How To Feel Like “Limitless” Without Stimulants & Drugs

How To Feel Like “Limitless” Without Stimulants & Drugs

Couple years ago, I watched a movie called “Limitless” starred by Bradley Cooper as a broke writer protagonist.

And that dude, Eddie Morra, was a pathetic failing white-trash.

His life as a writer was miserable, his place was a goddamn shit-hole. He constantly struggled with having ideas and words to write for his books; and also frequently drank loads of alcohols just to cope with.

And I’d think this guy is how most people would think about when their lives hit failures.

Eddie was continuously being like that; until he hit a random folk in the roads and that guy, to his surprised was his former brother-in-law, Vernon.

Well, Vernon owned a pharmaceutical business; when these two guys sit down and talk, he showed Eddie a weird pill called “NZT-48”

He described that little douche could “allow people to access to 100% of their brain“. And I was like: “Damn, that shit is kinda cool!”

Eddie didn’t believe it because he used to thought Vernon was a dipshit; also he briefly thought it was just a “woo-woo” dopey talk so he didn’t believe in that drug’s potential…. Well, just for a while, til’ he popped the pill in.

And fun shits started to happen…

Godly Powers Of Limitless Pill NZT-48

NZT-48 From Limitless
NZT-48 From Limitless

NZT-48 gave him an surprising, unprecedented boost in brain power that he could had never believed. 

He attained superhuman memory, as he remembered many things he had learned years ago, sharply.

He also got a super-boost in intelligence & focus: as he could sit down and worked in his books for hours intensely; and finished it within few days.

Because his brain was so fucking smart, that he could predict any circumstances in the future.

He could make millions in record time and make friend with high valued people & seduce women easily.

His instincts, reactions and awareness were peak-heightened.

He could also learn, or even master anything easily within few days; such as French, Italian, Mandarin & playing piano.

And his confidence, charisma went through the roof; he took risks and did extremely formidable things without a blink of thoughts.

In other words, Eddie was “limitless”.

He was the smartest, the most successful, attractive, powerful guy alive.

And he could do anything he want and would always succeed, but well, for a condition …. As long as he’s still on NZT-48, his potentials would not be present.

Now come on! We all know that thing isn’t real, there’s no such thing like that in real life!” – and I agree.

It is almost impossible for that drug to actually exists, but then there is a closest one the mass has always rumored, and that is…

Modafinil” – pronounced “MO-DA-FEE-NEO” (maybe).

A kind of drug that is almost identical to NZT-48 itself, and some Silicon Valleys entrepreneurs & hustlers use it.

I mean, hell, for people call it can gives superhuman productivity, focus and genius intelligence; sounds almost like “limitless” to me. But then there’s more truth behind Modafinil.

My Experience With Real “Limitless” Drug: Modafinil

Although the exaggerated shills of so-called bio-hacking kings & productivity masters about this wonder drug.

Unfortunately, it will not do any wonders for you (probably).

Well, neither Modafinil do much wonders for me after all the excite of reading and listening of the shills.

Hot damn, I even tried taking Modafinil consecutively while doing a prolonged 3-day fasting for amplified benefits.

But the drug didn’t give me a “NZT-48” feelings whatsoever.

Did I believe that shit?

You’d bet I did.

Now I’ve realized, modafinil is just an another nootropics like caffeine, L-theanine, DMAE, bacopa monnieri,… except it is more potent.

1. I Did Not Feel Smarter After Taking Modafinil

The hype was great about telling how the “overrated smart drug” Modafinil can boost your IQ to greater extents.

But it’s actually not.

Despite there are some relevant studies about Modafinil can enhance your cognitions [R]. Some other studies argue to against it [R]. Some speculated that it can increase in users who are below IQ of 100, but have no significant changes in those who are above IQ of 115.

Personally. I didn’t feel a spike in my cognitive abilities, memory or even verbal skills after taking Modafinil. Although for the first few times, it can makes us feel tingling.

Hence I guess there’s more controversy about whether how nut this shit really is about boosting IQ or not.

But for me, now?

No, not at all.

2. Modafinil Could Make Me More Productive & Focused

Well, despite you probably do not gain any greater IQ score, but it is true that it can makes you 10x more productive and focused.

For sometimes I can lose into my works when I am highly into it while on modafinil.

