How To Kick COVID 19's Ass With Godly Immune System.

How To Kick COVID-19’s Ass With Godly Immune System.

Covid 19 vs Superhuman immune system

Immune system that is powerful to defeat COVID-19?? Is that even possible??

Let me tell you some thing:

You don’t defeat it, you KICK ITS ASS every single moment.

And how to kick COVID 19’s ass: Have an immune system that is on steroids mode; and you will always grow stronger and healthier.

So what? With quarantine is back, and COVID-19 gets back on the grid to intimidate humanity again? So WHAT?? Another million cases and death toll reports??

OK! Do I give a fuck? Maybe a little (I feel pity for the lives of those who didn’t make it), but shit doesn’t scare me yet it scares you; and you know why?

My immune system is JACKED-SHIT-UP-THE-DAMN-ROOF

Here’s a damn thing: I haven’t been sick heavily for more than a year by taking care of myself and living the life that I am striving for. I didn’t even waste 3-to-4 digits of CASH on medication; health insurance; physiotherapy; vaccines; blah, blah, blah, …

(Yet even I did got a bit of flu last year on Dallas, Texas; but I recovered fastly & got back mightier than a well-forged blade of sturdy steel; After that, nothing hurts me)

Conventional people get sick; while the unconventional get mighty and are ready to be POTENTIALIZED.

My immune system is GOD-LIKE; and you CAN too as if right here, right now.

You will get my wisdom ….

Tip 1 To Great Immune System: Get More Testosterone & Less Estrogen (Men Need To Know This)

High T is an indicated sign of great immune system in men.

For all my men readers! The truth I’d need you to listen: you cannot be strong and mighty with low testosterone!

Testosterone by any means is men’s ESSENCE. And wimpy testosterone levels make wimpy male-in-disguise girls! CONSENSUS: Wimpy immune system.

Honestly, I am sicked (no pun intended) of seeing many girly motherfuckers around me; and that status quo is not only existed in modern Western cultures; my countryside Vietnam: manly men are right now slowly turning into Barbie-faced dolls by a current laughable joke called “political correctness”; and Korean dudes are looking like dolls too.

Therefore; jack up some testosterone and be A MIGHTY man! So that you can kick-ass freely; you can rock N roll, chase success, fulfill your purpose,

If my testosterone levels is girly amounted, then this blog should have never happened in the first place! HELL, I’d rather trash it!

The reality is: testosterone’s aura can not be faked and phony; hence my writing reflects it.

That’s why you must ALWAYS seek to optimize your testosterone levels if you want to have a godly immune system that kicks COVID 19’s ass; thenceforward, become powerful.

*FOR WOMEN: On the contrary; have more ESTROGEN and less testosterone, estrogen is female’s essence; it is necessary for you to perserve youth, beauty, and health.

Tip 2 To Great Immune System: Get Some Damn Micronutrients

Majority of American population’s are highly deficient on essential key micronutrients like vitamin A, B, D, iron, zinc, magnesium; and deficient of micronutrients will lead you to severe deficiencies in health as well as your immune system; no joke.

Seriously though, most of the foods on American market are often processed or pasturized, making them lack of many good nutrients and amino acids for the body.

While moreover your activities and lifestyle can take damn tolls on your shit too.

Proteins, carbs and fats are important; however, micronutrients are many impactful facilities for your overall well-being and health.

And If you ignore their roles? BOOM! You are not playing smart, friends.

Personally, I feel like if I have enough Vitamin D, B12 with tons of zinc; selenium; magnesium. Guess what? I felt UNSTOPPABLE. Because they are key roles to body & brain health, immune system as well as your testosterone too.

Which is why, they are so damn important!

You can probably fix any problems by correcting the sufficiency of micronutrients in your body!

