How To Build Unreal Muscle Gains With Calisthenics?

How To Build Unreal Muscle Gains With Calisthenics?

Most people have been wondering can they build muscle with calisthenics, like making big gains or some shit. But gaining muscle with calisthenics is also a major struggle sometimes.

I’ve seen guys who lift lots of weights can definitely easily put in massive fucking amount of muscles in no time with consistency & hard work for months.

But I’ve barely seen a street workout/calisthenics dudes who must had been trained for years, and wasn’t as huge as these “iron-banging” guys.

Though, I admit that they are superhuman strong and jacked as fuck.

But they are not huge.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot get big with calisthenics; in fact, you probably can; if you know the right ways.

And as a guy who does calisthenics more often than lifting; you should listen to me.

So, fuck off with all the rants, let’s get to it.

Can You Get Build Big-ass Muscles With Calisthenics?

Guys That Hardly Build Muscle With Calisthenics
I just drawn this shit, it’s a parody so chill.

From my experience, I say:

You can.

But after the beginner phase, it will not be easy.

First of all, calisthenics is body weight training; your body weight is only submaximal resistance, this requires very minimal effort in resistant training and thus only focus on building endurance.

That being so, if you want to get build lots of muscles with calisthenics; you have to do a massive volume of training, which is mean doing lots of sets & lots of reps.

For instance: get big chest, do 10 x 50 – 100 reps of pushes-up; or get big back, do 10 x 50 – 100 reps of pull ups.

Secondly, this is because when your muscles are contracting without heavy loads of weights, your muscles are using type-1 muscle fiber.

Type 1 muscle fiber is fast-twitch muscle fiber; which is a small muscle fibers that responds fast to low resistance and also recovers faster.

On the contrary, type 2 muscle fiber is slow-twitch muscle fiber, which is more powerful and capable of handling heavy resistance, hence recover slower.

Which is why those who lift big weights can get strong and get big real fast. Due to their huge amount of type-2 muscle fiber recruits; that makes them essentially stronger & bigger.

And this is also why bodybuilders train small group of muscle every week with low weights for growth.

And also which is why calisthenics trainers hardly get jacked due to this reason.

How Can You Build Muscle With Calisthenics.

So, if you want to build HUGGEEEEEEE fucking tons of meats with calisthenics (after the beginner phase, of course.)

Train With Massive Volume & Frequency

Do not; EVER; NEVER follow the bodybuilding/weightlifting tempo; instead, do hundreds to thousands of reps – tremendous volume for the Christ’s sake!

Also I’d recommend you, to MUST train with high frequency, this can mean you should train 5-6 days a week; hitting 2-3x times each muscle group a week like crazy!

And I guarantee you, in 3-6 months: You will be jacked like a monster.

You will impressively build huge muscle with calisthenics hugely.

I’ve wasted a colossal of fucking time doing bodyweight training with that kind of tempo for years; and I earned shit results that almost made me dissing calisthenics.

I hope you can learn from this.

(Cliché: I think this is something people call it “prisoner workout”; which prisoners usually train like that in their cells by pure body weight. But I think that’s baloney since the jails has its own gym.)

Progressive Overload For Calisthenics

Nevertheless, there’s the point where just this method of body weight training will be boring and ineffective; therefore you should consider to do more than this.

This is when you should consider “progressive overload” into your training.

Because eventually, your muscles will grow and adapt to the frequencies you have been training to; they will needed to be challenged in order to grow more.

Well, that’s a very crucial thing you should’ve known.

Progressive overload to build muscles with calisthenics
Trifecta of Progressive Overload

Trifecta Of Progressive Overload

Put your muscle in longer time-under-tension for more growth. This is how most bodybuilders essentially trained their muscle.

Instead of doing fast rep of push-ups, you do it longer (for example: 4- second down and 3-second up)

When your muscles are pressured by more tensions; they promote higher catabolism rate (faster muscle’s breakdown).

I felt slight regret in my previous days of training I didn’t learn about this great god training factor.

Because if I did, I would probably had built more muscle gains with calisthenics, or any training methods.

Though, you would also want to add weights into your calisthenics training. Your muscles are stubborn as fuck, it won’t grow shit if you don’t add more resistance to challenge your muscles.

Weighted Dips

The reason why you SHOULD add some fucking weights is to promotes the type-2 muscle fiber recruitment. And I’ve talked about that in the section above; check it out again if you don’t remember.

But WAIT! Can’t afford weights?

Then adapt, overcome & improvise; challenge yourself with variations of the exercises.

For example: pull-ups to typewriter pull ups; to muscle ups; to one arm pull ups.

A LOT of crazy shits in my opinion, you name it.

If you can do one arm-push ups; muscles ups; pistol squats; handstand push-ups. Then I bet your ass that you are super strong and also jacked like a beast.

I am very certain that most big calisthenics athletes who build ungodly amount of muscles with calisthenics I’ve seen; they definitely have mastered lots of different eye-catching variations with any exercises.

They also look impressive too, that’s the results of hard work and inhuman dedication to mastery.

You can certainly impress lots of people if you can do crazy things with your body weight (I can’t now, but one day I can).

Recovery For Building Muscle With Calisthenics

You don’t make muscle gains by blasting yourself in lots of training hours; you make muscle gains by resting after hard training sessions. That’s a 100% unbreakable physiological law.

Therefore, in order to get jacked, strong and big with any types of training; you must always make sure to get your recovery maximized.

That being said, these are imperative factors of recovery you need to focus on, consistently.

Nutrition 1 Eat Big To Get Big

You gotta eat big to get big to build shit tons of muscle with calisthenics

If you are an underweight, skinny guy soaking wet 125-145 pounds that hardly put on any goddamn weight (let alone muscles): eat BIGGER than usual.