And holy fuck, I’ve found out that I don’t even want to procrastinate and must finish the work of that day by any means necessary; my vision is definitely condensed so that I can work for longer hours and be productive.

This is one thing I can give credit, that you can be focused and be extremely productive like Eddie Morra in Limitless.

For me I experience it greatly, a pop of half-a-pill can makes me (and maybe you, too) focus 10+ hours longer generally.

So, this can be very useful for me when I am learning to code, writing articles or even smashing my work-out; which is great.

3. Modafinil Helped Me Stay Awake Longer

Well after all, it is a drug that is used to treat patients with ADHD and narcolepsy, so it definitely makes sense?

Of course, there’s a much difference between when you are not on it and when you are on it, noticeably more for those who generally feel sluggish or have less sleep in night before.

For me, it works like a badass!

If there’s a night I sleep like shit, like 5-6 hours that night; then man, I’d feel fucking terrible and constantly yawning like a hippo. Or like Eddie Morra you could say.

So, my solution? I popped in 100-200mg of Modafinil, and wait until the next hour. BOOM, my brain is lightened up. And I can stay awake and focus for hours without breaking a sweat (but if I have enough sleep, I don’t need it).

4. Higher Dosages Could Cause Intense Jittery & Headache

Yeah man, although this drug can be great, but use it like an idiot and it feels like a nightmare.

For instance: I recall my first week of taking this consecutively, I started out with 50-100mg a day, and I felt great with nothing significant happened.

Until sixth day, I took 200mg of modafinil closed to noon hours. This was when serious consequences of “power-abuse” happened.

Throughout the day, I felt sicked as shit; my heart rate was pumped up rapidly, I couldn’t stay calm and was constantly feel anxious.

I also got a big ache in my left parietal lobes, and my peripheral visions became blurry.

That day I didn’t get anything done, and felt like dying, what a fucking experience! Not very good for a “Limitless-alike drug”

Although 200mg is a general recommended dosage, but some people could react safely with lower doses and some with higher. Generally, half a pill (100mg) makes me feel great, but 200mg or higher can be potentially a nightmare.

5. Modafinil Suppresses Appetite

In case it is true that you will not feel hungry at all when you are in Modafinil, because like amphetamines, it decreases your appetite & feeling of hunger while boosting your brain to higher degrees.

Which it is a great thing to combines in caloric deficit or fasting if you want to lose weights (or for health benefits).

I’ve done about two 3-day fast periods:

  • First time, without modafinil: generally I constantly felt my stomach growling and always wanted to eat anything.
  • Second time, with modafinil: I didn’t feel any hunger at all when taking modafinil everyday, which was comfortable for me to stay focused in my work and felt great benefits of fasting.

So, if you want to make your fasting period easier, consider taking modafinil is goody lord.

“Okay, Juhani, what’s the deal with modafinil? Do you recommend it or not?”

Absolutely, but for the sake of the post, I will cover more about modafinil in later posts.

Nevertheless, just know that it is a nootropics.

And like any other nootropics, taking it doesn’t make you like you are in NZT-48, no fucking ways until decades later.

In fact, you can only feel like Limitless, not being “limitless”!

OH ALSO IN FACT, you don’t even need mountains of drugs or stimulants to feel Limitless!

If you can do it naturally, then why would you waste precious money and mental well-being on these shits? So stop being a bum and learn how to be independent of drugs & stimulants.

You Don’t Need Drugs & Stimulants To Feel Like “Limitless”

Like I said, you can’t not be limitless like Eddie Morra in the film.

But you can feel like it.

And you can the tingling, the mind-orgasm and arousal of moods by just doing it naturally.

Stimulants and drugs should be secondary facilities, only used when truly needed.

I’ve seen so many dipshits try to fix their problems with artificial stuffs but cannot ignore how much capable their true body & mind really is. And consequently they let drugs fuck their fortune & futures in a tick-tock.

Do you understand why you must cope with them to give you an edge?

Or, are you aware of how you live & act; affect tremendously in your body & mind health?


If there’s anything makes you feel like shit ordinarily, it is just YOU!

Your Lifestyle Is The Problem

I like stimulants & drugs, but I am not a drug-junkie: I don’t addict to them.

