Greatness Is Always Built By Consistency

Greatness Is Always Built By Consistency

If you ask me how can anyone achieve greatness in whatever they do, then my answer is: it is built regularly every single day or week.

And you’ve known my answer; but what, you’re still doubting?

So what if you ask guys who are more successful than me, that are on top 0,1% about qualities of greatness; what do you think they will answer you?


Gifted talent?

Huge vision?

Intelligence, will and skill?

Massive actions? Take bold risks?

Or faith …?

Forget it, man. I don’t think they the first twos are relevant. But they might, or definitely give you the remaining four.

But assuming they are being transparent, then they will tell you one single thing you only need to hear: daily persistence.

It is persistence, or consistency; perseverance; daily small-or-huge action makes them massively successful. It is the constant of any mathematical equation of greatness

And you cannot separate it from the equation, because it is a constant; the mathematics is unchangeable, and you must understand that only consistent daily practice is the bread and butter.

Undeniable Mathematical Equation Of Greatness

Success's Formula
Perseverance is the main key for greatness

There are so many headline stories of many great people are being hyped by the press, the media conferences and rumors. Like whenever someone just hit a massive success; these motherfuckers just make it look like a big event, hitting-lottery liked moment.

And that kind of bullshit makes tons of people buy into the fact that these people are lucky, and their overnight successes are miracles or because of their advantages. But fuck that, what they don’t know? Are the process behind every success story.

Greatness is made by consistent actions. And what you can’t fucking see is the long, arduous amount of time have these guys been putting tons of works daily and received little-to-no changes every day, or every week, or month.

But they kept working, and working; until a some kind of difference, then what do you think?

I pretty damn sure they are hitting the signs of increasing success time by time and until big time hit, BOOM! A massive success over-fucking-night if you believe so; their works are paid off eventually. Just like that.

So head up, boys! That’s how you achieve greatness! And only by following this equation:

[(Performance * Consistency) + Positive Variables] – Negative Variables = $UCCE$$!!

This mathematical equation works for all kinds of success, no exception. With consistent actions serve as constant number; with other positive variables such as skills, intelligence, faith, positivity, visions, luck, … serve as accelerating factors. While decreasing negative variables like jealousy, bad habits, laziness, excuses, …

If you can apply this equation into your journey, then I’d guarantee there’s no way you cannot achieve the amount of success like those people you’ve thought them “freaks” or “giants”. Because how they achieved it, is nothing different than this.

The Slight Edge’s Principle: A Lesson About Consistency

The Slight Edge’s principle, albeit simple, it is probably the most powerful self-improvement lesson you’d ever need. Not any different more bullshits. This principle has also been illustrated in-depth within the book of the same name: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

So what does this principle mean?

It means that every simple action, whether they are big or small, more or less, and are being done consistently every single day; will transform into massive results, or greatness over time. On the other hands, the same applied to every simple mistake you make on daily basis; will cause failures gradually over time.

And this concept can be breakdown into implementing daily habits or auto-pilots behaviors that control us everyday; and daily repetitions, make massive results.

Sounds so simple, eh? But that’s why it is profound.

As I find this concept very relevant, just by introspecting on how fucked I used to be and how most people are right now. What a damn shame!

“But Juhani, how is that relevant?”. Due to the compound effect, that’s how; just like James Clear said: “Habits are the compound interest of self improvement.”

The Compound Interest Of Few People Who Achieve Greatness

The compound interest of success is undebatable and undeniable if you have realized the power of consistent actions overtime.

Here’s what I can tell, most successful people have done lots of work every single day and just received nothing during that long ass process. Despite nothingness, failures and disappointments, they keep pushing and working until some time in between their progress echoes.

From that, they notice the signs of their success and it is exponentially increasing until they hit the tipping point. That’s how greatness is made, by consistency.

For instance: take a look at those massive YouTubers you’ve been following ever since, and look back the history of their channels. Most of their contents have been published since day 1 for many months have very few audience; and have virtually grown little-to-no shits. But they keep publishing until some points some of their videos got picked by algorithm; and fucking exploded. Then they just keep getting bigger and bigger audiences overtime. Compound interest Santa just surprised yo’ ass!

Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Thomas Edison are epitomes of consistent daily practices until their world-changing successes. Hell, even Elon Musk doesn’t plan to skip a single day and look at what he has built today.

And just same applied to bodybuilding; the 135lbs-soaking-wet kid you saw last 4 years? Now he’s a fucking bulldozer at 190lbs just shocked you with a 7-plate deadlift for 4 reps; and he told you he had been eating lots of foods, stretching and sleeping well every single day; he trained 5x/day a week years, after years and just don’t damn stop. (and probably doing steroids?)

The process is inevitable, and taking action every single day is needed for achieving greatness.

So next time when you hear your friends or family member scold you for your grind: “Stupid piece of shit, these people are lucky and are already excellent, you can’t never be like them! Just stop doing meaningless shit!”. Just don’t give a fuck and keep putting in the work consistently, no matters how hard it is.

Greatnes is a lot of small things done well. Day after day, workout after workout, obedience after obedience, day after day.

The Compound Interest Of Most Failures

Likewise, if the compound interest works its power for those people who attain greatness; it also works for those who are falling down to the rabbit hole of failures. No exception, and it all started with the same equation.

