How To Get High Quality Sleep: 6 Ways To Sleep Better

How To Get High Quality Sleep: 6 Ways To Sleep Better

Having a high quality sleep is arguably not only most necessary, but also the most productive thing you can ever have. There will never be any days of weakness and sloppiness when you sleep well the day before. However, most people do not concern about the importance of it; most sacrifices high quality sleep just either for few another hours of work, or pointless entertainment.

You’ll never be effective with your work if you lack sleep the next day; as well as never having a good, clear mood. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that; and I regret every single minute of it when I could have had them at younger ages. Glad I got my ass to fixed it and most of the time I have very good sleep, and then feel great the next day.

Because of how I was in the same situation, I’d love to share you all about what I do and use in order to improve my sleep.

And if you want to know more about sleep, or even knows little shits about the importance of a good sleep; I’d recommend checking out Why We Sleep By Matthew Walker. It is the best and the most intensive, deep dived in book about sleep neuroscience you’ll ever read. Either that, or checking out this video.

For now, let’s us dig into my methods.

*Note: remember, I only give you what I’ve done and probably worked for me.

Tip 1: Go To Bed And Wake Up Frequently At The Same Time

Go To Bed And Wake Up Frequently At The Same Time

Despite it is nothing unconventional, and seems like an annoying repeated record. But that’s what works.

You cannot have a good sleep by just going to bed and wake up whenever the fuck you want randomly and chaotically; the more you do it, the more fucked up your own biological clock. Just notice whenever you have an inconsistent times of going to bed and wake up from bed; the next day you’d feel like absolute dogshit.

That said, going to bed and wake up at the same time will stabilize your own biological clock regulation; so whenever you go to bed, you can fall asleep easily and rest deeper, then wake up feel naturally fresher. I can’t not tell how greatly important it is for now, but it’s the first and foremost thing you should know if you want to get a high quality sleep.

The key thing is make it frequent, you need frequent & consistent sessions of going to bed and waking up at the same time for the body to adapt. I usually go to bed around 10 PM and wake up at 7 AM; it’s a solid 9 hours every night, and everyday especially every morning I feel fresh and clear, I just want to bust the shit out and get all shit done immediately in the day.

Also, I’d recommend go to bed before midnight and wake up early during sunrises, which optimizes the natural circadian rhythm of your body, allows you to get optimal sleep benefits.

Tip 2: Build This Night Routine For High Quality Sleep

Build This Night Routine For High Quality Sleep

A good night routine should helps you relax, allows you to fall asleep fast, sleep deeper and feel better; also with an extra benefit of rewiring your brain. And I think a good night routine should have these following components:

  • Do few reps of push-ups, squats and sit-ups.
  • Journal and plan for the next day.
  • Using subliminal audios/meditation.

Exercising in general can cause your body to feel tired and make you going to bed and falling asleep easier; few reps of push-ups, squats and sit-ups might not make you feel tired, but it helps by increasing your body temperatures and somehow improving blood flow to the brain.

You’ll feel good when you comes to bed after doing that, few reps will not stimulate your nervous system much anyways. Between 15-30 reps of any exercise are already good enough. This method was recommended by my bodybuilding friend when I was waking the fuck up for the entire night after an evening heavy lifting session; now it works wonder for me.

Journal or just do some little planning for the next day on the other hand, can make you more productive and effective for the next day; so whenever you wake up, you don’t have to wonder what to do next and circling around your thoughts without getting shits done. So, every night before you go to bed, write a to-do list. And whenever you wake up, tackle the work.

Subliminal audios are also extremely powerful thing that can benefit you getting a high quality sleep. They do not just only rewiring your subconscious to become whom you want to be; but also can calm your mind and reinforce subconscious activity.

I’d love to have some subliminal audios with theta binaural beats before bed at least an hour, because they help me sleep better. Otherwise, just meditate for 10-15 minutes; you can easily calm down your nervous system, slow your thoughts and easier to get into relaxing state of mind. Meditation also produces serotonin which improves your mood and relieves stress.

Tip 3: Take A Good Contrast Shower

Take A Good Contrast Shower

Although I don’t know why contrast shower can be effective; but in my experience, I feel much more comfortable and easier to sleep after a contrast shower.

Contrast shower is a constant switch between hot and cold water; you can easier get the best of both worlds from the contrast shower. You’ll get the cold shower’s benefits like improving your immune system, metabolism, muscle recovery, brain function & increasing testosterone levels; while at the same time get hot water’s benefits like reducing fatigue, soreness, relaxing your mind and body.

If you are going to take a contrast shower between bed, let switch constantly from hot to cold about 3-6 times, start with a cold water and ends with a hot shower; I’d also suggest enjoying yourself in hot water much longer than cold water. After that, you will get a raise in body temperature and when you go to sleep, your body gradually decreasing its temperature; therefore makes you sleep deeper and better.