And even when I am not in drugs, most generally my days are great and I’d still feel like I am ready to take over the world.

Subject-wised, I feel “limitless” in general.

Because I’ve begun to aware of my lifestyle, and eventually made amends for the optimal requirements. And I’d naturally feel good and don’t need some drugs (just some vitamins).

Now, if you are like many average guys, suffering from shitty lifestyle and can barely feel sharp.

And you abuse shit tons of stim-shits, hell, probably get addicted to the substances.

Then when you are off-juiced, you feel completely terrible and live like a terrible hunk of shit just like Eddie Morra before “NZT-48”.

Why the fuck would you do that?

You should be concerned of your lifestyle first, man!

If you are not aware of how you probably can fuck your lifestyle, these are major components of it:

  • Garbage sleep-quality
  • Lack of nutrition and stupid eating habits.
  • Low ROI (losers) habits.
  • Stress.
  • Micronutrient deficiencies.

#1 Component: Sleep Quality

Low Sleep Quality

To be honest, shit sleep hurts, seriously.

I can guarantee you that if you don’t feel well, mentally and physically is because: you don’t have high quality sleep!

For holy sake, sleep is one of the most anabolics things you can ever have, second to steroids; and it is something you can get naturally and are way less side effects than steroids to build big, strong muscles and increasing testosterone.

It is also what you truly ALWAYS need to prime your brain to it fullest capacity every single day. Like I said, I’d feel pathetic and miserable if I couldn’t sleep well the previous night; but I feel like a god if I have a great sleep.

Now, assuming you sleep only 4-6 hours (some just completely ignore it) a day, how would you feel? Does that tiny amount of sleep give you any good? Or just constant mood swing, lethargy, brain fog and soreness?

Sleep, first and foremost, is the thing you have to get on checked, if you want to be greater and live better life.

It is that, or: shit sleep = shit life.

#2 Component: Nutrition & Eating Habits

Some of the food categories in the modern worlds are pure abominations to our healthy living state: processed carbs, trans fats, artificial sugars, junk foods.

Those are shits that your organs don’t even know how to digest right.

Also eating disorder is a serious thing. Heck, 9% of population worldwide are suffering from eating disorder.

Do you overeat? Or eat so little food? If you do either of these: too much calories make you slumpy and stupid; and too little calories drain your fucking cells and mental energy up.


Are you in love with eating trash foods? Binging in Cheetos, cookies, Chick-fil-A, bobba milk teas every week? And have little care about cooking clean meals?

Those foods have no significant nutritional values whatsoever, except these artificial substances from these shits make you weak as a motherfucker; by damaging your metabolism and key neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin & norepinephrine for the brain to function well.

And lots of brainless idiots like some of you enjoy these shits like they are angels from heavens (but actually Beelzebub in-disguised).

#3 Component: Regular Habits

Let’s me ask you this:

Do you work hard in your business, read books, meditate, lift heavy weights, drink lots of water, practice social skills, talk to girls regularly every week?

Or do you masturbate, watch porn, spend time in social medias, watch stupid shits in TikTok & YouTube, play games for hours, over sleep, gossip, trash talk to others?

Are you in the first list? Then congrats, you are in the top 1% my friend!

Are you in the second list? Pussy, these are what I call low ROI habits a.k.a “loser habits“.

Damn right no doubt, most guys nowadays are total losers and sad pussies because their neural pathways are wired to do what losers do.

And like any losers in life, what they keep doing already sign up a mark in misfortune destiny for them. Maybe you too, if you are like these brainless, self-absorbed bitches in social medias every waking hour a day.

These kinds also sign up to make you dumber, you don’t feel smart and fast like when you were a child, and no rates to save you from being great. Let alone feeling like “Limitless” in NZT-48.

#4 Component: Stress

Stress is the indirect result of lackluster efficiency in recovery & lifestyle. After all, lack of sleep and living the life that drags you down cause more stress; and more stress is damaging to your health & brain overall.

If you are consistently suffering from stress, you probably notice you are not functioning at your peak.

You can’t focus and calmly work for longer hours, you feel anxious and lethargic like a slob, your body weakens means also your mind, will and energy weakens.

And just like Eddie from “Limitless”, he suffered from tons of stress as a writer, his place was messy and he was like a zombie all day before the whole NZT-48.

