How To Structure A Great Morning Routine For Success, Productivity & Energy

How To Structure A Great Morning Routine For Success, Productivity & High Energy.

“If you win the morning, you win the day.”

Tim Ferriss

If you want to make your life a magic; always remind yourself to first have a morning routine that works like magic.

For what you do in the first hour of your day as if you has accomplished something first, the rest of your day an easy peasy game.

Just ask anyone who are massively successful “what is your morning routine?”, and they will show you a very specific answer of it.

By having a great morning routine will separate you from the rest 90% of mediocrity; yet it is a wonderful thing to kick start your day & attract your success more easily & quickly.

Do you want to be a conqueror?

I ask again? Do you want to be a fucking conqueror in life?

Then, here and now.

Get your ass and structure your morning routine for the sharks, killers wolves and winning lions.

And let’s put your mind reading this article, then I shall guide you how you can do so.

Now, we will start with few core lectures.

The Importance And Benefits Of Having A Morning Routine

The Importance And Benefits Of Having A Morning Routine

Do you know why most successful people have theirs morning routine structured way lot more different than most average people?

And do you also know why most people look like zombies & slobbery shits around their daily lives?

Unfortunately, many of us seem to underestimate the power of having an empowering morning routine; and yet their common daily lives are frequently lethargic like living a life at its own disposal.

By losing, or being apathetic during the first few hours of the morning = you lose the whole fucking day.

And hey, no shit, I speak from experience.

If I wake up lethargic and apathetic, then the rest of my day as well as my psychological state feels like shit! As a result, nothing is accomplished fully at all.

So, I took that lesson thoroughly, … and decided to be more serious.

I conducted a god-shit greatly jacked morning routine for myself, and WHADABAM!

After a moment, man! I always feel like a badass and the rest of my day? I can easily tackle any tasks and accomplish most of them in a day.

It is like I am accelerating at my max potential horsepower in that day, eventually winning everything in hours, then next hours, then the rest of the fucking day!

That’s why it is 100000% essentially to have a good morning routine!

I can sign a money-back guarantee to you if a great morning routine makes you difference in your life. But it does, you know why?

Because the great benefits of it are …

Jacked Shit Momentum For The Day

Momentum Tunnel Vision

Having a good morning routine breeds greater momentum, it is a psychological state of human mind which allows you to create motions in life and accomplishing things.

A jacked-shit momentum is analogous to a vehicle working at its top speed & maximum horsepower.

And a morning routine is like taking care of, warming-up, quick repair for your vehicle to be driven at its fullest ability; and we humans are like the vehicle, with inner potential from within which is ready to be unleashed fully.

It is quite the shame that most of us don’t even give a shit about our first hour of the day, so that we can be at our best. But I can’t blame that for how most are contented with mediocre shits.

But if you like me, always aspire the best of ourselves and thrive to be the best.

Then create a morning routine that breeds jacked-shit momentum.

That morning routine breeds momentum for many successful men like Tim Ferriss, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dorian Yates to accomplish their wildest dreams throughout years of existence & make shit tons of millions.

It also allows the greatest soldiers on Earth: NAVY Seals, Delta Force, Spartans to stay alerted, powerful and conquer most of their fights; just go to Google and search about their morning routines and you’ll know what I mean.

It allows me to stay consistently writing articles, working on my hustles, crushing my workout & learning everyday. Thus many of them are greatly improved ever since.

That being so, if anything you wants to accomplish, better and faster, you will want to have momentum.

And a good morning routine not only gives that, but also …

A Good Morning Routine Makes You Feel Great And Positive

One of the reasons why some of the great people accomplish inconceivable things is that they always uphold the positive states of being with them for rest of their journeys.

Positive emotions are winning emotions, … an upward spiral of feelings gives abundance and elevated life quality.

Can you access these emotions with a good morning routine.

YES, you absolutely can!

