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Discipline December Or Destroy Dick December?

Today is the final day of No Nut November, boys! The last day of trending exaltation of young boys and old men; winners and sinners has come to an end. Let leave the history pass away and ready for the forthcoming future.

December is …. DESTROY DICK DECEMBER!” Said the average normies & losers.

Losers have waited so long for this day, hell; and those are low-life human species are here for another stupid internet trend from Reddit & 4-chan to justify their severe cerebrum’s retard(ness).

Are you willing to going back for this dark, snarky shit again??? GO FUCK YOURSELF, Destroy Dick December is for the losers.

Destroy dicks are for weak little boys, DISCIPLINE DECEMBER is the real deal for MEN.

Which men should take advantage of this first-syllabus month & the last of the year to hone their discipline! Discipline is TRANSFORMATIVE & LIFE-CHANGING.

As from now on, you will have your damn 30 days; 30-SOLID-FUCKING-DAYS to transform yourself for the next year! And now it is your choice: thrive on the sides of the winners; or decay yourself in the losing teams?

Like I said; Destroy Dick December is for LOSERS and Discipline December is for the goddamn WINNERS of life.

A Pathway To Hell: Why Destroy Dick December Is For Losers.

Destroy Dick December Is The Path Way To Hell.

Destroy Dick December Is The Trend Of Incels, Beta Males, Social Outcasts

Current technology era is the age of decadence, the new generations of men are slowly downright weakened. Young boys nowadays have little discipline and masculine competence (oh and if you call me what a fucking boomer, do as if you like it).

But instead; most of them are now fond of wasting their lives and souls under the screens of computers and their phones on artificial gratifications: social medias, cultural memes, video games, entertainment.

And hey: I am not saying that all people are like that; but generally, we are damn sure deliberately draining ourselves in the digital world.

Somewhere in the digital world breeds us few more stereotypes: Incels, soyboys, simps – bottom of the men’s hierarchical standards. They are some creepy, wimpy lonely sad boys you must have met.

Wojak Soyboy (masturbate 1/day and go all in "Destroy Dick December").
A bit of Wojak representation about Soyboy-ism, Incel-ism, Simps.

One of them could be your brother, cousin, son, nephew; they could be some fat or skinny boys in college’s cafeteria surrounding themselves in the desks of consoles, video games meeting playing LOL, Fortnite, Call Of Duty, Smash Bros,

Or are you familiar with some video game streaming cultures? Or even dank meme threads on 4-chan, Reddit, forums, …; hell, we even have the E-girls simping lately nowadays.

Here’s the thing: they are losers and they seek pleasures from masturbation and porns.

No Nut November and Destroy Dick December are their trends, and nowadays trend followers are stupid (I can recall myself somehow).

They have little authority over there life; joining them means joining losing sides. If you aspire for highers, you shouldn’t waste your breaths and times on these monumentally dysfunctional counterparts.

One Of The Surefire Ways To Sacrifice Yourself.

Destroying Dick means killing your genitals and its sexual functionality. No doubt.

Your penis dies, your sexual glands get impoverished, your semen diminishes, your libido depletes. CONSENSUS: YOU ARE SEXUALLY IMPOTENT -> YOU ARE WEAK.

OH and don’t ask me damn why! For the reason you have already known it.

You can’t get a girl and make a girl attracted to you with poor whippy-whoppy damaged dick, you are hopeless.

You can’t be any more successful or motivated with your indiscriminately wasted sexual energy. For sexual energy is one of the most powerful ways to amplify your fortune, success; and you murder it.

I mean SERIOUSLY! How could you expect to thrive for higher and better by following some damn fun trends online that could cost you your soul; your time; your powers & your damn last pieces of being by killing your genitals?? STICK YOUR HEAD UP YOUR ASS WITH THAT, I rather win big than suffer!!

And that’s why Destroy Dick December ain’t good shit. Hell! It shouldn’t be taken as a fun, you should be cautious of it seriously by any matters! LEAVE THE LOSER BEHIND.