Hey, I had that time too; by doing things I don’t like, things that dragged me down and didn’t rest enough. I felt stressed as fuck that leaded me to period mental disorders until I’ve adjusted my life.

#5 Component: Micronutrient Deficiencies

Not an uncommon thing that most people right now are suffering from micronutrient deficiencies now. And those who eat shits I’ve mentioned above definitely suffer too.

Nowadays, there are myriads of diets; but not many satisfy the micronutrient needs. For examples: Vitamin D3, K, B12, B6, zinc, magnesium, Omega-3, Omega-6, …

The truth?

If you want to feel like you are at your peak potential, micronutrients are fucking MUST!

Macronutrients alone are responsible for your body energy expenditure and production, but micronutrients are vastly responsible for well-being.

In fact, I believe Vitamin D3, Omega 3 and Magnesium Threonate are key nutrients that are heavily responsible for your health & optimal brain functions. And these are what most people being deficient at!

Tips & Tricks To Attain Limitless State Naturally

Pepe Jesus
Hold my hands, I’ll save you from your misery & lighten you the path to being limitless

Get High Quality 7.5 – 9 Hours Of Sleep

I’d recommended every person to get at least solid 7.5 hours of great sleep every night for great physical & health benefits.

And if you are under 21-22, especially teenagers and 18 years old: get at least 9 HOURS!

Hell 10.5 hours is even better if you want to grow more (unless you are unproductive/not working enough or being fatiguedit will be oversleeping and it is as stupidly bad as having little sleep).

Also but the number is not just only the total amount.

It is the amount of high quality sleep.

That’s mean you should feel fully rest, sleep deep and dream vividly every night for hours, and you don’t wake up suddenly in the midnight for bathroom trips or because you are having an insomnia. So if you are struggling with getting a baby-like sleeping hours, here are few tips I’ll give you:

  • No stimulants, caffeine, alchohol in the evening (or afternoon).
  • Drink lots of water in the morning, and drink way less within 4-6 hours before bed if you don’t want to blow your bladder every night.
  • Go to bed early, wake up early at same time every day following your circadian rhythm.
  • Go dark mode, and block blue light in your electronics with F.lux.
  • Get burn-the-shit-out in the morning with your work & training.
  • Have your room as dark, quiet and cold as possible.
  • Take 2-5mg of Melatonin every night.

Follow A Clean Meal Plan + Vertical Diet

If you want to feel limitless (not being), and have a great mental & physical health to winning life. Then ignore all the craps you put into your stomach because you crave these shits; replace them with clean, whole foods for greater micronutrients profile, health benefits and a fundamental daily basis caloric intake.

So, if you want to gain weight: go into caloric surplus, or to lose weight: go into caloric deficit; but make sure to manage them properly for long-term sustainable results.

In fact, I’d recommend Vertical Diet for almost everyone for healthier and vigorous lifestyle; and if you are a bodybuilder, you will be greatly benefited:

I’ve been eating this diet unconsciously before even knowing it for months, and it is the most simple diet I’ve ever known.

I’ve been constantly eating dozen eggs, half-a-pound of New York steak, 24 oz of Malaysian white rice, fruits and celery every day while doing full body training twice a week. And I’ve never felt better, sharper and healthier.

This diet model will hit all your macronutrient and micronutrient needs and can be done consistently.

Oh! Also I almost forgot to mention that red meats are most calories dense foods ever and contain fuck tons of Vitamin K2, B6, B12, Zinc, Selenium. And I eat them everyday; so have I ever got sicked? No, only sharper, faster, better, more energy.

So if you are the guy who lift weight, also in bulking phase: you’ll love this.

And if you don’t, it still works for your overall health; except I’d think you are a pussy if you don’t lift.

Practice High ROI Habits

When Eddie takes NZT-48, he completely switch 180 degree and adjust his lifestyle to fit with his new state of mind: he works out, he learns new things, he talks to people, he torches the mess in his room & make money.

From a “loser” guy to a “limitless” badass high valued guy. Well guess what? You don’t need a pill to implement these badass habits, but you just need to stop doing what losers do.

Believe me, building great habits are so important to smash your old, broken record “mediocrity” paradigm and unleash some hidden potentials of your mind, body that you thought you’ve never had. So practice what great men do habitually to become a greater and smarter men.

