how to build your own university & education

How To Build Your Own University & Education.

Is education enough when you go to school; choosing subjects & classes; then get to college or university; graduate and get a degree?

Or is it more than that? Why education shouldn’t be stopped at formal levels and should always be lifelong?

Because if you stop educate yourself, you can’t survive & you die.

You will stagnate once you stop collecting new information.

Your existence ain’t mean shit if you are stagnant or ignorant.

Though, I believe that education is vital yet it is not always necessary through formal approaches; going to school during first 12-18 years of life is significant for brain development, but beyond that wouldn’t be necessary.

And you can always be well-educated if you don’t go to school, contrary there are those who’ve finished high school and college are bunches of fucking retarded.

Personally, I know few dozens guys were really successful with schools are monumentally moronic in real life.

So how can you differ the educated retarded from well-educated people?

Here’s how:

  1. The retarded dick-sucker: has no value for knowledge & wisdom, although finished high school, college (or not), he doesn’t plan to learn anything outside of his range of intellect; doesn’t mostly apply his knowledge in living. He is basically brain-dead.
  2. The well-educated badass: whether he finished formal education or not, he commits to life-long pursuit of knowledge, intellect and wisdom, he learns new skills, study new topics, read books regularly.

I’d greatly advise you to be the second guy.

In fact, if you want to get anywhere in life, a sheer commitment to lifelong learning is a big, BIG-ass must!

This is why you need to build your own university, a.k.a the personal hall of education.

And these are how you do it.

Commit On Being A Renaissance Man

To make it little bit fun, I’d like to see this as an analogy of a chessboard

  • The King: You – the renaissance man.
  • The Queen: Your lifestyle, systems for education & learning.
  • Pawns: Knowledge.
  • Knights: Thinking process
  • Bishops: Execution & application.
  • Rooks/Castles: Community, people.

And following by this analogy, you holds the position as the king, and like any kings, you make decisions and actions necessary for the gains of your empire.

By being the king in the education chessboard, you must commit to pursuit of learning; which forms your behaviors, perceptions, beliefs and actions towards learning.

Do you make the decision to learn more, to be smarter? Then be the wise king that decide to learn and be smarter by any means necessary; do so, otherwise, let your guard down and the king is impotent, eventually killed.

So, align your inner games with right beliefs and behaviors of educating yourself, first and foremost.

Build A Lifestyle Of A Renaissance Man

A great renaissance man must live like a renaissance man; as the lifestyle and repetitive actions reflect your being.

That being so, it is imperative to structure your outer system toward acts of learning to be aligned with your inner system.

Now you see?

Your lifestyle is the queen – the most powerful chess piece in the board, it is a trump card that contributes to your empire’s expansion and domination; likewise, with your educational system or even your life in general.

Here, your lifestyle towards learning fundamentally consists of the habits of accessing, collecting and processing information; reflecting on these knowledge; applying or practicing what you’ve learned; sharing or teaching.

Yet the vital factor of it is to organize these on consistent basis.

Schedule; diversify your subjects & topics; manage your learning systems in a time block; organize your subjects, topics, skills. (active learning)

Also if you can automate your learning by integrating your subconscious mind the desire to learn and apply knowledge, you can learn tremendously (passive learning).

Pack Yourself An Army Of Knowledge

Knowledge serve as abundant pawns in the chessboard you have here. Because the pawns are essential pieces at the beginning; and without them, your empire is in danger.

Likewise, without knowledge, then how the fuck can you expect to learn anything, get smarter and build your own university?

Knowledge is always the core aspect of education, just like these pawns.

That being so, you must build yourself an army of knowledge from these derivatives.

Book & Readings

These old, classic instruments are well-enveloped, with well-composed, well-analysis put into thousands of words, hundreds of papers by blood and sweat of authors and directors are always relevant for your intellectual gains.

Books are the some of the most valuable assets of knowledge you can ever have; you will learn many lifetime lessons by from just dozen great books.

In fact, that’s how my self-education process is built up fast as fuck! I learned ten times more from 5 books than years of schooling or any online articles I’ve ever read.

Because books are comprised by years of expertise, dedication and knowledge from the masters of their fields; hence why most random quick knowledge you’ve read are amateur-leveled.

For every greatly successful men has always read voraciously, let it be known that you should too. Therefore, I’d highly recommended you to start with these readings:

Classes, Online Courses

Whether it is a specific skill you want to learn like playing a guitar, coding with Python, web development, software engineering, music composing, Photoshop designing …. there are variety of worthwhile online courses you can always find.

You certainly haven’t remembered any shits you learned from years of school and college, right?