You can attest to this: embed your alarm ringtone of your phone with a Soviet Anthem every morning you wakes up. [it’s one of my(our) favorite songs]

"Союз нерушимый республик свободных
Сплотила навеки Великая Русь." - USSR Anthem
“Союз нерушимый республик свободных
Сплотила навеки Великая Русь.” – USSR Anthem

That goddamn song gives you a massive endorphin rushes and instant testosterone when you wakes up. And you will feel much greater.

Just kidding, man.

But essentially, I feel “Hallelujah” or feel like Zeus every fucking day with a godly morning routine.

Only by instilling some of the upward practices in your morning routine, wake up at your own accord can give you an instant boost of happiness & motivation for the rest of the day.

Increased Energy, Focus, Willpower, Productivity & More Discipline.

Well yes, obviously!

Because you want to structure a morning routine not just only to makes you feel good, gives momentum on your life; but also an increased in energy, focus, willpower, productivity & discipline.

And one of the quickest ways to achieving them is by structuring a killer morning routine.

A typical no-getter in life basically has no empowered morning routine for him to feel good, feel like winner and have no energy or whatsoever to accomplish his day, that’s a 1:1 losing game.

On the other hands, a go-getter has a better edge by having a solid routine.

If a morning routine gives you a massive psychological boost & makes you win the first few hours of your day. Then your entire day will follow along with that, no bullshit.

You will have a huge boost in energy, productivity & you will feel more disciplined to crush every single task in your day for the sake of winning so that you can feel like a conqueror and be more successful. And …

So That You Can Sleep Better At Night.

Because your day is heavily crushed by your will, you have already accomplished so much in your day, there’s nothing left to worry about.

Then you will have hours to feel free, feel happier and relax, so that until your bedtime there’s no stress and no anxiety within. And you will sleep like a baby, then to feel like a king on the next day.

Because your morning routine has aid you to completely murder your day so that you can sleep and relax at night, that’s how winners live.

Most average, no-getting slobs feel stressful and lethargic for majority of their workdays, are committing suicide from within, no good sleep; no rest with tons of anxiety are slowly killing themselves.

And their morning routine is an ass, that aids them nothing to accomplish nothing; just living like that only to wait until Friday & weekends so that they can have some fun & relax then to be backed to that cycle of rat races again.

Ain’t that a bitch, huh?

So, do you want to be like these slobs?


Then let’s go, craft your morning routine so that you can always feel better and accomplish greater.

Leave the losing game behind.

Go-Getter VS. No-Getter: Morning Routine Edition.

No-getter morning routine vs Go-getter morning routine
No-getter morning routine vs Go-getter morning routine

On many ways, a morning routine is repetitively wired on your regular mental basis, that’s why it is so powerful and influencing.

Nevertheless, how a morning routine is structure by a stupid dipshit or a smart, strong & great guy is much much more different.

Ask how a dumb shit lives his morning.

And then ask how a wise guy lives his morning.

A Normal Common Day Time For No-Getting Dumbasses

Here’s an example of how a “no-getter style” morning routine:

  • Wake up late from late morning ’till afternoon.
  • Spend dozen hours in bed on phone, social medias or irrelevant time wasting shits on it (memes, games, shitposts, YouTube, Reddit, …)
  • No to-do list detected.
  • Feel to tired to start a day, might get a cup of coffee, a breakfast and start simply hating on his work, procrastinate.
  • Waste time until late evening to start rushing his work.


Simply no-getter morning routine is for those slobs who seek to only exist.

No-getters exist, but seemingly feel dead inside. Nothing is interesting about them or their days. Their morning routine basically creates no reasonable momentum for productivity, success, focus; but just to simply to waste more time.

For instance: the most common trait of these time wasting dipshits are waking up tired and procrastinating on phones or oversleeping.

Afterwards, they get out of bed just to unconsciously escaping the reality they are dealing with by procrastinating and binging on shit habits.

For most of their morning early activities are low ROI habits & practices, which simply pay off badly in the future much worse.