In case, for the sake of the topic, if you want to increase your mind potential and feel “limitless”, you should do these top notched shits (I call them “Genius Habits”):

  • Meditate every morning for 15-30 minutes.
  • Learn/practice a skill for 2 hours everyday.
  • Read a high quality book for an hour a day.
  • Sleep (you know it).
  • Drink 1-2 gallon of water every day (hydration is essential for overall body & brain quality)
  • Watch educational videos in YouTube.
  • Listen to different music genres.

Increase Your Vitamin D3, Omega-3 Intake

Holy sake, I wished I could have noticed more about micronutrients in my teens. Most people are goddamn deficient of this duality (especially Vitamin D3) and don’t even give a shit!

Vitamin D3 is the key, the best, the ABSOLUTELY most crucial nutrient you must have fully in daily basis. Because optimal levels of D3 will increase your mood; physical & cognitive performance; bone & heart health; increase your immune system and testosterone.

A maximum range is anywhere between 5000 – 10000 IU a day. Get it from morning sun-bathing 10-20 minutes a day, or consider supplementing yourself with this product.

Omega-3 is extremely neuro-protective, sufficient levels will protect your brain from inflammation and promotes neurogenesis [R] and support building cell membranes throughout body & brain [R].

It also helps me from having a carb-crash in the morning; before paying attention to my Omega-3 intake; I always had a crazy slump after high-carb meal and I hated it. Now I am glad I’ve got this covered.

So yeah, here is it, guys! Get your Vitamin D3 and Omega-3 in check at max.

Follow This “Limitless” Morning Routine

Ever since I’ve built and followed this morning routine, man every morning I had tons of energy, motivation and brainpower to murder my day!

Couple posts before, I’ve described how morning routine can change your life and make you successful and more productive. Now you are going know this routine works to promote great cognitive performance and productivity.

And I called it “Limitless” routine because every morning doing this shit, I’d feel limitless, like a god. This is how I do it:

  • 7:00 – 7:30: wake up & mind programming.
  • 7:30 – 7:45: meditate with binaural beats for 15 minutes.
  • 7:45 – 7:50: take a cold shower.
  • 7:50 – 8:00: dress up; load a gallon-jug of water; take 1-2 Vitamin D3 soft gels; then write down 3 most important things to do in the day + not-to-do list.

That’s it, towards the first step: I want to kickstart my day by program my mindset & subconscious beliefs with affirmations, subliminal, visualization; in order to build the behaviors and neural pathways for desired success.

Then I meditate with 8-12hz alpha waves binaural beats to reduce stress hormone, regulating moods and clear my mind; I always feel tingling and bright after a meditation session.

Cold shower is a huge game changer, because you don’t fucking feel good and feel foggy, tired as shit if you just wake up and jump to the desk; Therefore, a shoot of cold showers just shook my nervous system up, I feel alerted and get energized after that.

And the last thing? I load up a jug of water to make sure I get hydrated, take Vitamin D3 in empty stomach feels good. Then write down the 3 most important tasks/decisions and a not-to-do list allows me to have a tunnel vision focus.

Do I take stimulants or drugs? Sometimes, yeah, only if I have shit sleep the previous night. But in most days, I can just stay sharp without any drugs. Just like I’ve said you can feel great naturally.

This routine makes me feel limitless, it can do the same to you too.

Closing Thoughts

Limitless Wallpaper

* Read more: Killer’s Focus Formula: Meditation & Cold Shower.

All in out of these rants is to express my excite in bio-hacking and improve mind performance, yet in the most natural ways possible.

“Limitless” is an amazing movie, to be honest. But there’s no magic pill like NZT-48 can give you that kind of godly intelligence. Well, Modafinil doesn’t work that way, neither Adderall.

There’s no drug or stimulants can give you access to 100% of your brain, but who knows?

It maybe possible within next couple years, or decades. When techs, bio-engineering, pharmaceutics and neuropsychology studies progressively become more advanced, we would know.

But definitely not now, messing up with stimulants can fuck you up badly and furthermore you don’t need them to actually feel like in the greater state of mind.

Just few adjustment and tweaks in your lifestyle.

At the end of the day, being naturally optimal is what truly matters if you want to stay healthy and smart.

For that, I’ll see you next time,


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