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Happy New Winner Year 2021 To Great Winners!

Happy new year firework.
Happy new year 2021!

Happy new year, my great friends!

2020 has been a wild-ass year. And now we just hit our first day of 2021, and a new year, means new things to do.

But, is 2021 going to be any better?

My answer: No.

Because no years are better or worse than any other years. Yet most of us are living on the same illusions; that we are either fucked up or winning within a period of time span.

It is quite irrelevant and to farther contemplating on one question which requires external validations.

Why LETTING the external forces to decide our life, happiness and destiny when we can decide it ourselves instead?

You can make your best years of life by simply control your inner worlds and be dependent on your will to shepherd your life to wherever you want to go to.

And that’s only way to live your best.

Trust me, no mere external forces have power over you if you can control the thoughts and emotions inside you.

As for my instance, 2020 has been a significant phase shift of life for me; as I regarded it as one of my most grateful years in my life.


In my 18 years of existence, 2020 gave me the following events I had never encountered before and achievements:

  • I had a wild ass college party first time in my life and later in the day; later got quite popular until quarantine.
  • I had a jacked & muscular physique for the first time.
  • I excitingly drove a jet-ski for an hour for the first time.
  • Before quarantine hits, I made lots more friends, had some girlfriends & had first time slept with a girl.
  • During isolation: I’ve learned a lot more things about variety of subjects about business, lifestyle, self-improvement, neuroscience, fitness, women & spirituality. Well, these are way much more than what most average learners.
  • I’ve encountered on Red Pill concepts, and many great manosphere blogs like Bold & Determined, Danger & Play, Good Looking Loser, Masculine Development, … which permanently changed my self-conception. I’ve also read more books about business, masculinity, psychology & spirituality.
  • I created The Potentialized Men website last April, hence has been truly working on it since September.
  • I also smoked marijuana, vape & had some DMT trips which I have never done before.

Nonetheless obviously, there were also some drawbacks & pitfalls:

  • I became deeply depressed and anxious for couple months and after some marijuana trips.
  • I felt regretted for not proactively seeking more experience, taking risks and living bolder.
  • Lost some of my gains on New Year’s Eve (lol).
  • I was embraced and annoyed by effeminate aspects of me I have discovered last year.
  • I had a terrible academic year in 2020 & struggled with financial situations, health and mental problems.


Overall, 2020 is one of the most transformative years for me; as I’ve became much more different compared to my previous 17 years of life. As I’ve recognized how much potential I could’ve possibly had.

Now 2021, is the year I shall do my best to extract all of my potential.

Likewise, some guys that were like me; have had 2020 as a very great year in their lives.

And some others (maybe most, I guess?) have had 2020 like a piece of dog shit with such things as COVID-19, isolation, unemployment, dsytopian ideologies, blah blah blah, …

Regardless of how was it to you; you can always do things to make 2021 a great year again, or even living it to greater potential.

So again.

Happy New Winning Year to winning folks & killer wolves!

Shall all best things and best wins sail their winds to your side!

We shall live our best to fulfill our destiny, nourish our soul & getting rids of bullshits forever!

Let’s live this year by securing ourselves internally. Winners find no excuses and no reasons other than inner worlds.

Yet losers and sad people will unwillingly let anything outside of them controlling their lives like hitchhikers on the driver’s vehicles.

Set your own principles!

Actively seek your own experience!.

Do whatever the fuck you want as if it means to achieve your true desires!

And … go with the gut instincts then take some risks.

Let’s kick some ass in 2021. HAPPY NEW YEAR, once again.

Exit stage, Juhani.

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