A Simple But Important Red Pill Advice

A Simple But Important Red Pill Advice

I rarely talk about red pill advice in this website.

For most of my contents are mostly about achieving human potentials; knowing yourself and finding life purposes.

On the other hands, I am also looking forward to developing physical & mental skills; increasing performance; or discussing about philosophy, psychology, or bio-enhancing shits.

And maybe one day, I will be talking about techs, engineering and physiology studies, too.

While I am also familiar with the red pill thing and women & dating, I am not confident enough to give good advice about them; therefore I rarely write about them, because of two things:

  • Number 1: I don’t think I have enough experience.
  • And number 2: Like Fight Club, you do not talk about this shit so much.

But because after watching some videos about business, and I’ve just felt inspired out of nowhere. So probably this is the first, but simple piece of advice regarding to red pill I want to give you.

Okay, boys!

Let’s hop in this game.

An Important Red Pill Advice: Hypergamy

James Bond With Women

This is the thing: women’s nature are hypergamous, boys.

What the fuck is that? It’s mean women will only seek to climb towards the guys that are on top of social hierarchies; for these guys are rich in resources, status and valuable qualities & personality traits that make them “alpha males”.

And that’s how a woman’s subconscious mind works: she chooses a guy who is among the most valuable guys they can perceive; even if she has had a boyfriend, and if that boyfriend is lower-valued, but the random guy she has just spotted or met him, she eventually dumps her “babe” to side with a “new babe”.

Sorry man, but that’s the truth.

It hurts, isn’t it?

But that’s the fucking red pill, son!

And its advice, or truth hits hard.

Now both of us know why average guys either fail in relationships, or cannot get a good girlfriend. Therefore, you have to work yourself towards to higher value’s hierarchy among men in order to attract more women easily.

Which you should be among the top 5% of all guys on Earth right now, most percentage of women will side with guys that are in top 5% due to their hypergamous nature. While the rest are just her toys. That being said, hypergamy is a very crucial red pill concept you must know; don’t deep dive into red pill if you don’t know about it, that’s also my 100% must-have advice.

Women Want The High Value Males

Discipline, physical and mental strength, courage, confidence, humility, aggression, vision, intellect, morals, honor, integrity and pure persistence; make a man strong and nearly invincible to every being except to the gods themselves and whom he underestimate.

These are many of the most attractive personality traits of guys with high values.

If you are a women reading this, then most of you sure as hell want to test what’s this guy made of; so you can be sure he is powerful and truly valuable.

And at the end of the day, you women would rather stick with these kinds of guys than having those man-bitches, simps, chivalrous white knights; are trying their best to pleasure you so they can have an opportunity to have you squirt on their faces.

But in the reality …. these kinds of men take about 90% of all males on this Earth nowadays.

The Values Hierarchy Of Men

Alpha Beta Omega Pyramid

Most guys are in 90% range.

And how is that? They are men, but they lack the necessary backbone, the traits, the attributes and the aspects that dictates their masculine identity, as well as their life. Most guys lack visions and drive to do anything which leaves unfulfilled potentials, they are contented with mediocrity, being passive, nice, submissive, over-moralistic, and weak because of their low self-esteems.

Average men can attract women, but it is more like hit-or-miss; women might like them, but they don’t respect them, and their relationships are about power dynamics playing prominent parts with women, so they can use these guys.

These guys are everywhere, at workplace, at school, or even in the bus stop.

These guys are your typical average nice guys or beta males that haven’t taken red pill advice.

Meanwhile, these top 5% guys you are looking for? They are busy thinking & hustling their asses off to conquer their motherfucking games of worldly ambitions and successes; they don’t have time to give many fucks about you girls.

As they are the alpha males that most of you girls yearn so much and are too hard to get. Yet usually some of them were among those 90% group of men in the past.

The rest remaining are the bottom 5% of guys, the omega males; they are desperate and disgraceful in life, rejecting society and humanity, edgy thought patterns about nihilism or destruction, complete shit lords.

These are guys that are mentally childish, weak, and intolerable in many single ways; either due to being an unfortunate spawn of genetics or have swallowed like 40 red pills that turned them crazy.

(*My extra advice: don’t overdose red pills).

Why All Of You Should Aim For The Top 5% Status

For women: these top 5% guys are guys that almost all of you want to be with, no doubts, and the hardship of attaining one of them is 8 out of 10; and when you have him then you should know 2 things:

  • Your sexual market value as a woman is relatively high, these guys mostly fuck women that are closed to his standards, so in his eyes you are worthy.
  • And you should be receptive, feminine and respectful of him enough to keep him around; because even if he loses you, he doesn’t care, the lake is abundant of fish and he can go fishing whenever he wants.

At the end of the day, you are just an another fatty fish he just has caught; and until you prove your devotion, love and femininity that can support him in a long-term progress, you will be like a part of him. The rare and precious fish will be petted and adored; on the other hands, the fish isn’t precious enough will be fed and digested.

And now, to all these men out there, the top 5% levels are what you always want to reach for, to reach for such levels isn’t easy and guys with shitty mindset can never make it. That being so, I’d like to tell you that all of you have the potential; so be tough, thrive and try hard to reach that level, I haven’t been there yet, that’s why now I am striving for.

That’s the discipline, that’s the red pill to swallow, and now my advice is …

My Final Advice: Always Improve Yourself

Final Red Pill Advice: Improve Yourself And Be The Top 5% Alpha Males

Try to learn more, know how to assess and lead yourself, observe your ego, the dark and light aspect of your personality and keep living, dreaming and doing well, never give up then keep conquering; always try your fucking best to be among the top 5% are what I want all of you to do.

If you do, this range can be extended to 10-20% if more lots of guys are reached by this article and are pushing harder, then the social dynamics of both men and women can be less degenerated and downhill like today.

Never let the phony conspicuous baloney bullshits online bend your will, your core values, morals and integrity; especially wasting time (you would never get this shit back once you lost it, bitch), then turning into a weak ass little bitch without a backbone and desperate for women’s validation for your stupid ego.

You will never fucking live forever so the best you can do is setting yourself boundaries then live like a man; instead of letting all go, being a wasted potential with a body and mind like dogshit; and no wonder why you have negative vibrations. If you want this world to be a better place then strive to be better and greater, and fulfill your potential towards that top 5%; if more guys work towards it, the easier the game for both parties.

And the girls too, do what you gotta do and if you love masculine men, then try your best to support his ambitions so that both men and women can be upgraded and harmonious. Also leave the “dick-sucking” shits for another time; don’t be like the snake in in Hermes’s caducée that sucks his all of his powerful sexual energy; or being slutty online in social media so you can feel validated for your ego, and magnets weak orbiters, white knights, SJWs and man-sluts.

And when you have lesser integrated men with more effeminate bitches follow your tails, then you grow bored and disappointed; because of “all good men have dead!”. While the other males start to hate you for “Women today are like crap, fuck’ em!”.

And that’s all, that’s a very simple and important red pill advice for both parties!

Also no, I am not hitting meths or on ayahuasca; I write this shit based on facts, that’s why you gotta believe what I’ve said in this article.

For now, until next time,


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