Full Guide On Increasing Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone boost is probably the most powerful way to upgrade the overall masculine potential as the whole.

That being so, which men do not comprehend how testosterone is hellishly vital to their lives on any aspects? And boosting it is basically a level-up.

Testosterone is the potent (and primary) sex hormone that every man values, it’s the holy grail of your total well-being. Testosterone is so powerful for elevated health, moods, vitality, sexual potency and brain functions. Which is why having high levels of testosterone is undoubtedly beneficial to men.

In bodybuilding & fitness community, testosterone is a very important hormone that increases anabolic stimulation; which promotes the process of faster recovery and healing to the muscle breakdown after your grueling training session.

As high testosterone makes your muscle healing faster, getting bigger and stronger; and also helps increasing the arousal of your parasympathetic nervous system that makes you relax, rest, recover and feel brighter.

Normal T level ranges from 250ng/dl – 1100ng/dl (8.7nmol/l – 38.1nmol/l as free testosterone)

Usually, our testosterone levels are peaked at 17-25 and will slowly decline afterwards.

Testosterone levels peak at 20; and gradually drop down.
Your testosterone will decline by age, source: “https://balancemyhormones.co.uk/what-are-normal-testosterone-levels/

Despite that, most men right now are wimpy and weak due to low testosterone levels, even youngsters.

It is depressing for me to say that low T is now a pandemic, men are becoming more effeminate. Every year there will be approx. 1% drop of worldwide testosterone levels.

“The estimated cross-sectional decline in total testosterone level was 0.4% per year of age (95% CI, –0.6% to –0.2%). The longitudinal within-person decline was about 1.6% per year (95% CI, –1.8% to –1.4%). The age-matched time trend was 1.2% lower per year (95% CI, –1.4% to –1.0%).”

Low testosterone in men is like the pride of sterile and starving lions are slowly dying.

Having low testosterone causes the symptoms of low self-esteem, physical and mental illness, impotency, weaknesses, various diseases and also … femininity.

Low-T flabby bitch & a high testosterone muscle chad.
Which dude in this picture do you think represents majority of men now?

It is why that most men nowadays partake on TRT, to fix testosterone levels, improving bloodwork and fix their hormones.

Some men, especially bodybuilders, even go farther by injecting steroids; to promotes insane recovery and increase in size & strength.

Hell, even few cycles of 500mg testosterone shoots their T levels up to few thousands ng/dl; which is way out of the normal range.

So what are the solutions? What can we do?

This post will give you a complete and comprehensive guide to skyrocket your testosterone levels again in any methods possible, naturally and even unnaturally.

However, I am not a doctor, there will be methods are unsuitable for your conditions; and so, I suggest consulting a doctor to learn more about your current conditions.

Get Your Lifestyle Altogether

  1. Get more high quality sleep.
  2. Drink sufficient amount of water.
  3. Start lifting or physical training.
  4. Practice active relaxation.

Get more high quality sleep

Lack of sleep is also one of the major problems happen in the modern world; study believes that 6 hour of sleep is essential for one well-being. Hence, I personally recommend at least 8 – 9 hours of sleep every night.

It is because we need to engage in as much deep sleep stages as possible for accelerated mind-body healing & recovery; as well as producing more testosterone & HGH.

I would highly suggest going to bed and waking up following your local circadian rhythm (recommended 10pm to 6 – 8am); turn off blue light before bed 1-2 hours, keep your room in black and in cool temperature. Voila, good night.

Drink sufficient amount of water

The fact that 75% of American population is suffering chronic dehydration is a red-alerted news; as dehydration leads to chronic fatigue mentally and physically; moreover elevates your cortisol (stress hormone) levels causes the testosterone levels to decrease.

Remember, 70-80% of your body mass is water; drinking enough water increases health’s quality, hormone levels and makes you feel better. Usually you need to drink about 15-16 cups (approx. 1 gallon) every day to keep your hydration levels sufficient.

Start lifting or physical training

Lifting weight or resistance training; compound movements like squat; overhead press; bench press & deadlift; can skyrockets your testosterone levels, though this is just happens in a short period of time.

Lifting weight makes your muscle grows stronger and bigger; thus makes you more masculine due to the effects of your testosterone compression to your muscles.

