How To NoFap The Right Way - Cultivating NoFap Lifestyle.

NOFAP: Cultivate A Lifestyle With NoFap The Right Way.

Regardless of methods men implement in their lives to improve themselves, NoFap definitely should be on your list of daily practices; if you want to better yourself and actualize your potential as a man.

Fapping, or masturbation has always been the habit of loser; compulsive fapping means higher the percentage of you being a poor loser.

It’s not like I am advocating that having a desire of indulging sexual pleasures is wrong; after all it is the biological need for reproduction & love. However, doing it with yourself virtually is a waste of resources.

Having sex is great, it is healthy.

But masturbating? Fuck no! Hell nah you ain’t gonna do that shit, especially if it is excessive.

And because of that, NoFap was born; as the movement from the realized men; who had their lives destroyed by porn and fapping. NoFap is mean abstaining from porn, masturbation & orgasm as a way to reboot sexual health; and improve the quality of life as a whole.

NoFap has shown to have lots of benefits; they noticeably happens during a long day-streak such as:

  • Increased confidence, will & energy.
  • Increased self-discipline.
  • Higher testosterone levels.
  • Mental clarity.
  • Increased sexual attraction & charisma.
  • Higher chance of success in life.

Yep, these are the gifts given; and no, they are not bullshit. Unless you’ve got into some stupid indoctrination by some NoFap fanatics, if you do it wrong; you are still a loser.

But before discussing about NoFap, I’d like to tell you many things about the nemesis of it, the seemingly blissful-yet-deadly bastard that most men are suck into, and they are …

Porn & Masturbation: The Lie that Men Buy Into.

I found this shit on Reddit, it looks fucking cursed, but still …

The common characteristics of porn & fapping addicts are mostly high and dull like patients with Down’s disease; and mostly losing in the game of life. These guys can trade their life’s potential, for exchange of temporary-yet-delusive pleasure; in order to escape reality.

These guys don’t have the ability to control their major aspects of lives, are heavily numbed into the virtual reality; which causes them to delegate themselves, and their purposes. Aside from these psychological influences, the most common thing they all have is: porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED)

And the incels, simps, beta orbiters, cucks are heavily bought into this; and when the porn industry are being more developed, male effeminacy widespread much quicker like an epidemic. Most men right now are underdeveloped, slobbery and weak.

Which is why the more you exposed to this porn & fapping shit; the more fucked up you are! I mean goddammit, it is like being a malnourished and dysfunctional being of your own species.

Your Brain on Porn & Fapping:

Time for a little bit of neuroscience, shall we?

The truth behind: porn & masturbation usage messes up with your brain’s one of the most essential neurotransmitters: Dopamine.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for stimulating pleasure; the more sensitive the dopamine receptors, the more motivated you are to pursue your dreams, and level up yourself. And you need to be dopamine-sensitive to be more productive.

Hence, porn and masturbation are major culprits of your dopamine sensitivity. And no shit, the more you bust your dick, the more dopamine you wasted.

Why? Because it jacked-spikes your dopamine up to the fucking roof, that’s why goddamnit!.

So Porn & Masturbation Are Messing With My Brain?


Sadly for you, mr. Hans Jerkov. Your excess porn & “burping the worm” activities numb your frontal lobe and it gets worse; and worse, every time you “bust a nut” or whatever the hell that is.

There’s a study in Germany’s Max Planke institution conducted the analysis that your brain’s circuit when it is heavily influenced by porn, is dysfunctional and heavily related to drug seeking or any inappropriate behaviors. The same study also concludes that gray matter volume is reduced and shrunken.

Which is essentially, you are linked with symptoms of depression, anxiety, cognitive dissonance, social malfunctioning & stress. Huh, sounds like your life turns into piles of dogshit, eh?

NoFap: The Antidote or Bullshit?

Therefore, the rise of NoFap has been exploded since 2006, the trend was initiated by Alexander Rhodes.

So stop watching porn and masturbation is the antidote, eh? I can affirm this, you’re GODDAMN right!

It is not just the antidote, it provides you with shit tons of unbelievable so-called “superpowers”, and that give your life a new edge, a godly shift in vibration & reality. I can attest to this, trust me.

In fact, if I had not practiced NoFap; I wouldn’t have started this blog, also wouldn’t have improved myself mentally and physically, and wouldn’t have get jacked and learned shit tons of things.

For damn sake, I love my life and myself more when I am in NoFap, networking and talking to girls? Easy peasy. And if I bust a nut again? Fuck, I feel like dipping myself in shit!

The Incredible Benefits From NoFap I Have Experienced:

Jacked Physique & More Strength

This is my one of my most prominent achievements of my life, and it wouldn’t have happened without NoFap.

Here’s the truth: I barely BUILT shit when I am addicted to porn and fapping. I did gain some muscles, but my bloated fat belly was significantly getting bigger and more dense. Seriously, I was already fat; then later, I got much more fatter, I looked obese.

Of course, I could not blamed it all for porno influences, but it certainly influenced my choices, my stupid choices!

The more porn and fap I had done, the deeper the downward spiral I did to my health and physique; I was eating inappropriate diet, fed myself with carbs and sugars; even worse: SOY. I trained like shit, I didn’t know how to train and was even lazy to train consistently.

And NoFap helped me turn the tides. I learned about intermittent fasting, steak and eggs diet, training principles and I had more motivation, more energy to train consistently.

(I mostly built my physique with calisthenics, calisthenics changed my life most when I was overweight, wanted to get fit and strong).

