Discipline Training: Being The Grateful "Sisyphus"

Discipline Training: Being The Grateful “Sisyphus”

One of the most powerful discipline training methods is to see yourself in the destiny of Sisyphus, but more fortunate and grateful.

Who is Sisyphus? He, in a Greek mythology, is a king of Corinth and was a devious tyrant; who with such clever trickery and cheating death twice that angered the gods; and his last trickery ended when Zeus sent him to kingdom of Hades and had his comeuppance dealt by Zeus. (video)

Sisyphus’s punishment is to push and roll a boulder up a hill forever. But eventually after eternity of pushing the boulder repeatedly, he accepts his fate and continuing doing the task forever with acceptance.

“Ok, so what is the message you want to send us, Juhani?”

My point about this story is to have you see yourself as him, Sisyphus.

Have you known that life is full of hardship, and greatness is definitely not easy and pleasurable. But to see yourself as the tyrant of Corinth, will give you a perspective of accepting it; and live life with discipline, train yourself to do the tasks needed repetitively and consistently for days and years for the sake of duty.

But the difference between Sisyphus and you, or us: “it is we are never being condemned with hardship for eternity; but guaranteed with a reward of our efforts.”

Now that you set a goal: then you have to do the work consistently and repetitively if you must.

And you have to keep doing until you achieve your fruit.

This is a purpose of discipline training; to have a immovable will and strength to stay strong in your feet, never give up and keep doing the hard things for your purpose. You are Sisyphus, but a more fortunate one, and also grateful.

Gratitude is expressed through achieving the fruits and not being condemned to push the boulder for an eternity. You are grateful because this is your will, your choice, and the reward of your efforts.

Through this perspective I had an enlightened moment that I, or you, or anyone else; working towards greatness, always have to conquer the hardships and doing the works consistently with discipline and will until the end.

When I see myself through the glances of Sisyphus, I feel grateful and driven.

I feel grateful because I am willing to choose this act and not by the gods, and for the hardship of mine is nothing compared to Sisyphus, or any men that have more adversities then me. And I feel driven because of wanting to prove my strength; through conquering my problems and hardships, and reap the rewards. This is what keeps me up.

And if the fruits, the rewards are not promised? Good, I’ll still doing it anyway, because it is the duty of my purpose. I live and work to serve my purpose and its end.

Whenever I feel like a bitch, this is my mantra; to get up and train my discipline, then kick these fucking asses as I must. I am a warrior, a champion, and I allow no feeble. To fulfill my destiny and achieve my potential, this is what I have to do: get up everyday, do the work consistently until the end.

Jocko Willink, the legendary ex-NAVY Seal sees himself as Sisyphus to reminds him that in front of him there are battles and adversities he need to carry on his shoulder; and that is his destiny.

Therefore, seeing yourself as Sisyphus is a great discipline training method, to kick you in the ass.

Or not just seeing yourself as SIsyphus.

Look at these men and embody their perspectives in you:

  • Navy SEALS, Delta Force, Marines, SAS.
  • The Spartans, The Vikings.
  • The Samurais.
  • Multi-billionaire entrepreneurs whose missions are to build things to serve humanity and conquer power.

Even seeing yourself as superheroes like Batman, Tony Stark or Captain America with their purposes motivated them to live and fight for; keeps your discipline and focused-sight on your purpose in checked.

See yourself as Sisyphus, but more fortunate and grateful.

You are a man who conquers and grinds through all adversities and hardships for years by your choice, to achieve greatness; and this is why you should feel grateful and lucky for.

Sisyphus gaining EXP
You are Sisyphus in a RPG game, of course; life is an RPG

Be a man and appreciate discipline as virtue, and you will be honored. Be a master of it.

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