Do You Have An Ability To DECIDE Your Destiny?

Most men nowadays are lost, masculinity has been hindered; the potential that men use to uplift the civilization has been undermined by today’s trends of civil rights & humanitarian bullshit. That to live the life they want and fulfill their destiny is almost impossible.

How do I say this ….

They were indoctrinated by the lies of the society that the cycle of life consists of: going to school, have a degree, get a job, work hard until older age, retire & live happily after.

How many enlightened minds could detect bullshit in that thing?

… And how many blinded eyes of the social norms think this is “rational and practical”?

About more than a half of the world’s population is the second group, obviously; here is the truth: YOU’RE DUMB TO THINK THAT IS GOOD, IT’S BULLSHIT.

And the truth I want to tell is: you have the will to control your own destiny.

Your Destiny And The Purpose of Life

Purpose is the fundamental key factor if you want to decide your destiny; it is pursuing something at best, make the end yet great out of it, then fulfill the initial goal of it.

Destiny comes with a purpose in life.
Your destiny is determined by your purpose.

The purpose of the society plugged into your mind is the cycle of keeping you in check with going to school, getting a slobbery job dipshit and retiring with a nibble of financial safety & wasting in regret.

Does that benefit you anything ? Barely.

Hence, the governments & the higher-classed elites are the overarching forces whose profit from your sweat, blood, time & happiness.

What does that make you? A fucking slave of course!

It lets you drooling in the ocean of life; you don’t know where the hell to go, you don’t have a purpose to live with, you are clueless about yourself, you are insecure, anxious, scarce; and most important of all: YOU ARE NOT FREE.

If you are still plugged in, you are basically a pawn to the system.

Morpheus's quote, The Matrix.
Morpheus, The Matrix, 1999.

Have you ever watched The Matrix? The analogy of this movie’s plot & real life is well-conceived. I recall so much from the “red dress woman” scene, or even this quote from Morpheus:

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.” – Morpheus, The Matrix, 1999.

To Fulfill Your Destiny, It Is Time To Unplug The Matrix

I think it is time for you to unplug the matrix out of your metaphysical socket on the back of your brain.

And by doing that, you have to deep down; understand what you truly want in life, and pursuing it, and that could be your passion, doing what you love, make money or getting massive success on anything you put your mind into.

Regardless of what is it; however, there’s a price you have to be willing to pay: sacrificing what you are doing for your own comfort & safety.

And this shit take a lot of courage, man. NO BALLS mean NO SHIT!

This could be quitting your slob job to start up your own business and be self-employed. This could be quitting your programming job, be poor for a while; then developing a software or, inventing something innovative to your fields.

It also can be quitting school, dropping out of college & go building a website; or start a consulting business; or be a content creator; music producer; freelance writer or whatever the fuck it is.

Because doing something you obsess or cherish the most with your own time worth the effort. You are happy, abundant, healthy and free in all way.

On the other hands, trading time; your most valuable asset, for some slobbery-slavery shit that makes you disgust life so much, nothing but a hamster in the wheel of the society – takes the tolls on your mental & physical health, well-being; ain’t worth it.

“But you can just do both at the same time too! It is safer and you can have both succeeded!

– said some of the people

Well, I used to think that, and let me tell you that: it is redundantly stupid.

Doing Both At The Same Time is Stupid

Path to destiny: the path you love, or the path you don't love.

This is just like you telling me, for god’s sake that you want to bisect your car in half so that it could travels both way, and it can’t.

Seriously, why the fuck would you want to do that? It is the most ADHD-brained cowardly thing ever. You just cannot get best of the both worlds by doing both are clashing wars in your mind. One is what you love; and one is what you don’t love.

Even if you do, the results are messed up and half-ass. You will not be at the destinations of both, and later leave you to realize how moronic you were when you could have take only one right path already.

This is like when you get into an intersection, there are two ways in front of you; you are the driver in the car. You can only choose one way to go, so be smart about it. Not bifurcating your fucking car into pieces, and later wonder how the hell am I supposed to do.

There are only three choices:

  • Winners take the right way: the way they want to go the most.
  • Normies take the wrong way: the way they do not want to go.
  • Losers take both ways: leave them squandering, get confused and stuck right before the start.

To be unplugged from the Matrix, to live your purpose, to fulfill your destiny & to actualize your potential: it is time for you to leave everything behind and follow the path that you truly yearn for.

Sacrifice what you have now will leave you a clarity, you have freedom to chase your own path; no bondage, no worries. Like Tyler Durden says: “It’s only when we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

How To Follow Your Purpose & Fulfill Your Destiny

“But I am not capable, I am not smart, I am don’t know what to do! I don’t think I can succeed! It is hard and risky!

