Always Do What You Truly Want To Do

Always Follow What You Truly WANT To Do!

Always follow what you truly want to do in life, friends.

As the “do what you want to do” advice; is one of the most enlightened piece of advice I have repetitively heard for years of life.

Do you know why it is enlightened?

Yet there’s so much deep way to describe the concept of it.

Because it resonates with the truest part of you.

Because deep down inside, your soul knows your desire & your destiny. And the only way to live a life true to your soul is always follow your soul; to always do what you want.

It is the act of doing what you truly want from within, actualizes the most satisfied pieces of reality you can ever experience.

And doing what you want, allows you to live fully in life and live without regrets.

“But sometimes it is so scary to do what ever you want in life isn’t it?”

Obviously, it is.

Like, for instances:

It is so scary to think about dropping a pursuit for Chemical Engineering degree, to save some money, invest on high quality stocks, cryptocurrencies or start an online-based store business.

Or, it is even so scary to think about cold approaching a random cute, beautiful blonde on the coffee shop & ask her for a number.

Maybe it is even scary to try a new workout routine or a new diet like carnivore diet, steak & egg diet. Or even book a trip to Vegas for $1500 and enjoy your time for a month.

Ad infinitum.

Yes, pretty most of them are scary and risky.

But have you ever tried some of them before?


Then why? Are you afraid of the consequences? The failures? Worst-case scenarios?

These fears stop you from doing what you want, and inaction continues to paralyze your motions for the rest of your life, if you don’t find a way and deal with it.

If you can’t face these situations with courage. There’s no way you can have courage to make big decision in life.

And by making big decision, I mean: “Go and do whatever the fuck you want!”


And do not act like a coward, don’t try to be reason that you’d rather follow the advice of your parents instead of yourself.

Your parents are not you, they truly don’t know what you want.

They want you to have a safe & comfortable life, and succeed based on their own merits, not yours.

Their perspective success could be your failures.

On the other hands, you know what the fuck you want from deep down.

And only you understand that doing what you want makes you happy and therefore, more successful.


But there will be consequences, of course there will be:

You will fall, you will be ostracized, you will be condemned by those who are surrounded you that are not believed in you.

Moreover, you will possibly feel struggling with your sanity.

But all of these are just temporary.

Yet all of these are gnats and mosquitoes for man with strength, pride, discipline and will.

Believe your gut, have faith within it.

And you will achieve the success you ever deserved.

Yet, at the moment, you might not no how to do, I did too.

But there’s always an inner spiritual self within you, will pave the roads for you when you continuously walk in this path with courage & consistency.

It is only when you do whatever the fuck you want to do, you become the top 1% men.

You will become the conqueror of life, that people bring admiration and respect to you.


What do you truly want deep down inside?

A business that makes you massive million dollars wealth?

A mission to change the world with technological, spiritual contributions?

Or learning quantum physics, machine learning, programming to become the next Elon Musk, or Tony Stark?

Or leave the legacies for your children, for the world with about your passion?

Know yourself.

Have faith in it.

And just fucking do it, take action with that faith.

For you are God, and you rewriting every page of your destiny of the man version of you.


Keep doing it, and never stop!

That being so, I’ll see you another time,


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