Because why bother? They were boring and uninteresting, they were not what you wanted to learn before.

But what about online courses? Well as long as you know what you want to learn; then grabbing a course about that topic definitely a great investment.

I learned how to code with Python by learning an online course;

I also learned how to break-dancing from an online course. And now if I want to learn how to freestyle rap, I’d buy an online course from a legit instructor, or from Udemy & spend hours grinding that shit.

Classes are even more valuable; due to the interactive environment you can have with other peers and your instructor. Hence, if you ever want to learn martial arts, dancing or playing an instrument; I’d rather suggest getting a physical meet-up class or having an instructor.

Trust me. Despite online classes are great, you’ll learn tons more from having an instructor you can interact with; any questions you have or mistakes you perform can be easily solved with a high quality instructor with you.

Being a lone wolf is great if you are smart; but having an instructor will catapult your success.

Educational Websites, Articles

Internet is a boundless sea of fucking knowledge you can ever find, man. So don’t be a bum and waste your opportunity and time without learning something worthwhile from Internet.

Instead of spending hours on social medias, laughing at stupid shit posts, chatting, playing video games; ditch those shits and jack your brain up with good websites of information.

For example, the website you are currently reading is a great website where you can learn lots of stuffs. There are tons of great blogs and channels out there you can find to learn anything useful. This is one thing you should definitely include in your personal education.

My suggested online courses’s websites:

Also, if you’d like to read more articles that are related to my website niches & topics, you can visit:

Audios & Visual Knowledge

If you don’t have a dime of time spending on reading books, then don’t forget about audio books and give them a chance. Because education does NOT always have to be active, dude.

Though I’d generally prefer reading because I can contemplate more deeply on the concepts written; I still also use audio books or listen to podcasts when I am working out, walking in the streets, banging my girl, travelling or just chilling.

Hence, audio books & podcasts are great ways to digest more knowledge passively in your free time.

Visual knowledge, like videos or YouTube can provide you god-like quality learning experience also. There are few great educational high quality channels you can find on YouTube for your learning.

Knowledge From Experience & Thinking

Your learning process is yet also subjective; your worthwhile experience in life are also great sources of wisdom and knowledge.

In fact, I believe those great men who came before left us their pieces of advice, knowledge, wisdom. Their knowledge were not only comprised of what they had learned from the books, but also from the lives they had lived.

Education is also from you, don’t you forget. As if you truly spent sometime digging your memories, you will find many valuable things you can learn from them.

Assess, Contemplate And Deep Thinking

Collecting information is the first offensive stage; going forward, you have to develop the ability to assess your understanding so that you can digest more of what you are learning.

The ability to assess, contemplate and think critically about concepts are equivalent to the knight chess pieces.

So how do knights move? Unpredictable, unconventional and step ahead of any chess pieces, it is the ability to think and approach multitude of problems that makes the knight great.

Now, I know that sounds confusing.

But then, in order to break the barriers in your learning, you should use your brain and thinking in order to approach these concepts, intellectually and intuitively.

This will help you solve the inquiries you have about what you recently know, therefore deepens your understanding as well as your intellectual capacity.

Execute & Apply What You’ve Learned

Because bishops have a strong offensive strategy; which I find a suitable yet subtle analogy for bishop pieces of the the education chessboard as an ability to execute, practice and actualize the concepts you learn.

Having much theories in your brain does not mean any cents of fucks, unless you put them into practices and experiences.

Your learning process will be jacked in steroids by knowing yourself and what you have learned, also apply what you’ve learned; that’s my 100% money guarantee back to you.

Especially for example: being successful with women; making thousands of sales in your first month; or building more muscle. So, what would you think if you apply these theories you’ve learned from these topics into real life?

You gain true results and experience, albeit much harder.

Do you want to look like a fucking Greek god? Then start work out 4-6 times a week; hit every muscle groups 2+ times a week; get your meal plan together and count your calories, macros sufficiently; get 7-9 hours of sleep, have good recovery routine.

Though, that is easier said than done; when you start, you have no fucking ideas of what you doing, right?

But it is all worth it not only for your learning journey but also your personal improvement. Hence, getting a jacked physique; have a pussy every week; make $1000/month with online business, they are not some talky-talk things.

A good execution and application of what you have learned will shatter your paradigm and humble your confidence of what you have known; but then you will grow smarter and wiser, you also truly get the conceived values from what you have learned.

And that’s how true education really is, if most of the shits you know from schools and universities and you don’t use it; if I were you, I skip schools and learn shit on my own quest.

