8 Mistakes Of Mediocrity

8 Mistakes To Mediocrity You Should Never Make Again.

Mediocrity is everywhere because life is a bitch, and playing the “bitch” game with life turns you into the bitch simultaneously.

Hey, I know.

Life is a tough shit, friends. And I, nevertheless, made lots of mistakes too.

Until now, I am still making some mistakes; just lettin’ you know that you ain’t gonna live a life without flaws, flaws are inevitable.

But why the fuck living life just to make tons of bat-shit mistakes that lead us to mediocrity.

And you know what, fuck mediocrity.

Mediocrity is contagious like an epidemic, you will see some dudes and gals with tidied clothes, a cup of coffee in hold while walking hastily to their workplaces.

Or the conformity, the depressing silence and apathy in your bus trip in Washington; the slouching soulless walking and sitting with phones on the hand. Or these usual passionate complaints and reminiscence about ol’ days.

Goddamn, mediocrity is depressing!

If you probably stuck in the deep dark rut of mediocrity, you could make one of these mistakes I am about to tell.

1. Set Too Ambitious Goals And Eventually Give Up

I recalled having lots of superhumanously expected big-ass goals, then dreamed, though & felt about them passionately for few days. And when I put my hands into make the first acts; I felt uncomfortable, then gave up.

So yeah, I was an idiot. Eventually, mediocrity was determined.

Hence, ambitious people tend to make this mistake ALOT; this is driven from the sense of superiority complex and instant gratification. Which all of these shits lead to no where.

Pay attention to your current state of work ethics, disicipline, energy and vision; if you envision the goals too ungodly while can’t imagine what the fuck they are, STOP immediately!

Then go settle for the more reasonable & achievable goals first to build up your action capacity.

2. Set Too Low-Effort, Mediocre Goals

Oh yeah! We detected the paradox.

But what if you set the bar too low, like even an ant can lift it up easily? Nothing.

While that other guy expect to bench press 700-fucking-pounds in 6 months, which is unlikely; setting for a 2-plate deadlift in 12 months means you are underestimating your potential (an average dude with clean, natural and excellent meal plan, work ethics & training routine can deadlift at least 3-4 plates within 12 months.)

And I guess this is what happens to our society today.

Momma & pappa told you to be realistic, humble & big dreams were impossible; so you ditched all the heavenly passions when you were young.

Instead of doing something great, you join the crowd and become an office zombie, a 9-5 slave with minimum wage, and feel contented or reasonable with 15$/hours or $2000 check every month; then bang most of them in mortgages, rents, services & pleasures.

That is mediocrity.

Always settle for big, yet expectable goals & take small actions in the process. For small goals ain’t mean nothing!

3. Have So High Expectations Small Goals

Small goals are mean to build momentum of action & work capacity, by starting small means you can at least make progress with minimal actions then increase your ability.

You want to lift a mountain? Train yourself to lift bigger stones first. That being so, it doesn’t mean you should start with lifting a 10-tonnes stone if you couldn’t even handle 200 pounds.

If you want to have an income of $15,000/month in online business from now in 3 months; start with making $100 first, then increases the expectations gradually.

Nevertheless, that still depends on your expertise, knowledge & initial capacity; but if you have little senses of any of these, then be more sensible.

If you catch yourself making this mistake, you’re caught by the Dunning-Kruger effect: the cognitive effect of over-confidence in people with low capability on a certain task.

4. Do Things Too Habitually Leads To Mediocrity

Habits are lifestyle, things you do repetitively on regular basis forms your mental, physical and emotional state as well as your life. There’s a reason why mediocre people have mediocre habits and great men have great habits.

If you catch yourself procrastinate everyday on electronics, Netflix, YouTube, social medias, video games and do not actually doing something productively; you are living in mediocrity in your income & lifestyle.

Or if you find yourself eat McDonalds, Pop Tarts, instant noodles, sugary foods, drinking Starbucks regularly every week without doing a 30-min exercise and sleep 4 hours a day; you are killing your health & wellbeing in mediocrity.

And that’s why most people look so dead inside, always have mental and emotional problems, low income & low life expectancy.

For our brain tend to choose the paths of least resistance, indulging on shitty environment and habitual patterns will turn you into an inmate of life prison’s shell and live like that for your own misery.

So don’t be a boo-fucking-hoo jackass, do something different and more return on investments, repetitively.

5. Live & Act Unaligned With Intentions

Have you ever noticed that you tend to do something differently subconsciously out of your purposes or intentions?

Want to talk to that girl, but so fearful to talk then never do? Want to get jacked and strong, but too lazy and tired to lift the barbell, then never train anymore? Or want to make an investment, but so much risks and you are lazy to research, then don’t do?

So you see, that’s a problem of living with continuous failures.

Living life and taking actions without a synchronization with your purposes or intentions lead you to nowhere. So everything you do? Irrelevant.

And gradually, you will grow more mediocre, apathy, fears, low-self esteem and anxiety that will reduce your probability to greatness and better lifestyle.

6. Focusing On Events, Not Process

If you want to make big success in life, then don’t think that success is meant to happened somewhere else suddenly from the sky, as God doesn’t shit gold from heaven. Why are you staying mediocrity is that you usually expect something magical or good happening to you will make a phase shift in life.

That’s not how greatness and success work. If you want an instant, out-of-blue success, easy: ask Satan for the price of your soul.

Because greatness is a series of hard work, grit & dedication of efforts and time; it is a process of enhancing yourself, putting consistent hours of work and trying. You don’t want to put on work? Then don’t expect anything.

Greatness isn’t for the league of mediocrity.

7. Instant Gratification Is Mediocrity’s Best Pal

After all, instant gratification is a path of least resistance, our brain loves it. The brain is wired to love pleasure; the rewards of tasty foods; satisfaction of ego when having thousands bucks and buying gregarious shits; the cloud-9 sensations of great sex & relationship.

But after that, there’s nothing, just dopamine impulsively and compulsively drained then later to realize how much you’ve wasted. And then complain about that.

Shit happens anyway, mediocrity takes over.

If you can delay that instant gratification and put in hours of grind for something you want, you can get it eventually and it will be more satisfied then have everything now with the inner shout of YOLO.

Hence, instant gratification will kill your long-term happiness.

8. Neglecting Sleep Hours And Quality

If I’d sleep that night not enough 6, 7.5, 9 hours on right time, the next day I’d wake up feel foggy & lethargic like dead weight; I’d have little motivation and energy to do anything significantly productive for the day; I will masturbate, I will play video games, I will laugh like a psycho on some fun short videos on YouTube, and then I’d think my life is shit.

On the other hands, if I sleep 9 hours and rest deeply, I feel jacked up, clear and energetic; that day I’d lift more weights, finish more works, feel a lot better and be more productive. That’s how a great life is built.

Your sleep is always essential for your life quality in long run.

I don’t bet you will anywhere more successful or better than the guy who can sleep and rest deeply everyday.

Don’t buy into the bullshit of the elites, the Gary Vaynerchuk’s rant, the fairy tales of millionaires and billionaires worked sleeplessly. If you are mediocre and boring, you are no where close to these beings.

So sorry to smack reality into your sense, but get your sleep altogether motherfucker!

What’s Next?

If you find yourself on the rat race of mediocrity, chances are, you could have one or more of these symptoms list above.

Do you want happiness and greatness, decide to leave mediocrity for once?

Then get yourself fixed, that’s all.

I’ll see you next time,


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