A Simple Guide On How To Become An Above-Average Guy.

I was a guy that had always obsessed with being above-average in my past years.

Yet it used to be a delusion, until now.

3 years ago, I was a completely different guy than I used to be right now.

Except my intellectual capacity, I was average, or might be below the latter in every single aspects.

Fat … unattractive … wimpy … underachieved … socially crippled in many ways.

And what I had always been doing is sitting in my room, and killed hours of hours in shit tons of video games; stupid shits on Internet and social medias; masturbating to sexy girl pics and pornos; and rejected myself from society.

Now, looking back these times and see how much I have changed now.

It is quite enlightened and amazed.

Now, I am so damn confident that I am an above-average guy, at least B+ and better than 80% of most guys in planet; because of how much I have achieved and the amount of skills, wisdom and characters I’ve accumulated over time.

Well guess what, you sure as hell can too.

As a guy that came from the very bottom of the food chains to near-top; I’d believe anyone can.

And it doesn’t take a genius, or some baloney ultimate complicated guidelines to tell you how to improve yourself to much greater standards than yourself now.

No, for my guide is not made to be complicated, it is simple, easy-to-understand and actionable.

As long as you follows this post to the T, you will sure damn transform.

The Levels: Below-Average, Average & Above-Average

Hierarchy - The Levels

No matters what idealists, political movements, or any moralists tell you otherwise: we are not equal.

Hell, we ain’t even the same person, same levels, same shits.

And the human social structure is a predisposed hierarchical complex.

We all have different levels and amount of benefits and authorities within each level: peasants are slave to rulers, governors, landlords; employees are employers’s bitches.

If our civilization is still similar to the ancient, we’d know instantly our levels.

In modern society, although we are more liberated; yet that doesn’t change the facts that there are some guys at the tops, and most guys on in between and some guys at the bottoms.

But in this case, authority and power no longer serve as determining factors; we will focus on these common external concepts:

  • Lifestyle
  • Looks/appearance
  • Financial status
  • Intellect or education levels.

And you can see so damn well with just a healthy mind, that in different levels; these aspects differ.

The Average Guys – Score: 5 to 6/10 or C to B

Meet Dave - The Normal Guy

The average guys make up most of our human population, objectively (or subjectively) estimated 70-80%.

They are your typical ordinary Joes & Janes, the social norms conform to societial standards at mediocre levels; for most of them are your familiar 9-to-5 faces, have at least a degree, doing minimum wage jobs or 30-50k salary a year and the probably mass components of highly active social media users.

And hence their labels, they have are average in nearly every way; their lifestyle, looks, finances and brains are generally acceptable by the society.

I subjectively rate most guys following by these standards:

  • Lifestyle: Middle class families or cubicle workers; indentured time takes up to usually 5 days/week with weekends as free time; habits usually are watching TVs, spending time with family/significant other, barbecue party or drinking.
  • Looks/appearance: Average and acceptable facial features and hygiene; mostly skinny fat or dad bods, low muscle mass definition and decent body fat; casual suits and clothes that doesn’t stand out from the crowd that much.
  • Financial status: Can decently provide themselves and family; making 30-60k/year salary and might hold some other-yet-low investments in stocks, indexed funds, ETFs bond, 401k.
  • Intellect or education levels: Mostly college graduates, having at least one or two degrees; some might strive to learn more after school.

The Below-Average Guys – Score: 4-/10 or C-

Below-Average COD2 guy.

“Objectively” estimated 10-15% of human population.

They are the guys at the bottom; in which the motherfuckers whom you call omegas, NEETs, incels, outcasts, creeps, hopeless beings mostly lie under this category.

They can be sitting in their rooms rejecting society, indulging themselves in various digital cultures and usually don’t have jobs to provide for themselves; or at least a minimum-wage; no drive and discipline, just pure self-indulgence.

And hence their labels, they are perceived much worse then their average counterparts:

  • Lifestyle: Some being socially inept, usually working minimum wage job and indulging in myriads of pleasures; and often highly active on digital pleasures: Internet, forums, video games, memes, … Also often complain, aloof and self-loathe.
  • Looks/appearance: Possible deformities and below-average hygiene. Usually too fat or too skinny. Clothes can be weird hoodies, jackets, shirts with slouching presences.
  • Financial status: 8-11$/hr minimum wage or supports from parents; few have decent job that makes 30-60k/year salary.
  • Intellect or education levels: Can be college graduates, during colleges, high schools or dropouts. Yet ignore any motivation for learning and improving; most knowledge are stupid shits read online.