Not just my physique, my strength also increased as well, I can do more pull-ups and push-ups variations in clean form, my bench press went from 55lbs in Smith Machine to 185lbs on flat bench, overhead press from barely any plates to 95lbs.

More Testosterone & Less Estrogen

Definitely I had more testosterone & less estrogen, as the picture above already proved it! Jacked = higher TESTOSTERONE. Testosterone = goddamn men’s essence!

Hah! My posts and pages are injected with testosterone, so wouldn’t the guy who are behind those posts is masculine as fuck?

This is why NoFap is powerful and is highly recommended for all guys in the world; because it is an easiest way to rewires your wimpy, passive, submissive brain into a more manly, instinctive, offensive brain, so that you can seek greatness in life, build better habits and take more actions and risks.

What if you don’t believe me? There, I give you a study shown that your testosterone increases up to 45.7% during abstaining form porn and masturbation. Now, are you convinced?

Heightened Alpha Male’s Attributes

Oh hell yeah! Why not?

I feel a lot more confident, more energetic, more motivated and I don’t even give a fuck about what others think. I am on my own on my paths and I want to get whatever the FUCK I want. Isn’t that great?

As people around me start to respect me more, I talk to girls and cold approach others with little-to-no hesitation, I have more friends, more connections, I dated and had sexs multiple times in my life. I feel great, and I think people can feel my alpha male’s energy as well.

Moreover, I am right now on the quest of conquering my higher purposes in life. My motivation to take actions definitely skyrockets, I have courage to take some risks in life and to walk a different path that separates me from the social norms.

Before NoFap, I was a creepy, sad and lonely virgin, I had no balls talking to anyone, I felt like a complete fucked-up. Video games, watching bullshit memes, stalking girls and fantasizing were things I did. Now, it was a shame to looking back on that mortified past of mine.

Heightened Brain Function:

Last but not least, the very benefit I notice when I am practicing NoFap is that I feel smarter, sharper, less foggy and also more inquisitive.

Learning becomes a part of my journey on self-mastery, I fucking love reading books, learning new skills, doing creative projects; more than I ever used to.

Nonetheless, none of this could have been done if it wasn’t my newfound heightend focus and sharpness. All in all, NoFap is like a goddamn nootropic on steroids for me, and taking some more performing-enhancing drugs (coffee, modafinil,…) turns me into a fucking god.

I feel the damn “flow state” when I am writing this continuously for hours and I don’t need to rest or take a nap. Fuck yeah.

Does NoFap Have Side Effects?

I can definitely say, yes. And this little devil is called the flatline.

Flatline is a damn annoying stage when you doing NoFap on high streaks, usually happens when you have been abstaining for 7-14 days. It can lasts for 3 weeks.

One of the worst phases of NoFap, I concur. You’ll feel like shit, and the symptoms like major depression, emptiness, ineptness, lack of energy & motivation will comeback with a “fuck you” finger to your face; for a period of time.

Bad news: it is inevitable….

But good news! Your “superpowers” will comeback if you can overcome this phase! This DAMN phase, arghhhh…

Due to flatline is a necessity in your journey for your brain to reboot, to free from the influences of porn and masturbation, it maybe mess up with your brain for an amount of time. The best way to overcome is to counter-attack the bigger “FUCK YOU” to it.

I will make a separate post about this phase and how can you “fuck you” this phase.

Delusions of NoFappers:

NoFap is undoubtedly effective, hell yeah. Nevertheless, the problem with this practice is that it breeds out fanaticism of so-called “superpowers” and the delusion of having high streaks is equivalent to being deified or some shit like that.

This is a fucking joke, bitch please!

Combines both of these arguments, and TA-DAH!!! We have a bullshit: “superpowers increases when you have higher streaks”



NoFap is not magic, it is not a hocus-pocus abracadabra then boom; you are motherfucking powerful. Also, streaks ain’t mean shit, streaks are nothing! Only retarded fuckers deluded themselves with these bullshits.

Sorry for breaking your compulsive dreaming about this thing. But if you are obsessing with this; even if you don’t masturbate your penis, IT IS MEAN MASTURBATION, MENTAL MASTURBATION!

I know lots of guys who are up to 100-day or even a year of NoFap streak and they are still losers, they did changed a bit from first few days but then nothing changed after that. In fact, I used to had a high-day streak and still, I felt like shit and plateaued, which leaded me into breaking that streak.

So no, streaks doesn’t mean shit, and the superpowers we are discussing? Ain’t SUPER hell! NoFap is mean getting you back to normal state of human being; gives your soul back, as porn drains your fuckin’ soul. Whatever happens after that, it’s how you live with it.

So How To Do It The Right Way?


Stop believing that you will be a god one day when doing NoFap.

Stop buying into the unorthodox bullshit that streaks and superpowers fanaticism; otherwise, it is another form of masturbation.

Do it normally, stop watching porn, masturbating and stop having self-orgasm! Instead, learn to channel these sexual energy into productive ways of functioning it.

Successful NoFappers are those who practice it, but also take necessary actions to improve their lifestyle, achieve their goals: building great habits and have a goal to keep you focus on is a great way to channel sexual energy.

You might want to combine it with reading books, meditating, taking cold shower & lifting weights. NoFap’s energy is esoteric, making these your daily habits will make you more successful.

“Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses. There never has been, and never be a great leader, builder or artist lacking in the driving force of sex” – Napoleon Hill, Think Rich And Grow Rich.

Also read more about on this article, you may find thing interesting and essential there.

See you next time, my friend,

Exit stage, Juhani.

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