How These 3 Kick-Ass Masculine Practices Can Transform Your Life

How These 3 Kick-Ass Masculine Practices Can Transform Your Life

Source: Darius Foroux

They says you are your habits, your regular practices; as they define you.

And that’s true.

There’s a quote of ancient philosophy that I never tired listening to:

“We are what repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

It wasn’t just only Aristotle. But many more great and greatest individuals have ever lived, are and were living proofs of the notion of “habits or regular practices define you”.

I believe I am one of them, humbly.

You are too. I mean, everybody is in fact; their lives and their identities are deeply embodied into their regular habits and what they do most of the time.

If you are these guys who organize and practice high ROI habits that positively improve your life; then your life and yourself are filled with fortune, success, positive energies & strength. On the other hands, if you like to choke yourself on crappy shit foods, binged entertainment and consumption; you and your life are mediocre, unsatisfied, wimpy and self-hating.

In Protathlites website, I’ve repeatedly covered the stuffs about building masculinity and masculine practices to make us better and stronger. And one of the best concepts to learn about building habits is Slight Edge principle after-all.

But in this post, I’ll tell you about three, most kick-ass and transformative masculine habits you can build; which I believe will surge your life quality and your inner beliefs up.

What I’ll tell you in this list, were three things I have already implemented in my life; and gone from a weakling, poor wimpy little loser into a much more smarter, stronger & better me, a net positive badass.

Let’s go.

1. Lifting Weights

Masculine practice lifting weights

It will always come first in my top ranking of the most powerful masculine practice ever; and no arguments can be made against it. It is the best, and will always the best.

It is tier-S! The number 1!

And it’s time tested.

And many guys are living proofs of this shit.

Lifting weights or at the overarching theme, physical training, is the thing I believe will absolutely transform your life the most in every single way; I know many guys have had the same start to their self-improvement journeys all confirm this habit to be their first thing they’ve done ever, myself include.

If you haven’t read this post about how lifting weights can cure your misery and improve you as a whole; then please, stop this and check it out immediately. In that post, I’ve told you how I started getting better and changed my life by lifting and how it can for you.

By engaging in this powerful masculine habit: you will get a definite surge in your masculine energy and traits; you will gain more strength, muscle, discipline, confidence, testosterone levels & a strong sense of ambition. Many things in your life will start to swivel differently when you start training and I am 100% guaranteed of it.

Just believe and give it a go.

However, keep in mind that is just a good start; there’s more to this than meets the eye.

2. No Porn & Masturbation (Or Simply NoFap)

NoFap masculine practice

Although lifting heavy weights is the by far best and the most transformative habit, it is just a good start. But if you combine it with this masculine practice, you’ll feel like hitting on trucks of steroids. And no I don’t mean it literally, it means your life will drastically transform more than you can expect.

NoFap is controversial. But it’s only controversial to the sheepies. They always argue why masturbation and porn are just sexually naturally if doing moderately, while being skeptical or against the benefits from a flip side of the coin. While some of them are true and are well-said by some respectably high-valued guys, most arguments are mostly from mediocre sheepies; And I don’t take shits from them.

Why am I so personal about this is because of how life-changing it was to me. Had I not learned about NoFap and practiced it, I would still be a loser up to date. Yet I started seeing new life’s trajectory when I started lifting, but until I’ve done NoFap, everything almost changed with a blink of an eye.

This is one of more effective and powerful masculine practices; nearly every guy who abstaining from porn and masturbation for a period of time, reports having more drive, confidence, energy, power, mental clarity, less brain fog & apathy, women attraction, ambition and more, … One of the most notable things is cured erectile dysfunction, as many have induced ED due to excessive porn.

If you’ve never done it before, I’d recommend doing it right now; this is even better if you are heavily addicted to porn and masturbation. I know it because I was that one guy, and my life and teenage experiences went downhill with pure low-self esteem and misery because of constant PMO, until NoFap.