Hence, I’d recommend you to take some of the supplements; I have been taking them daily for a period of time:

  • Vitamin D3 5000 IU softgels: I am using this product, that give me maximum amount everyday (usually the max intake would be 5000-10000 IU)
  • Grass Fed Beef Livers Capsules: If you are a vegan advocate, get out; liver tabs contain lots of good shits – all of the kick-ass minerals are in liver: K, iron, zinc, vitamin A, B12, selenium, choline, … GOOD LORD! Just this bottle saves me so much money from spending on bullshit individual supplements (it’s also one of secrets in bodybuilding, shhh…)
  • ShroomTECH Immune: Since I am using some supplements from this brand, and they are pretty magical, this is one of my recommendations.

Tip 3 To Greater Immune System: Killer Combo – Meditation + Cold Showers + NoFap

“Why the fuck is cold shower works?? I might get a fever!” – somebody said.

Shhh …. easy friends.

This is the god gifted combo, do not disown these things … Especially cold showers.

Now, don’t be a flaky pussy and hear me out: you’ll never get sick again after taking cold showers for days and months!

NoFap + Cold Shower = Godly Immune System + Kick COVID-19's ass

And why is that?

Cold shower has shown to improve blood circulation, increasing testosterone, jack up your immune system; release shit ton of endorphins make you feel good, reduce stress and promote brown fat cells that will burn body fat. Isn’t it great?

And additionally, it saves your ass from wasting times drooling on hot showers and figuratively tells you: “WAKE THE FUCK UP, STOP WASTING TIME, GET YOUR ASS UP AND DO YOUR WORK” – I mean, goddamn; you’ll feel an astonishing energy, focus and willpower boost after that.

Now combines that with meditation and NoFap: it’s an atomic bomb of greatness!

Meditation eases your stress, make you relax; boost your cognitive, nervous system, metabolism & immune system. NoFap is an another life-changing gem I have talked about in this article.

Also, I’d personally think that if you combine meditation with cold showers in your morning routine – this stack will bring superhuman focus that makes you thousands of buck in your game.

Tip 4 To Even Greater: Lift Your Weights – Do Your Calisthenics

I can’t stress this enough.

Exercise, lifting weights, playing with calisthenics, training like an inhuman beast …. IS TOO DAMN CRUCIAL FOR HEALTH AND IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!

Lifting weights or doing calisthenics are greatest things that modern men can do. It makes your body strong, fit, good-looking with tons of jack muscles that make girls WET.

It changed my life like it changed many greater men’s. Average slobs don’t like it because they are lazy and wimpy losers.

We like it because lifting weights, or working out, is the first pillar of unleashing the “winner” from within; the first step to actualize our potential!

Virtually, anyone can benefit from exercising, lifting weights and training hard – healthy and strong people have bulletproof immune system!

Contrarily, Fat or skinny people; and slobs who advocate of “unexercising” are easily fragile.

If you can’t go to gym during quarantine, or don’t have weight at home. Do 100 push-ups, squats, sit-ups everyday so that you can benefit the gains and healthy baseline.

You might as well want to get some resistance bands or Olympic rings for your home workout. Because they are fucking cheap, versatile and monstrous gains can be made from them!


Tip 5 To Make “COVID-19” Crying Out Loud: Fasting, Ketosis And Tons Of Sleep

Intermittent fasting or 24-72 fasting is pretty damn well can give you tremendous health benefits, both physically and mentally.

And if you are obese or overweight? YO! You’ll love this approach!

Both ways either, promotes autophagy that will detoxify your cells and your organs; while on the other side of the coin, it promotes ketosis – an accelerated fat burning state that when glucose in your blood depletes; will kick in and using an alternate fuel as more efficient energy, and also promotes neurogenesis.

Therefore, these effects will lead to:

  • Burn body-fat multiple times faster.
  • Increased neuroplasticity and cognitive performance.
  • Eliminate damaged cells & improved cell repairment.
  • Increased energy.
  • Increased mental clarity.
  • And goddamn, improved immune system.

In fact, I shredded my body fat and got ripped with abs at 11% bodyfat with the same concept. I even went as far as not eating anything and drink water for 48 hours and it provides me so much energy.