– said the most people.

No, you are wrong. Success is not about being smart or capable at the first place. Yes it is risky, but it is not hard.

However, what separate you, from bunches of 20’s who win big in their games, have tons of zeroes in the bank, the abundance, freedom and respect they have, are creativity, visions and their big cojones.


Courage is a virtue that man must have to fulfill his destiny.
Out of any masculine traits, courage is defined as a virtue.

Cojones, the balls; the courage is a virtue that a men must have in order to follow his path. You must have courage to listen to your own gut, to be self-dependent on your way to the top, to conquer your fears and take risks in order to achieve greatness.

Courage is a masculine virtue, and a cowardly lion is seen as incompetent, despite how much potential it has; if you want to be a man, be brave and be bold.

(I recommended reading the book The Way Of Men from Jack Donovan; most of the manliest virtues are laid out very well in this masterpiece, it is foundational for learning how to regain your masculinity.)

Most men of the social norms today lack courage, it is why very few men who can actually break out of the social standards and become successful on their own terms; meanwhile, the rest just follow the path of going to school, getting a job, retiring, their true potentials remain dormant and later stagnant when they get old.

If you aspire for higher, and decide to not to be one of them, hone your skills & courage. Then step out of the comfort zone, and get into the game to win it.

Afterwards, with courage as your definitive trait, now harness the power of creativity & visions.

Creativity & Visions:

Whether who your god is, or do you believe in God or not; creativity is God’s gift (or your creator’s gift) to humans, the ability to create and to imagine is the gift from God to us.

For those who are familiar with Neville Goddard’s teachings about manifestation; creativity and imagination is like seeing with God’s eye, and the reality is created by your own imagination.

Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein.

I bet your ass that Nikola Tesla, Einstein or Elon Musk are creative as hell.

The top 1% entrepreneurs, geniuses are extremely creative so that they can be massive and unique.

And come creativity with your intellect, you can draw a vision in your mind about the success and the path you want to follow, having a vision allows you to see shits beyond your peers and those normies.

Unfortunately, schools and jobs kill creativity, friends. Those who only follow the guidelines given by the society and rules, their creativity is stagnant.

I mean, hell. Teachers low-key discourage creativity, because creative kids are usually deemed as naughty, troubles & rule-breakers. Seriously man, what the hell?

Elon Musk, a typical creative genius that brings rocket industry to massive success.

Creativity also separates you from your competitors and normal people. Why? Due to most people have their heads stuck up in their asses and just follow what is needed to be done; to compete with others to get to the top, creativity makes your craft unique and more impressionable, you will go most faster than your competitors in general.

Vision on your work is your inner compass to success, I don’t give a shit how great your plan or idea is, but if you don’t know where to go, what to get there; you’ll get wiped out of the floor, man. Let your vision with good plan guides your focused and persistent actions towards your greatness.

If you know what you want to do; have a great sight about it; start to put in your work; use your creativity to be unique and great; with efficient self-belief. You damn sure that you will win big.

What You Need To Do To Fulfill Your Destiny …

Your purpose and desire based on the Maslow hierarchy of needs.

Honestly, I think I have already pointed out all of the fundamental key factors you need to implement on your life’s roadmap to personal greatness. I can’t think of anything more fundamental than those; and if there are more, I will go back to this article and keep it updated, it will be one of my most important articles on the list.

But on the other sides of the note, I can also think that not everyone will agree with me about this post due to some possible controversies. And thus, strike their egos. Well who fucking cares? This shit is not about what working or not working; success is the journey, it is how you do your shit matters.

Do what you need to do:

  • Determine your purpose, it could be your passion or being something you truly (heartly) want to be.
  • Sacrifice your shits that are not relevant: dropping school or college, quitting jobs, getting out of the old rut of nasty lifestyle.
  • Have the courage to follow your greatest path.
  • Focus on only one path to greatness first, more means losing.
  • Implement creativity and visions
  • Single-focused and persistent actions with the plan and a vision bring you towards greatness.

I’d commend those men who have the cojones to do differently, to follow their dreams.

And what if you are too damn scared to do differently; on the contrary? Cool, stay happy with your own mediocrity or happy loser ending!

But I guess what is most essential of all, it is how desirable you are to choose you be different, how huge is your choice. The sizes of the choices and desires matter when you are on your way to personal accomplishments.

If you desire self-actualization, to live your life up to fullest potential and be free. Then my friend, I wish you success.

With that being said, good luck. Until next time,

Exit stage, Juhani.

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