It Means You Are Mentally Retarded

And hell yeah! Last BUT not least, you would be damn sure one of the most moronic motherfuckers ever if you buy into this challenge.


You give up every single greatness from NNN for this shit: If you actually survive No Nut November, which is mean doing NoFap for a whole month. You must have actually sensed the benefits from it; vigor, happiness, confidence, power, etc.

Hence, to sacrifice vigor with numbness is like throwing golds to wishing well and ask for shits to eat. And you must have been an unbelievably stupid dog that would eat shits.

CONGRATULATIONS! For being a stupid dog (woof woof) by doing this, *applauding claps*. I cannot possibly think of anything more stupid than that.

Furthermore, either that or you failed the NNN game: Choosing this path is escaping the reality, and escaping the reality means; it blinds you with your emotional hollowness and disorder from the nature of existence.

And what happens after that? You act like a FUCKING devil, a stupid delusional fuck. Masturbating compulsively will make your mind worse and deliberately separate your consciousness from the reality itself. Slowly turning yourself into the bunches of disposal failures like incels & simps.

So pretty please! It is time to give up Destroy Dick December, now join the winning sides and thrive on Discipline December. DISCIPLINE DECEMBER is the true deal!

Ascensions Of The Gods: Why You Should Train Discipline

Self-Discipline Is A Noble Trait Of Masculinity

Masculinity itself is sacred. Masculine men are competent, powerful, and contributive to the providence of civilization as well as humanity. Most foundations of architecture, craftsmanship, intellect, politics, economics, industry are laid by the hands of virtuous and masculine men.

Men like Socrates, Aristotle, Julius Caesar, Archimedes, Alexander The Great, Marcus Aurelius, Confucius, etc; these were many of the noblest masculine men ever alive.

Worth mentioning, there are contributions of history made by women, hence; are not as abundant as men. Femininity itself it nurturing while masculinity is progressive and advanced. (Despite both does have the dark, negative sides).

And how to make masculine men? Simple, discipline.

Because men who have good self-discipline; are the most virtuous and noble men, because discipline itself is unequivocally defining trait of sacred masculinity.

That’s why I am advocating you to train your discipline! Great men accomplish great things for sheer will and discipline. On the other hands, useless and fragile men; ain’t have shits that are valuable for others are deemed as un-fucking-worthy, lack discipline.

If you want to win big, you become successful, to influence and lead others, to become happy, even pursuing the more noble purposes like giving values for others: HAVE DISCIPLINE FRIENDS! DISCIPLINE.

1944: 18 year olds stormed the beach at Normandy into almost certain Death (this kid has balls and insane discipline, will for sure) 

2018: 18 year olds need a safe place because WORDS HURT THEIR FEELINGS (masturbating - destroy dick december, tada!!)

Discipline is what separates boys from men!

It also what separates truly young and capable men from being sensitive, fragile little boys!

Men are tough badass motherfuckers with god-like discipline, boys like those pieces of shit aforementioned are bitter and eating shits for lack of powers.

Modern men need more discipline than ever, so that they can control their own life and decide their own destiny. AND YOU SHOULD TOO, I SHOULD TOO! EVERY MEN SHOULD, NONETHELESS!

Discipline Makes Your Life Brighter And Feel Like A Fucking Conqueror.

Discipline gives you every single flow of happiness and pride in your life!

And by cultivating self-discipline, notice that you will start to accumulate the unstoppable “Genghis Khan” aura in your life in the matter of time.

Tackling and accomplishing your tasks feels FUCKING GREAT!

Achieving your goals and staying high and mighty on your way to the top gives you the feelings of I AM UNSTOPPABLE, MOTHERFUCKERS!

Discipline gives you not only exalted pride from your accomplishments, but also the enjoyment and happiness from freedom. No more bondages from bullshits and stresses from gazillion of tasks; with unbreakable resolve and godly discipline: you’d crush them by any mean necessary!

Like Jocko Willink, an ex-NAVY SEAL said: “Discipline Is Freedom”.