An another way to promotes ketosis is eating ketogenic diet (high-fat, moderate protein, low-or-zero carbs), might as well try steak and eggs diet to increase testosterone, burn fat and get shredded if you train hard.


Nevertheless, last but not least!

Full & high quality sleep is probably the most important thing for your life! People need at least 6 hours of deep sleep in order to get full mental restoration & decent health improvement (9-hour tends to get the best shits).

Most of y’all disregard the importance of sleep; I get it, stress from jobs and schoolwork make it shit; either that, or some fuckers like to stay late pass the bedtime so that they can get some dopamine from phone & social medias.

Either way, unintentionally or intentionally: they are stupid!

The last thing you will want in life is have little shitty quality of sleep. So always get enough sleep, dammit!

Tip 6 (Are We Done Yet): Drink More Water

The fact that 75% of American population is suffering chronic dehydration is a “what-the-fuck” to me. 75%, THAT’S A STAGGERING AMOUNT!!

Now, just do one thing for me, please:

“Drink at least a gallon of water every day.”

“A gallon??? That’s so MUCH!”.

Do you think that’s much? It ain’t that much. It is necessary! Dehydration makes you feel like shit; experiencing mental and physical chronic fatigue; continual stress and make you don’t feel any good at all. And you think that is too much?

While most suggest that 8-10 cups of water a day is enough. I suggest MORE! At least if you even lift! It is a way to fix your dehydration and health functions (I drink like 2 gallons a day; so that I don’t have to pee for every bathroom trip).

More, MORE and enough water! Fix your hormonal levels; improve your health and cognition; get brighter and be tough as steel, only by drinking enough water!

*Note: 70-80% of your body mass is water, your brain needs water to be healthy. So do me a favors. DRINK!

Tip 7 – “F*CK YOU” COVID-19: Have Discipline

Having a solid mental discipline is a powerful mental remedy to boost your life quality.

In fact; if you are disciplined. You can take care of yourself in more cautious and mindful way. And it is discipline that makes you feel contented of your accomplishments and success in life so that you can always be strong and healthy.

Henceforth, nothing can beat the proud feelings for being disciplined; that feel like you are a goddamn victor. And good mood – means good health, improved immune system and makes you unstoppable.

COVID-19? Hah, disciplined men ain’t afraid shit! I am fucking IMPENETRABLE! I am immune to sickness, and I kick COVID-19’s ass! Rawwwwwwwwwrrr!

Tip 9 – G.O.D Mode: Add Some Meaning To Your Life

Meaning and purpose speaks it all.

People who have meaning and purposes are generally healthy; have bulletproof immune system and barely get sick.

And a person who lives a meaningless and purposeless life is not healthy at all, for mediocrity is not healthy – mediocre people get multiple countless problems that they cannot afford to elevate it.

Define a true purpose and meaning makes a man wise, wealthy and healthy! It is a path of the potentialized life.

Because it gives you a reason to live, to strive and to thrive for greater things; compels you to stay healthy and smart in order to fulfill it. And that’s why nothing can beats a man with purpose.

Not even COVID-19 can touch this man. So find your true purpose, and live rich! Be potentialized!

Closing Words

Wim Hof - The Iceman, has a superhuman immune system by training his physiology and mentality in cold atmosphere
Wim Hof – The Iceman, has a superhuman immune system by training his physiology and mentality in cold atmosphere

That’s it! After all these rantings and energy-boosting hypes: these are my secret weapons to have a godly immune system, to be a badass killer; to kick-COVID 19’s ass!

Unconventional, unorthodox and controversial! And being unconventional, unorthodox and controversial is a pathway to the greatness!

While conventional and vanilla-tasted people stay low and get sicked easily, but not me and YOU! We stay high and mighty!

Now, what I want you to do is apply these wisdom in your life, and see one day you will become a “Kryptonian” on Earth, as your immune system is superhuman levels: you will remain healthy …. then you are free to get after whatever you want.

Until we meet again,

Exit stage, Juhani.

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