Master Self-Discipline To Achieve Your “Champion” Potential

Master Self-Discipline To Achieve Your “Champion” Potential

“Discipline is the root of all good qualities” – Jocko Willink.

As a human being, we are indeed flawed; yet with vast potentials inside us.

Everyone has potential to live a great, successful, powerful life after all; especially men like us. But realize what? People ain’t really doing shit to achieve their potentials.

Well, most people didn’t, and don’t.

What they are truly capable of are being locked on to their graves; and because of they lack the most important quality ever: self-discipline.

Yes my friends; without it, no matters what the hell you wish for, you ain’t getting shit.

To become skillful and successful in your area, you need self-discipline; but what if you want to become a champion, and to dominate your game entirely? Then you fucking need the unstoppable will and self-discipline of a champion.

Champions don’t settle for less and mediocre; therefore, they have to master self-discipline to their best.

Then they use it as a fuel to achieve the greatest success, dominate their fields and achieve their greatest potentials. That’s how champion does, that’s how a man can call himself “a god” like fucking Kanye.

Who are the real-life champions that have enormous self-discipline? Like this guy, Elon Musk is a champion in his game of course; he dominates aerospace as well as being one of the greatest minds in car & AI industries. All because of this guy insane work ethics & self-discipline combines with his genius-level intelligence.

Who’s next?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bodybuilding champion.

Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson are champions of boxing.

Delta Forces, Navy SEALS are world’s most elite warriors, can they be said as champions? Yes.

These guys walk on Earth with massive success, raw power, and sheer instincts of a winner; and these guys conquer their hardship and achieve their ultimate potentials, with godly self-discipline.

Batman is what we can call an epitome of immovable will, self-discipline & the best relentless f

Discipline is what makes you strong, it is what makes you a man.

So, embrace your manhood by becoming strong.

And becoming strong, is by becoming extremely self-disciplined.

Master self-discipline.

Do what you gotta do until you get into the top; even if it’s mean sacrificing some of your dearest pleasures, but insignificant within your paths.

If you want to be a champion, you have to ruthlessly and relentlessly tackling every second possible to your grind until you make golds, and let no distractions to hold you back.

Start by waking up early, then remove distractions out of your tails, they are nothing but just an arrow to Achilles’s heel. Then DO, HUSTLE, GRIND.

Build and strengthen that immeasurable amount of discipline until the day you make golds in your game. It will be fucking gratifying, I promise you.

Achieve ultimate success, be a champion, my friends.

And my speech is the congruent message of what I am doing for: working and striving towards the best of my game, by training and mastering my self-discipline every single day.

I am the champion, and so are you. I will not give up, and so are you.

Attack, clean, win, DOMINATE.

Be champion and fulfill your potential.

With discipline & will.

Until next time,


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