Discipline Equals Freedom - Jocko Willink

Notice every time you have accomplished something, recall the embrace of pride, worthiness and excitement. And when you are fucking lazy and procrastinating from second to second; you feel like shit. That being said; the emotions of conquer are vastly achieved from iron will with unbroken discipline.

That shit said the same to me, too! When I accomplish something, or flowing working on my problems, my tasks with discipline and flow; I end up tremendously motivated, I feel like I can fucking take the WHOLE DAMN WORLD! And feeling greatness from discipline is one the best emotions any men have; it is hardwired on our instinct.

Contrarily, if I notice myself not taking any actions to make progress, slacking up days by days, not doing my works, not being disciplined: you know what happens.

Right here, right now. I am writing this article with a purpose and a huge drive of unfathomable senses of heightened discipline. I am getting into the flow and writing this shit with the best mood (despite I hate writing).

Discipline Is A Must Have If You Are A Reader Of The Potentialized Men

When I was an avid reader of Bold & Determined blog – a kick-ass great blog for men from Victor Pride (now Brother Nickolas), and it is one of my inspirations: I noticed a punchline from most of his articles: “BOLD AND DETERMINED IS FOR THE WINNERS AND THE GREATESTS.”

Now I am gonna borrow this punchline from him.



If you love to cry for being shamed for your bullshits, cry more.

But if you want to win, to become great!

Have A FUCKING BALL and jack yourself with DISCIPLINE in life! The Potentialized Men’s readers are men with integrity and love to do big, do bold and become powerful.

My blogs are for men who want to get the fuck out of mediocrity and fulfill themselves, dignify their purposes and climb to the eventual peaks of winning. NOT FOR BABY-BOOHOOS AND FOR THOSE WHO LOVE VANILLA SCENTS!

All these rants ain’t meaning shit! But it also very meaningful shit! Be brave and be tough, be disciplined friends! And you will get what you want, then be free to do whatever you want to do …

Quit Destroy Dick December, How To Cultivate Discipline:

Do we have dudes decide to say “NO” to Destroy Dick December?? Thanks, God!

My my! How did I develop my self-discipline? The secret is: I follow the 30 Days Of Discipline program from Victor Pride.

30 Days Of Discipline - The Bootcamp for Winners By Victor Pride
Credited to Bold & Determined

It is shamed for me to say that I haven’t really find my own authoritative ways to give on how to develop discipline. Hence, I think that 30 Days Of Discipline is probably the best program I ever used to build my iron mind.

30 Days Of Discipline is a kick-ass program that consists of kick-ass daily habits you must cultivate to become more disciplined, stronger, tougher, and more successful.

Unfortunately, for those who are familiar with Bold & Determined and 30DODs. We know that Victor (now brother Nickolas) has abandoned B&D and decided to become a born-again Christian. Therefore, we can’t enjoy his contents and his valuable products.

Following his program is the surefire way to kick-ass for now! I am still doing this as a way to honor his works and his impact on my life, as well as the other voracious readers from B&D.

Thank you, brother Nickolas!

My Closing Words

Spartan Discipline

Destroy Dick December is for the losers, undoubtedly I repeat!

Being a man must be disciplined! Discipline is a sacred thing, a noble quality that cultivates the strength, courage, mastery & honor of any men must have.

December is coming, choose your path: side with winners or with losers.


Although I do not have my own authoritative ways (for now) to cultivate self-discipline, I’d still recommend few things:

  • Start from developing better habits and eliminate bad habits, habits have compound effects on building your self-discipline and shift your reality to attract success.
  • Read my article on Dopamine Detox – Unplug, start practicing it in order to remove your mental junks.
  • Read my article on NoFap.
  • Do 30 Days Of Discipline.
  • Start building discipline today, not tomorrow.

I will also recommend reading these books if you want to further on building your mindset, masculinity and upgrade your discipline:

  1. Gorilla Mindset By Mike Cernovich
  2. The Way Of Men By Jack Donovan (probably the most clarified, fundamental book about masculinity I’ve read!)
  3. Atomic Habits By Jame Clear
  4. Discipline Equals Freedom by Jocko Willink


That being said, I’ll see you in the next article,

Exit stage, Juhani.

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