Have A Community For Learning & Sharing

Guard your castles; these are where your people inhabit in; these chess pieces are where you gather your affiliations, communities & connections be relevant to your educational quest around you.

For a wise king must know how to have good people in his kingdom, you must build a solid castle that attracts high quality people into it.

That being so, as a committed lifetime learner; it is imperative and extremely powerful to develop connections so that you can benefit exponentially in your education.

People That You Can Approve In Your Castles

I’d suggest you to diversify and approve these types of relationships you hold into your circles:

  • Mentors/De-facto experts: These are the wise men in real life, these who has lots of success and experience in their fields; despite not all of them are willing to share & give knowledge to others. But once you can get any of them to be your teachers & mentors; trust me, you’ll learn tons and progress dozen times faster in real life.
  • Students: You will need lower-classed men whom you can teach and share what you know to them, they can be your followers; your students or your protégés. But the real benefits of having them are that you can develop your credibility; respect & you can learn more about yourself; your understanding & flaws when you teach others.
  • Middle-minded people: Those who have the same mind with you, or on the same levels with you can be valuable assets; since you can learn what they know and you don’t; contrarily what you have and they don’t. They can be good friends that help you on your journey.
  • Partners: Having partners who are on the same journey with you, can push each others up more to learn more; to practice and take more actions toward greater learning & self-development.
  • Supportive relationships: If your friends/family members/girlfriends/lovers have positive influence in your learning journey and are willing to support you; then keep them and appreciate their values & efforts.

People That You Should Reject Out Your Castles

Having people who you can allow them into your journey is not enough. For you must reject and stay the fuck away as best as you can from these people like you stay away from smells of shits & farts:

  • Losers: Unless they are aspired to learn more and not a giving-up type. Ignore them as they will drain your energy and intelligence if you are too attached to them.
  • Negative minds: Likewise, those who have a negative mentality and 90% complaining, hating, preaching negativity; they are like the plagues, and you don’t want to get sick
  • Bullshitters: If there knowledge & wisdom are phony, not legit and baloney; don’t listen to them.
  • Arrogant know-it-all scumbags: These motherfuckers are the big NO for me; we hate to smell arrogance and bragging like we hate to smell shits. But these are those jack-asses think they know lots of things and will do anything to justify their egos being validated by as highly intelligent. In fact, they are asses; they will try to put down others who they assume as know too much or smarter than them.

How Can You Get People In Your Side

In order to build any relationships & affiliations with people, you must always do one thing:

Give values, offer values.

It is when you give; you receive.

This may sounds cliché, but that’s how you can get lots of successes not just in building social relationships, but in life overall.

Because people are drawn to which areas that can benefit them, that being said; whether is business or social connections, if you are the guy whom they deem valuable, you attract them.

All relationships work that way, friends. And that’s why a relationship at a beginning seems harmonious and happy since both parties can provide conceived values to each other; and ends up fell apart if there are no more values.

So keep that in mind, give VALUES.

If you want to find a mentor: show him that you are interested in his expertise; ask good questions; pay him a drink or a dinner; tell him about yourself related to that topic. And he will love to give you values back as well by teaching and helping you improving.

If you want to find a mentee: lend him a helping hands, share your knowledge with him enthusiastically about the related topic; strike down some interesting questions and having some funs with the man. When he wants to learn more from you, you have it.

Where To Find People?

If you have somebody in your existent social circles also demonstrates interests in education, learning; or is aligned with your interests. Take advantages of them.

If you are a lone wolf, it is little bit hectic to find other people to your side; but definitely possible.

Join organizations of people who are on the same journey as you.

Go online, seek & interact actively in an online community, forum, threads or Discord, Slack, Telegram groups; Internet is your playground.

If you want to be more initiative, be a leader; build a group; an organization or launch a website; build audiences and community of people in your website. From then, you will start to create more connections and relationships with more people.

Poor Conclure

These are various ways to can build yourself a top quality personal education process in life a.k.a your own university.

Let it be known that you don’t stop learning when you are out of schools with a degree on your hand; learning is boundless and relentless until we die.

Nevertheless, ignorance is bliss, you can still live great and don’t need to know too much right? So why bother?

Yeah, why bother if you don’t want to achieve your dreams and be mediocre and moronic for the rest of your life.

If you don’t learn, then you can do two things:

  • Stop wasting time dreaming big & complaining about life.
  • Get the fuck out of here because this is where education is highly valued.

But if you are better than that; if you truly want to be smarter, be wiser and know lots more to achieve your dreams, fulfill your destiny.

Follow what I’ve given you here.

For now, I’ll see you next time,


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