That’s how most average slobs around you often live.

Chances you are (or right now, used to be) one of them, as for having a shit morning routine is basically having a compound-effect long-term investment on a shit life.

And seriously, don’t ever expect to be any successful with me if you have a shit morning routine.

I don’t give a fuck.

If you want to have a great life, everyday has your horsepower to be fully unleashed then to be successful & highly productive.

Then having a morning routine should be a numero uno priority, it not a should do.


A Typical Day Time For Go-Getting Winners & Ruthless Spartans

A Spartan On The Dawn

Contrarily with a no-getting dipshits, those who conquer their lives and be successful has a much much more different & unique settings of their morning routine.

Successful people daily morning activities are mostly high ROI habits to be implemented. Therefore, it pays off greater in their life days by days.

Due to practicing high ROI habits alone has a compound effect on your quality of life; and a great morning routine consists some of these habits which are meant to leverage success of their implements.

That’s how you should want your morning routine to be.

That being so, here’s an example of a real deal morning routine for winners & Spartans:

  • Wake up earlier 2-4 hours compared to average daily waking hours.
  • Implement a set of positive habits (making up bed, meditation, subconscious programming rituals, cold showers, exercise,…)
  • A moderate calories, nutritious breakfast & coffee.
  • Write, reflect and assess to-do list.
  • Prepare for daily work few minutes earlier.

That’s one routine consists of small, progressive activities allows you to win the morning, later win the day.

You will feel a boost in confidence, energy, focus & productivity.

You will also feel more successful and happier than your mediocre, average peers.

In fact, that’s an extremely effective way for you to build up self-discipline. It is also how the 30 Days Of Discipline Program By Victor Pride is structured that way.

And hey, I know that however it is not natural.

It is not natural because you haven’t made it natural to your mind.

Hence, which I recommended once you finally construct a morning routine for success, productivity & killer focus; you must practice it religiously by sticking it to 30-60 days until it becomes a part of you.

And that is when serious winning is made, a conqueror is born, voila.

How Can Structure Your Morning Routine For Success & Winning

Regardless, you want your morning routine takes as little time as possible in your day so that you can have much more time to fulfill other more crucial objectives.

Thus, a good morning routine should not be taken long.

In my opinion, I strongly recommend not anymore than a first hour of your morning.

Any when from 20 minutes to 60 minutes is enough for a badass morning routine; so that you can kick start your day like a winner.

Hence, a good morning routine should always be constructed with these factors.

#1. Always Wake Up Earlier And Not Oversleep.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” – Benjamin Franklin

First and foremost, an indication of a good morning routine is the ability to wake up earlier.

Because most people likely live in bed for hours later before they get out, which inevitably wastes their precious morning hours and it will be harder to get anything done later.

If you stay in bed asleep for so long, you’ll lose momentum; because you are in static state when you stay lazy in bed, and the longer you stay in bed; the weaker the momentum to be produced for your day.

Just look at these average slobs around you how they do it in early morning.

Stay up late up to 9-12 AM is for the losers.

So, make yourself a notable figure of success and winning by wake up immediately earlier in the morning compared to average people.

Waking up early everyday is absolutely necessary to become a tough, disciplined ass-kickers. Due to there is so much thing to be done in a single day; hence, there is so much energy and willpower in the tank in the morning needed to be unleashed.

And your morning hours are always the best hours to get a mountain of tasks done in a matter of time.

Contrarily, staying up late causes ego-depletion which leads to depletion of willpower, energy & mental focus as well as losing precious time to get shit done.

So, always remind your goddamn ass to wake the fuck up early!

I’d recommend waking up from 5-7 AM, that’s the most recommendable time range allows you to reboot your circadian rhythm, to get shit done before enjoying the beautiful & vigorous dawn of your day.

#2. Positivity Exercises Or A Mental Programming Routine

A successful mind is a healthy, strong & happy mind.

And friends, should you include this one practice into your morning routine.

I can promise you: it will change your life!