3. Meditation


“Meditation is a masculine habit? You gotta be kidding. How is it masculine?”

It is a masculine practice; or if you concern, this practice can give you edges to your masculine energy. One of the traits of masculinity is being emotionally stable and non-reactive; while the latter also being moving, proactive and assertive. Learning to meditate can help accessing both spectrum.

In fact, I can’t even describe how much I’ve leveled up mentally and spiritually because of meditating consistently. The first time learning to meditate, it was hard, frustrating, and tough as shit; for my mind was always thinking and didn’t feel comfortable being suppressed of thoughts.

Now that I’ve been meditated consistently for years, at least 15 minutes daily; and I am always in a great mood, with my brain function and intellect have been increasing gradually over years, I also notice my physique and recovery from training are much better, less stress, more present-minded and sleeping better.

It involves with developing brain regions such as the prefrontal cortex, parietal lobes, hippocampus and visual cortex; which will help with your attention, impulse control, memory & learning and regulating neurotransmitters; notably dopamine and serotonin.

There’s many kinds of meditation you can get out there, I either practice mindfulness meditation or visualizing meditation. Meditation has changed a lot of things in my life; such as emotional control and has given me a glimpse of higher intellect I didn’t think I have; and this helps me a lot in my learning and self-improvement journey, also the focus and drive to achieve my goals, if this is not masculine then you are dead wrong.

Bonus Masculine Practice: Subconscious Programming & Brainwaves Manipulation

Wojak big brain

This one is not on the list of these practices above; it can be life-changing and transformative, but on the scale of overall efficiency, it doesn’t qualify the bronze medal. But then, it is one of the masculine practices I’ve been using preferably and it is vastly impactful.

If you can manipulate and change your brain for your own sake, then you can get almost anything you want. By programming your subconscious mind, you are feeding yourself the thought patterns, the beliefs, the emotions, the habits & the concepts of reality aligned with whom and what do you want to be; which is leading you to achieve that greater version of yourself.

On the other hands, manipulating your brain waves to fit certain brain states is great for optimizing performance in certain activities or state of mind; one of the most possible ways is using binaural beats.

If you want to be more productive, focused and effective to accomplish your tasks, use gamma/beta frequency binaural beats; if you want to relax, chill or to read a book or learn something in flow, use alpha frequency; for meditation, subconscious programming or deep relaxation, use theta; for sleep, use delta. Each frequency is aligned with your brain state for certain purposes, and using binaural beats can help adjusting frequencies to be optimal with certain states.

These are very powerful methods you can use to optimize your performance, life experiences and change your image & reality. I’ve been using them for years consistently and I cannot tell how much they helped me on building a better version of me as well as my life. But they are not among the top 3 due to low time efficiency yet little effort requires. Though, you can add this practice in to your regular basis and see it for yourself.

Conclusion: 3 Life-Changing Masculine Habits

Brain rewiring

Out of many high ROI habits and practices I’ve done and given you for lifestyle improvement, these 3 are by far the most powerful and kick-ass.

I’d recommend you to start instilling these three masculine practices first, if you haven’t done that consistently. Notice how your life going up and better life’s trajectory you are going to have. It will transform you, it will get you from zero to hero, literally.

Lifting weights makes you stronger, more attractive, disciplined and confident; NoFap gives you good burst of motivation, drive & can potentially amplify power to other aspects of your life; and meditation will helps you managing your thoughts, emotions and gives you mental clarity, focus, happiness and higher intellect.

If your starting point is down the rabbit hole, filled with apathy, no drives and purposes, only cheap pleasures; then I urge you to get the fuck up, clean up your ass and start with lifting.

Hence, building habits take lots of times and discipline, the key to success is consistency. So, I’d recommend to apply the Slight Edge Principle and just start building one, consistently and steadily for months until you see changes; I wouldn’t want mental failures and lack of discouraging you from achieving your greater life.

That being said, read this post again; then assess, then implement these three.

Get that kick in the ass, and let’s go.

I’ll talk to you soon,


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