Also, contrast shower is something you can do during the day or after a workout, so you can have good shits from both and you’d feel lot better. Unless its night before bed, start with a cold water for few seconds, and end with the same temperature; so you can get an alerted mind for good works.

Tip 4: Keep The Room Dark And Bed Comfortable At Best

It’s common sense and instinctual by the way, you don’t need a book to explain why. All you need to know is that you want to sleep comfortably in a dark and quiet place as much as possible. That’s a must for a high quality sleep.

If the bed is too uncomfortable, for example you are feeling itchy or like lying in a bare fucking piece of wood; you’d feel like shit and hard to sleep. Therefore if you can afford a fluffy and soft mattress, set of pillows and blanket; do it. You’d just want to feel good and cozy when sleeping.

Keep your room as dark and silent as possible; because who the fuck wants some annoying distractions and unbearable noises to screw their nights? Get all the lights out of your way, or wear a sleep mask; more melatonin is produced without light exposure so you can sleep better. If there are any irritable noises but you can’t shut them down, put on a headset that cancels sounds.

I always make sure that there’s no lights and extra noises coming to my room whenever I sleep; I always lower my laptop’s brightness for extra music at a low comfortable volume that makes me feel good. And next thing is a good sleep.

Tip 5: Use Binaural Beats Or Music For High Sleep Quality

Use Binaural Beats Or Music For High Sleep Quality

Okay so what if you want some good sounds to get you sleep and feel better?

Consider using binaural beats or some music.

Binaural beats can be used for your advantages in many tasks and situations, I will not get to deep about it for now; but essentially it is used for re-adjusting brain waves to achieve certain mental state for optimal performance. In this case is about achieving high quality sleep, you have three main frequencies:

  • Alpha waves (8-12hz): the relaxed, resting and reflective state of mind.
  • Theta waves (4-8hz): the meditative, deep relaxing and drowsy state of mind; this state accesses more of your subconscious mind.
  • Delta waves (0.5-4hz): the deepest resting state, when you are unconscious and sleeping.

These frequencies gradually decrease from alpha to delta whenever you are sleeping; and start to rise back to alpha then slowly transit into beta frequency when you wake up and get more alerted. By knowing this, you can use binaural beats to manipulate your brain state during sleep, allows you to experience higher sleep quality.

This is by far the best binaural beats sleep audio you can ever get in YouTube; you’ll have a full 8 hours of binaural beats designed to match with accurate sleep’s cycles. I had used this few times to fix my sleep problems and it helped me greatly; I usually wake up without grogginess and feeling alerted, clear-headed, refreshed with this.

Otherwise, choose a playlist or a live record of any music you’d like for relaxing and sleeping; if listening to music can get you into a more comfortable and enjoyable rest, so be it. Listen some classical or baroque pieces; or just some trance.

Tip 6: Extra Supplements For High Quality Sleep (Some Of Them Work For Me Personally)

Melatonin is a thing I’ve been using for years most frequently, and it is tremendously effective for getting me into a good sleep. Naturally your body produces melatonin too; however, there will be an emergency situation or when you cannot feel asleep, then supplement it can definitely helps, but not always. I use about 2-3mg of Melatonin at the nights when I go to bed later, or not feeling asleep or after heavy workouts. You can pick a bottle for you right here (it is 5mg, but you should only take half of its pill, a whole pill can sometimes ruin your sleep quality).

Magnesium can also promotes sleepiness and relaxation; especially magnesium glycinate which is most effective for calming, relaxing and treating sleep disorders. While most people recommended it and declared having great results with it, I personally didn’t; there were sometimes it worked well, but oftenly I experience vice versa. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t work that well for me; either way I’ll leave a link of the product here for you to check it out.

CBD which I think it is magical for sleep and relaxation. It’s one of the cannabis’s primary compounds (alongside with THC). Unlike THC, it is not psychoactive and causes you to feel sky-high; but it’s best benefits are helping you to relax better, improved overall mood and can do other wonders about physical healing. This can be controversial and would not be recommended to those who are <21; anyways, you can obtain CBD through Indica strain of marijuana, or just find a company where they sell oral-available CBD oil.

In Conclude

I think that’s the entire list I can give you for now.

They are pretty much many things I have been using until now for improving my sleep quality whenever I can. I’d always recommended you to take your sleep most importantly of anything in your life; if what you want is to be stronger, smarter, better, and more successful.

So, please try what I’ve given you on the former. Determine to get your goddamn sleep for 7.5-9 hours every night, then try and practice what I’ve said. And if you want more good resources about getting a higher sleep quality, I can definitely give you some; but don’t just take my or their words for it, go and see it for yourself:

And if you’re pretty geeky and love deep scientific researches like me, well, I mean not always; check out Dr. Andrew Huberman and Matthew Walker for their takes and intensive knowledge & wisdom about sleep optimization. Anyways, take from that what you will and I hope you enjoy your journey to greatness or improvement whatsoever.

Don’t ever, EVER, forget your sleep, will you? Okay, that’s all.

I’ll talk to you all later,


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