Subconscious programming/positivity exercises should be in your morning routine.

For changing your way of thinking & feeling, you will develop better conceptions of yourself and more passion towards your work.

As for getting shit done and be successful; you have to think & act like a conqueror, you must ALWAYS have a positive & confident mind to stay on track as long as you can while keep making ginormous progress.

Here’s a coincidence! Waking up early in the morning makes you feeling lot better, calmer and happier due to the serotonin & dopamine in your physiology during morning is jacked-up high. Than why wouldn’t you might as well combine it with a routine to program your brain, make you more positive so that you can attract more success?

Preferably for me, whenever I wake up early in the morning; I always have a set of mind programming rituals.

I do a few writings of affirmations about gratitude & the objective I want to achieve in present tense while listening to a subliminal audio.

Then, I visualize a perfect day and the scenario when I have already fulfilled my goals.

Finally, I will do some morning reflection or journal writing about some intrinsic questions; currently, I am reflecting on some daily questions within The Daily Stoic Book by Ryan Holiday for practicing Stoicism philosophy as well as improving my life.

And all it takes me is around 15-20 minutes.

As if you want to construct a morning routine within 20 minutes, this practice would have been enough; as it is very necessary & effectively on developing the minds of the winners.

#3. A Set Of High ROI Habits (Cold Shower, Meditation, Exercise, Reading)

High ROI

Living a successful, disciplined kick-ass winning lifestyle must always, inevitably necessary include habits that produce greater values to life quality.

Because no slobs can be successful by living a shitty lifestyle.

Because what you do repetitively in your regular basis is a reflection of your mind & your lifestyle.

Therefore, it is absolutely important to program your daily life with a set of key important high ROI (return-of-investment) habits by the following lists:

  • Meditation (at least 10-20 minutes).
  • Reading books for 20 minutes/a chapter.
  • Taking cold showers every morning.
  • Exercise: 5-min brisk walking or 20 reps of push-ups.

Out of four things in the list,

Taking Quick Cold Showers

Taking cold shower is the badass, ass-kicking & shockingly exciting way to make your day a winning game. For cold shower will instantly kick you out of the comfort zone & make your character stronger; also makes you more alerted and having more energy in the day.

My advice is that every man should take a daily cold shower once every morning, as a way to start a great & focused day.

In fact, you can jack shit its benefits along with meditation & a cup of coffee makes your brain much sharper, stronger and more alerted (as I have written a post about it here) – the day needed a kick in the ass and you will need a brain that can kick multiple big asses.

Daily Meditation

Meditation is also highly recommendable on making your morning routine much greater, due to the benefits of stress relief, increased testosterone, energy, brainpower, mental clarity & focus.

If you mostly work on highly attentive tasks in the morning, meditation gives you the powers you need and should be included in your morning routine.

Daily meditation is a great addition for me in the morning; due to it makes me feel greats and calm.

So it should work for you, too.

Daily Morning Quick Exercises

Exercising increases blood flow to the brain, increases willpower, energy, alertness & testosterone. As a capable winner; we love exercise as it upgrades our body, mind & willpower.

Either taking a brisk walk outside for few minutes makes you relax, more creative, clear-minded & more energetic.

Or do more manly shit, like hitting few reps of dumbbell curls, bench press, push-ups, squats, pull ups enough to stimulates your body & your brain ready to kill the day.

Preferably, I usually perform 20 reps of push-ups, squats, sit-ups & pull ups everyday or even sometimes practice shadow boxing. Afterwards, I take a cold shower – a great bang feelings of greatness like an Olympian god, ready to conquer his missions.

Daily Morning Reading

Despite reading is a should-go-to effective habit for every man as it makes a man smarter, wiser & sharper. I’d not suggest that you should spend more time reading in the morning.

Reading induces a state of calm, relaxation & enjoyment; thus it is (quite) easy to get dragged out from your work by reading in the morning.

Hence, I am not saying that you can’t do it.