Caloric surplus is the key to gain weight!

Though, you would want to eat until you puke, eat massively big as hell if you have a crazily fast metabolism.

Don’t just eat maintenance levels of consistent calories or 200-600 caloric surplus routine, if you want to gain weight and muscle fast; you’d like to go heavier than that, 5-6 meals a day with “clean” or “dirty” bulk whatsoever.

Eat properly huge amounts of fats, carbohydrates & proteins, especially proteins with moderate fats to avoid protein toxicity. And counting calories is depends on your preferences.

I have a friend who was skinny, weak with only bones visible, he weighed like 110lbs; he used to ate 2400 calories & train 3 days/week; and he put on few pounds of muscles and increased to 124lbs in 12 weeks.

Hence, I told him to eat more than that; so he told me he ate like 3500-5000 like I said; trained 5-6 days/week and 2-3 times each muscle every week. At the end of seventh month, he weighed whopping 155lbs!

That guy eventually did built huge muscle mass with pure calisthenics too; yet he also got fatter & bigger.

Nutrition 2 – Losing Weight And Still Get Jacked

From fat ass to jacked ass with fasting + low carb + train hard

Until you get bigger from your initial skinny standpoint; if you want to lose fat, then you can go into proper bodybuilding caloric deficit with 100-300 calories consistently.

But if you’re like me, initial overweight and fat; you definitely have a fluctuated and unstable metabolism, that leans toward gaining more weight and hardly ever gaining muscle.

Which you might need to do all the nastiest tricks you can ever do, and no I am not suggesting you to juice up with performance-enhancing drugs.

However, I suggest you to:

But dude! If I can’t eat carbs than I can’t have energy!“. Don’t worry, you won’t lose energy if you don’t eat carbs.

Because your body will use your fat as energy, and to build muscle & strength; your liver produces ketones as main substance for energy; your body enters ketosis that promotes weight loss.

In fact, this is how I did to go from fat-ass to shredded. I did extreme form of fasting, training and slept well; though it became weirdly comfortable into a lifestyle for a while.

After eight months, I went from 200lbs to fucking 155lbs. This is when I’ve thought to myself that I should put in some weight and muscle.

For now at the moment, my metabolism is fast as fuck so I gotta eat like hell & train hard to gain weight.

Do that until you achieve your ideal physique, or can feel your metabolism is more stable; then you can get into eating with proper bodybuilding meal plans to make more stable muscle gains.

Sleep And Rest

Sleep is essentially for building muscles process; because sleep and rest is massively anabolic.

Your body and mind need high quality sleep to recover, recharge and repair damages on muscle tissues. A guy who sleep 7.5-9 hours a day definitely is more shredded, jacked or bigger than the guy who sleep only 5 hours a day.

Unless you are on juice, you need to fucking sleep well!

Whether building muscles with calisthenics or weight training. It is imperative to always have a proper resting.

Despite calisthenics don’t have much resting advantage like the guy who lift big weights; which you can only rest in Sunday or 2 days a week. You definitely want to sleep well for making good progress.

That being so, aim to maximize your sleep.

Sleep 9 hours a day is usually optimal for your recovery process.

A proper 9-hour sleep is completed 6 cycles of sleep (each cycle is 90 minutes); a full sleep cycle is way better than an interrupted cycle.

Sleep cycle 90 minutes

Which is why if you want to sleep 8 hours, only sleep for 7.5 hours. But 9 hours is more ideal and beneficial for hormone growth, anabolic stimulation and full body & mind recovery.

If you are a teenager or 17-21 years old; trust me, 9-hour sleep makes some magic into your life, not only in training.

Anabolic Lifestyle

You definitely want to optimize a lifestyle that is optimal for your physical & mental health. And if you want to build muscle, then don’t be a bum and get your lifestyle altogether.

An anabolic lifestyle is meant to reduce stress and promotes higher recovery.

That being said, learn to relax and chill more when during the hectic times of hard training.

You don’t want to put yourself into much stresses from works, deadlines or school stuffs, these shits will cause immense stresses, right?

Stress is catabolic which causes your nervous system to break down and without relaxation and rest. You won’t recover shit.

Hence, you must get full sleep, relax more, have more fun and chill than usual.

Also, you should aim to maximize your testosterone levels, because testosterone is an anabolic male sex-hormone highly responsible for being a man, increased muscle growth, brain & heart health and sex drive.

Low testosterone can’t do shit to your muscle growth and makes you wimpy like a sissy and girly male. So always, ALWAYS, pay attention to increasing testosterone levels.

As developing these habits for men are great for your overall lifestyle and testosterone levels.

Brief Conclusion

For now this is a stop, I will make a brief synopsis on how to build big-ass muscles with calisthenics:

  • Do high volume training: lots of sets x super-high repetition range.
  • Do high frequency training: 5-6 days a week & train major muscle groups regularly (ideally 2-3 times a week).
  • Use progressive overload to challenge your muscles: time-under-tension, add weight training or variations.
  • Optimize your nutrition; rest well; have high quality sleep & have an anabolic lifestyle.

And remember, consistency is KEY!

You can’t get any results in any crafts if consistency is being neglected or lacking.

Calisthenics is a tough fucking shit, I know. I’ve done that shit myself.

It is a lot tougher than weight training or than you think.

But it will be worth it, esepcially during the lock down time and the gyms are closed, doing body weight training is definitely beneficial for your gains and physique.

With strong work ethics, discipline and attitude, there’s nothing you cannot fucking do.

Getting jacked with calisthenics?

Fine, be consistent, train hard and stay hard.

That being said, I’ll see you next time and bye now,


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