Motivation Is A False God

Discipline And Consistency Pays Off In Long Run

When it comes to getting shit done and be a winner, you need two of these traits: discipline & consistency.

I repeat, discipline.

And consistency.

Yet they are not the easiest things to maintain; but in your daily average life, you already have some fundamental sets of discipline like hygiene, eating, working/studying, sleeping … blah blah blah; all the shits that are necessary, being repeated consistently.

But we damn know that not what are we talking about, so let’s get straight to the point. alright?

What I want to talk about is still this same old record of topic: success.

And why yes, success is the byproduct of discipline and consistency; these two traits pay off the long run.

Imagine if you tell yourself to put in the necessary work every single fucking day for weeks, months and years; what kind of fruition do you think it is going to take? Ma$$ive.

Of course, consistency can easily achieved by doing something small, with very little effort day by day; yet it compounds over time and you still have a big result.

But discipline, it is what multiply it.

You need discipline to push yourself, to put more efforts on certain tasks repeatedly; so that you can either get what you want sooner, or later but much bigger. You always need both discipline and consistency.

If you want to get healthy and jacked, mere daily push-ups and pull-ups every week is not enough; while that fulfills consistency, it is still minimal and you’d probably achieve minimal results of your potential. But you have to train an A-tier calisthenics routine 4-6 times/week, eat nutritiously enough, sleep and recover well; that takes ways more efforts, and what is it required? Discipline.

That’s it! It is simple.

That can apply to making money, getting good with women, learning skills, building a better life; or whatever the fuck you want.

At the end of the day, I tell you that if you can have discipline and consistency in life: you will make big shits.

No doubts, money-back guarantee.

And people says it is genetics, fortune, IQ, talents or some shits? Fuck it.

And hey, I don’t mean they are not something, it is cool to have other factors as potentials … But, they can’t help shits without taking actions. But taking massive actions in just one or few days can’t get shit either.

Discipline and consistency.

In the end, consistency and discipline matters.


Okay, that’s just my little speech for now.

I’d see you later,


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