If either you want to read a few pages or a chapter as a warm up before your works; or you wants to develop the habit of reading books. Then you can do it, as long as it works and does not distract you from your works.

Reading can gradually fire your brain up for the day; so by reading a few pages or even a kick-ass blog post can gives you energy & elevated mental state.

Preferably, I like to read in the late evening, when most of my works are finished in the day time; thus evening downtime for relaxation & enjoying life: reading books is one of best things to do.

Either ways, out of 4 things: you should include 1-3 things in your morning routine. If you don’t know what you pick; I will rank as cold shower as a number 1 thing for you to try in every morning.

Write Your To-Do List Every Day

Productivity Planner - To Do List Notebook for Your Morning Routine

Remember, friends.

That you must always …. ALWAYS have a to-do list carried with you everyday!

A to-do list is the winner & conqueror’s weapon; as if execution of action is a sword, to-do list is a shield.

A to-do list gives you a eagle-eye liked visions, or like a hit list for the pro hitman’s eye-sight. For having a to-do list clears your mind on what you need to accomplish within that day.

And at the end, it gives you a great feeling of winning when all of your tick-boxes got slashed away. Small wins & success will add up to big wins & success eventually.

So always carry yourself a to-do list.

Not having a to-do list is like not bringing a weapon to the battlefield.

Or it is like not bringing a gun to a gun fight, or a hitman’s mission.

As that being said, I’d likely to recommend you get yourself this planner notebook as a to-do list, since I’ve been using it; I am satisfied for which it has a diversification of tasks importance, duration tracking bubbles on daily & weekly with a segment of notes.

My Personal Morning Routine For Winning & Conquering

That being so, I would think that although the guide is relevant enough, I want to show you my own personal morning routine so that you can figure out how can you make it on your own.

My morning routine was based on these principles I have given to you throughout the post. And it works like charm!

Either you can make up your own routine, or you can test my own routine. Whatever way, it works for us.

And here’s a brief summary:

  • 7:00 – 7:05: Visualizing
  • 7:05 – 7:25: Subconscious programming & journal writing.
  • 7:25 – 7:40: 15-minute meditation.
  • 7:40 – 7:45: 20 reps of push-ups, squats, sit-ups & pull-ups.
  • 7:45 – 7:55: Cold shower + power pose.
  • 7:55 – 8:00: Write to-do list & prepare for the day.

I designed this routine followed step-by-step along the principles I have preached, and made it as versatile as possible.

And I always experience high energy, focus & increased productivity for the day (even for some bad days).

Now, that’s all for what you need.


Having a morning routine is one of the very important cornerstones for any aspiring winners in life in game, business, training, bodybuilding, … You must always have a morning routine that attracts massive success if you truly want success.

As a morning routine is meant to prepare you for your upcoming battle.

And you don’t go to war and win by feeling like shit.

So, not having a solid, killing, ass-kicking morning routine is a mistake, a failing step of game; as pretty much of your full potential in the day depends on how you decide to calibrate it.

Always learn men like Elon Musk, Warren Buffer, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin & Julius Caesar, or me …. and always build a “killer” morning routine.

Or always join the league of mediocre fuck-shits on how they live their lives.

A brief summary on how to build a morning routine for success, energy, productivity & focus based on these principles:

  • Remove the epidemic of laziness & oversleeping in the morning.
  • Remove irrelevancy (low ROI habits, activities).
  • Understand that a morning routine is crucial for living life to full potential & success.
  • Wake up earlier in the day.
  • Practice mental programming & positivity exercises.
  • Implement a set of high ROI practices (meditation, cold shower, exercise, reading,…)
  • Have a to-do list (a combat list).

That being so, follow these principles and you will construct a masterpiece morning routine for conquerors for yourself like no one else.

And impress your folks & girlfriends with the new you being invented by the new morning routine; and finally, impress success!

Also, there are some extra recommendations to read about the same objective:

As for now, until we meet again, friends,


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