it leaves a huge hole of insecurity for life and insecurity is a negative emotion that continuously pulls you down; stray you far away from tapping your 100% potential.

So, always train for above average social skills, but if you don’t…

Then don’t even think about a good fucking business deal without social skills or getting wetty pussies.

Because that’s for these badass elite guys who has above average charisma & social adeptness.

Sorry Joe, you are out of the league; we only welcome Chads.

5. Embrace your fears, take more risks.

Take risks, face fears to live a bigger life in 2021

Now, listen.

Back in the last year, I lived life with so much regrets.

I regretted that I didn’t take some even small risks; regretted that I lived life with too much safety.

I regretted for not taking enough actions to face my fears, defeat these demons and be finally free.

As a result, I got pretty much a lackluster progress in money, fitness, pussy & intellect; despite I was still quite ahead of most guys during my age due to my habits, discipline, resources & thinking patterns.

Now I sworn that 2021 I will be bolder and tougher!

I sworn that I will take necessary risks for my success: and I did.

And so should you, too.

Yes, it is very scary to step into the new discomfort of not having a safe angel by your side.

However, no risks mean no growth.

And safety is equivalent to apathy and evisceration.

Mediocre people are bunches of risk-averse cowards who deny their own possibilities of fulfilling their potential, make trades for a safe, average, comfortable livings.

That kind of thinking makes this generation of men like lady boys, weak, effeminate and softy.

“Go to college, get a job, have a family & retire a good life” – said by mediocre masses.


I say: “grow some BALLS and think BIGGER, than take some risks to do what you have to do to be BIG!”.

The very top 1% elite guys that are alpha, successful, rich, strong, smart, decisive and bold live that way.

And they don’t accept a mediocre coward into their inner circles because that dude listened to daddy and mommy too much about living a safe live with a dead ass 9-5 job.

You can’t even impress your true self by living too safe.

So grow some balls, coward dickhead!

6. Go with the gut instinct.

Interestingly enough, when I tell you to face your fears and take risks for a bigger live.

What I mean is: “Go with the gut instinct!”

Like Victor Pride (Brother Nickolas) from Bold And Determined said: “Follow your gut.”

It is mean that you follow your paths on doing what you want, because what you truly desire to get out of life is deep within inside your gut, your soul.

And choosing to ignore it is condemning your soul.

The gut is called the second brain, yet it is the biggest nerve center of your body.

Your gut brain is linked with the enteric nervous system; which is mostly essential for decision-making & emotions of the body.

And here’s the interesting fact: your gut brain contains 90% of serotonin which is the neurotransmitter responsible for happy & relaxing mood; and 50% of the dopamine.

It is also linked with most of the unconscious parts of your brain, that’s why sometimes you feel there is something right or wrong in your gut.

You see, you should always make decision with your gut.

Choosing to live true to yourself is by listening to your gut, despite it will be scary and risky for the unknown things in the future.

Hence, you cannot be regretful by following it & having faith in it.

I previously lived my years with so much regrets for not following my true purpose, my gut. Which is something I will never do again.

So should you.

That’s one biggest ticket to your greater 2021: Your way or highway.

Always follow your gut, live boldly so that you can be the top elite guy in 2021 and later in future.

Or always get the fuck out of the ways for truly great guys.

Conclure: 6 Ways To Be An Elite Guy In 2021.

2020 is over! Time for the new dawn of 2021.

And shall you swear 2021 to control of your destiny and live life like a badass, you will reap the fruits of greatness like other elite dudes before you.

Yet I know it is hard.

It takes courage to do so, as long as it worth it.

Let’s rebuild your 2021 based on these 6 objectives with courage & determination, therefore actualizes your potential:

  • Detach your emotions from irrelevant stuffs.
  • Develop discipline & mental toughness.
  • Do high ROI habits: meditate, exercise, read books, …
  • Practice social skills frequently.
  • Have courage to face fears, take risks.
  • Stay true to your purpose, follow your gut.

Extra reading recommended:

And from here, you shall leave humanity behind!

Are you up for the challenges?

What, you say yes? Good.

Then we welcome you to our folds, brother. Hence, this is the stopping point right here.

As for now is a good bye, and I’ll see you next time!

Good luck with a great 2021 of yours!

Exit stage, Juhani.

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