People who are successful in life are people who are taking necessary actions every single day consistently until their process rewards them.

On the other hands, motherfuckers who regularly indulge or binge themselves in nonsensical but detrimental habits & behaviors; it may seems like nothing happens for couple first days, until they notice edgy shits happen, …. TADA! Compound interest is working against you, boy!

Now I know, how the fuck most people are stuck in a mediocre rut and keep failing continuously. And also how I used to be a failure, too.

People doing the same routines every day, thinking and feeling the same thoughts & emotions every single day, and doing same pointless shits everyday; so their reticular activation system, follows the loop of their behaviors, and projects their reality.

For example: The fat ass couch potato doing a minimum wage job, eating chips while watching Netflix every single night; and wakes up late while getting his ass to workplace with anxiety, tiredness and grumpiness. Or that dumb kid who binge social media 6+ hours every single day; partying every single night wonder why he is so bad at life.

It’s a shame that those are the realities for most people. But that give you a lesson: consistency makes compound effect in your life, change your ways of living so you can change your universe.

How Have I Applied The Slight Edge’s Principle In My Life

In my life, I’ve been functioning with Slight Edge’s principle definitely for lifetime without even knowing it; and I’ve experienced greatness, but also pathetic failures made by my daily choices. Now I can confirm that this is a damn powerful principle, shit!

My Experience With Failures

So let’s start with how I used to be a fucking nasty failure in life, okay? I was a typical NEET teenager; I binged scrolling Internet in my own goddamn room every weekend or any free time I had; ignored social interactions, just to react to stupid shits on Facebook; and playing games, watching porn and masturbating 3-4 times a day like a pig; I didn’t choose to workout properly, read, meditate and sleep enough; and I chose to procrastinated on my school work all the damn time.

Just letting you know that I had been doing these shits like almost every fucking day for years. It made me felt weak, timid, pathetic like a bitch. I was lonely, ugly, sad, depressed; and eventually got rejected brutally by a high school crush. My brother, also some of my friends used to contempt me for being that pathetic. Thanks to the former dumb-ass me wasting his life consistently with bullshits.

And because of that, these behaviors influenced me even until now, like I feel sometimes lazy or having the urges to do life-detrimental things. Only however, they are easier to maneuver right now because many of my new mental patterns, habits and actions; are created consistently overpowered these little bullshits and are heading me towards my fullest potential.

My Experience With Greatness/Self-Improvement

Since at the moment, my new identity is heading me towards my life purposes and improving myself to become better. I’ve experienced more happiness and successes than before. And guess what? I don’t do anything different, it is just all consistent, daily actions in the game!

That’s Slight Edge baby!

Today, I am just fucking jacked at 165lbs and feeling stronger than before. Because I’ve been exercising regularly every single week, to the point I am just damn obsessed with training; and I am mostly eating healthy foods, fuck tons of eggs and lean meats, while straying away from craps; also sleep about 8-9 hours everyday.

What more? I’ve been smarter, wiser and calmer then before. And how do I do it? I spend 30 minutes read everyday and meditate every morning for 15 to 20 minutes. And I am not bullshitting you; there was a time I was obsessed with knowledge and I spent literally every single day reading stuffs online, buying and reading books; or simply watching knowledgeable YouTube videos about philosophy, psychology, sport science & physics.

Also this website I am building? I am approaching the same method: writing consistently every week, working and researching about blogging and SEO shits; there was a point I had no audience until I am starting to having more and more over time.

And now I am doing the same with quitting porn and masturbation, social media addictions and learning coding. I put the Slight Edge’s principle in practice, that every choice I make consistently compounds the results over time, and I’ll be doing that until I achieve the greatness I want.

How To Achieve Greatness: Focus On The Process

Keep Calm And Foucs On The Process. Greatness Will Come

Like I’ve said repeatedly: greatness is always built by being consistent. There’s no other way around.

I don’t give a damn if you are an Einstein-reborn, whether you have skill, talent, luck or whatever that is; they are only variables serve as accelerating factors for your potential success; but the determined key is persistence, the constant in the equation.

So, understand the mathematics, and respect it by focusing on the process.

Successful people focus on mostly their process, and they have to put efforts constantly every single day no matters what, they know that there are failures, obstacles and lots of bland craps during their journey; but as long as they keep going, they will achieve the rewards.

If you want to be a movie star; then putting tons of work and learn, practice, master acting and stunting. If you want to be a master programmer; put hours everyday learning a coding langauge and next several months, even years mastering it, rinse and repeat. Or becoming an entrepreneur, or just simply build new habits for a greater lifestyle. Again, same principle follows.

Forget the damn media and press’s hype about overnight success, these headline stories of some “John Smith the millionaire just hit a mo-jo overnight and having big success in his ABC company” is distracting most people from the reality of achieving success by focusing on the “event”; but not the process. Pure bullshit, ignore it.

For now, these are what you need to do:

Have a dream, have a life purpose, always.

Set standards, set goals.

Then plan it, think it, dream it.

And finally, take action every day on your purpose, consistently.

Execute! Keep executing! And just don’t damn stop, all the way from A to Z.

Greatness is waiting for all of us, my friend. As long as you keep moving.

Talk to you soon,


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