The Above-Average Guys- Score: 7+/10 or B+

Finally, this is the category which we aim ourselves to. These guys range from 5-10% of human population (also “objectively” estimated.)

These are the top dogs, the B+ good-looking guys that are having almost everything most people ever want in life; the alphas, chads, high-valued guys, or whatever the fuck you call them by. They are full and powerful, whom you call CEOs, business owners, achievers, elites, titans fit this category.

And hence their labels, they have are above average in nearly every way:

  • Lifestyle: Being self-employed, freelancers, privileged jobs or a business owner with some free time and passions for himself; focus on fun shits or self-improvement habits: going to the gym, learn new things, build social relationships, date women travel, … Basically nigh-freedom.
  • Looks/appearance: Healthy, fit, athletic physique and good-looking facial features; either with genetics or good grooming and hygiene; clothing style resembles either a bolder style or a more polarizing style that stands out; strong and confident posture.
  • Financial status: Either make 100k$+/year with highly-prestiged jobs, side hustles or having 6-to-7 figures automated income from business.
  • Intellect or education levels: Autodidacts or always committed to learn more even after school, regardless of they are graduates or dropouts.

Some of you might feel angry at what I just have said, “what the fuck do know about us?”.

Yeah, I do know. And good, if you are angry; these signs above fit you. Now accept it and be ready to change, being a sensitive pussy is no more.

Our Unfulfilled Potentials

We all have that kind of potentials.

Whether you won a genetic lottery or at least normal, or unfortunately, you are as not as lucky to have an average genetics.

The truth is every one of us can easily become above-average guys.

It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t fucking matter how good you genetics is.

Because we all have that potentials to become great, the top 10%, guys that are above-average.

And every single guy can do so.

So if you want to climb the ladder of success, take the wheel and drive.

Though the only problems you’d probably have is that the standards I’ve subjectively set are too high; yet to become an above average, it is not always necessary to embody all aspects.

If you have 2 out of 4 aspects that stand out greatly, you can be considered slightly above average, at least 7/10.

And if you have 3, much better, you are probably an “8”. (at least 7.5.)

Guys who have all solid “fours” are very rare (even I am not there yet); but it is not unachievable. It only takes time, effort and dedication for years in order to reach it.

Once you have all 4, these are what I call “elites”, the top 1%, the “8+/10” guy.

Try your best to fulfill your potential at the first two, then move up.

Do What Above-Average Guys Do, Consistently.

Becoming an above average guy is easy.

Just do what average guys don’t do, consistently and with commitment.

Out of any valuable self-improvement lessons, what I find the most valuable and important of all is being consistent and patient in the progress: Success is achieved by consistent practice, not immediate actions overnight. Remember that shit.

Whereas most people, or average people don’t even value consistency, and instead worship instant gratification; you, my friend, being an above-average guy, you know damn well that it is being consistent makes you a good shit.

And if you keep consistently doing what most people never do; then you will become greater than them.

No baloney talks.

Just simple concept and you don’t need an IQ of 160 to understand that.

The more you do what average guys don’t; then the better and the greater you become.

Within the 2-3 years looking back, you might have transformed x10 greater than the guy whom you used to be before; that’s where doors of potential and opportunity start opening for you.

You are 10% among all guys.

Above-average guys lift, average guys don’t

Above-average guys read and learn; average guys don’t.

Above-average guys have above average styles, social appearance and sex appeal; average guys don’t.

Above-average guys have balls to talk to girls; average guys are too much of a pussy to do so.

Above-average guys can take risks, set big goals and make big banks; average guys don’t

And those who are above-average have big ambitions, drive and work ethics to grind towards their shits; on the other hands, average guys don’t.

Changing your lifestyle is changing what you do, and how you think, feel completely on higher levels compared to your typical average Joes in daily basis.

And this starts with: LIFT, LEARN, STYLES, BALLS & AMBITIONS.

Embody these things.

And embody them, consistently and committed.

Start With Improving Your Body By Lifting Weights

Above-average guys lift weight; while average guys don’t, and the below-average guys are probably too busy ruining their figures to feebleness.

For you have already known what is it, above-average has a fit, at least athletic and strong type of body.

Their bodies signal health, finesse, vitality & sexual attractive.

And that’s why women love guys who are fit with 6 packs, the guys with average skinny fat or dad bod physique have harder time attract more women (yet they do with other aspects, but it’s not optimal).

In fact, getting your physique jacked as fuck will give you greater advantages on other aspects to improve on:

  • Increased self-discipline, work ethics, willpower; extremely beneficial for achieving financial freedom, improving lifestyle & getting knowledge.
  • You have higher self-worth and confidence.
  • You have more testosterone, therefore making you more masculine and attractive to women.
  • Brain gets sharper and more efficient when you exercise.
  • You become more mature inside, achieving great success in body eventually shapes your personality.
  • And more… and more ….

Hell, I could list probably hundred more reasons why you should lift weights, but I don’t need too.

As a reader of this site: I know you’ll do it, why?

Because simply it is so fucking good.

In conclusion, transforming your body from a mere mess to a mere beast; will transform you in many single ways, as you will start to realize there are more potentials within you.

And you will eventually become an above-average guy, and maybe “elite” one day if you wish.

If You Watch Porn And Masturbate, Stop!

Average guys watch porn and masturbate because they can value gratification and can easily lose themselves in pleasure.

But guys that are above-average, don’t do these degenerate shits.

Because they have lots of greater things to do in life, rather than fuck their minds in front of 50 site tabs of porn videos; with a box of tissue in a dark room at night.

Instead of watching porn and masturbating; they are busy grinding to 5-6 plates of deadlift, doing crazy acrobatic and bodyweight shits, pushing their physical limits.

Instead of watching porn and masturbating; they pick up C++ or Javascript and learn, they practice riffing guitars and speaking skills, read some good books every week.

Instead of watching porn and masturbating; they hit up on girls online or in the mall, set dates and pull them to their rooms and fuck at every Saturday night.

Instead of watching porn and masturbating; they are busy spending 8-10 hours a day focusing on building their businesses, making money and doing researches. These are what above-average guys do.

Now, these things above might be exaggerated to you; but you know the latters.

These guys don’t have time to waste.

Just like you, being an above-average guy: you don’t waste your time and only do something beneficial for you.

And that’s why I always encourage you folks to do NoFap, because:

  1. Your sexual energy is so powerful and can be transmuted into power for massive accomplishments.
  2. Porn and masturbation sap your life force, they spike your dopamine and makes it less sensitive, which causes you lack of motivation, drive and mental clarity.
  3. And … you do that because you have troubles with yourself, and with women.

Therefore, NoFap will shape your life and transform you into a much, much higher value guy than you ever thought.

In fact, most of my transformation is heavily initiated and contributed to doing No Fap first; I was from a little fat wimpy bitch into a beastly masculine beast within 2 years.

If you haven’t done it, try it for once within 30 days then you’d know what I’ve said is right.

How Long Does It Take To Become An Above-Average Guy?

It takes as long as it takes, my friends.

Because in the self-improvement realm, nothing changes overnight; as well as nothing changes immediately with massive or small actions. Yet I’d not recommend you doing that shit.

To transform yourself from being an average/below-average or C- guy to above-average or B+ guy, remember:

“What matters is the consistent progress.”

And to make that matter easily guaranteed: “small, consistent incremental actions.”

At best, I’d say it should takes you no longer than 2-3 years to see noticeable results (that’s how I did it).

I’ve known lots of guy who was a totally ass and had been totally serious about their lives; within few years meeting them again, they’ve gone from literally 3-4 to 7-9.

It is because these guys were being serious about upgrading themselves, and they had known the price is to committed being disciplined and consistent throughout their entire journey.

Of course, I am talking about being well-rounded in almost every aspect.

Most guys that are above-average aren’t always well-rounded either.

If you target to hit every aspect (looks, wealth, lifestyle, intellect, social status) simultaneously within one journey, be ready and actually commit to making consistent progress.

For they require lots of work; and it is best to make small incremental changes with tolerable amount of efforts toward each, that way, it is more easy to stay accountable and consistent.

But if you focus on one single aspect first, then it wouldn’t take you longer than one year.

Starting with building a good body for instance, you can see impressive changes within first 6 months of serious training.

But whatsoever, remember: the key is consistency.

Consistency + small incremental improvements on regular basis > massive actions in short period + expecting instant success.


I'm An Above-Average Guy.

(*Recommended extra reading: Good Looking Above Average Loser.)

Now, you know the truth my friends.

You have the simple “from an average to above-average guy” blueprint.

And so, what would you do?

Would you take my words, leave and honor my advice by actually working on it?

Or would you join the sheep again, leave with white wool on your body and be contented with mediocrity?

Never mind, your choice.

And all choices have consequences; if you are the religious reader of this site, you’d instantly know what to do.

Now this advice has been given to you, I’d wish you the best luck to keep upgrading yourself, fulfilling your potential, become above-average and one day, a total elite; and be the man you want to eventually become.

For now, I’ll be seeing you later,


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