HIIT training is also another great form of training that improves your cardiovascularity and boosts your testosterone levels as well; with 20 minutes of high intensity training for 2x/week can significantly changes the game. (study).

Practice active relaxation

In the state of relaxation and resting, our central nervous system activates it parasympathetic response that promotes anabolism.

So as the more you rest, the more anabolic you become; the faster you recover and heal and the higher your free testosterone levels.

This can be activated through form of active relaxation methods like meditation, walking, energy work (Qigong, Tai Chi), yoga, breathing, …

Which I recommend you to begin with mindfulness meditation and brisk walking for at least 20 minutes a day. Do it and see for yourself; just don’t take my words for it.

You will feel more energized, brighter, happier; you will also release your stress and anxiety which improves your hormones greatly.

Nutrition On The Line

Nutrition on boosting testosterone
  1. Eat a surplus or deficit amounts of calories depends on your current state.
  2. Consume sufficient macronutrient proportions.
  3. Eat more good fats & cholesterol.
  4. Get more micronutrients that are powerful testosterone building blocks like vitamin D3, zinc, magnesium, iron, selenium, allicin.
  5. Reduce sugars & avoid eating soys.

Eat a surplus or deficit amounts of calories:

Usually most bodybuilders and athletes have healthier BMI score (18.5% – 25%) also have higher testosterone levels. If your score is lower, you are underweight/thin to skinny, contrarily, you are overweight/fat to obese (calculate your BMI here).

Overweight and skinny dudes have more estrogen and less testosterone; in case you must calculate track your daily calorie intake for maintenance here.

Thus, manage two options: slight caloric deficit (if you are overweight) or slight caloric surplus (if you are underweight) depends on your activity levels too.

But if you are overweight: losing body fat to ideal rate (8% – 14%) can enhances your testosterone and HGH levels; on the other hand, skinny guy that gains weight and more muscle will supercharge his hormones, go figure (study about body fat & T-levels correlations).

Consume sufficient macronutrient proportions

There are plenty of diets out there: keto, paleo, low-carb, low-fat, standard diet, atkins, vegan, … Nonetheless, this hunk of information can be perplexing and overwhelming to most people.

Keto diet & high-fat diet are claimed to:

  • Jack the goddamn testosterone & HGH up to the roof.
  • Enhance your cognitive functions.
  • Turns you into a god-shit “fat-burning X1000 machin-ator” as I always find it definitely works like magic.
  • Last but not least, this diet gives you a Zeus-liked energy & willpower.
  • Give you an overall edge in performance compares to other sluggish scumbags chug shit on carbohydrates every meal.

Nevertheless, this is never the suitable options for those who are initially skinny like a stick figure.

As these diets can be practiced in short-term period to reset your physiological state at your desired or stable level; otherwise, your endocrine health system & reproductive systems and hormones are to be harmed and malefic over time.

As for skinny lads: you will need good proportions of fats, carbs, proteins in your diet for optimal health and hormones.

Manage your protein consumption at ideal level to build muscle (0.8g – 2g/lbs); never go below and establish your protein percentage according to your calories intake, then carbohydrates.

(*Note: building strength and muscle fast can has shit tons of proteins and fats as much as possible. I am still recosidering that 0.8g – 2g is bullshit. But either that; I still suggest keeping it conventional first)

If you want to gain weight, aim for 45-60% of your carbs intake.

And if you want to lose weight, aim for 20-35% of your carbs intake; with that being said, fats are your remaining ratio.

Do not ignore fat due to its demonization from the majority. Three of them are equally important for your health, and for optimizing your T levels.

Eat more good fats & cholesterol

Fats and cholesterol are perhaps, the most stigmatized nutrients ever. I mean seriously.

How are they demonized are due to accusations of making you fatter, high blood pressure, heart diseases, …


In fact, you need these two nutrients in order to increases your hormones; they must be needed to skyrockets your testosterone levels.

Despite that – there are types of fats and cholesterol that you need to differentiate:

Saturated fats, monounsaturated fats are good for boosting testosterone, while polyunsaturated fats & trans fats are harmful.

HDL cholestrol aka I called it Mr. good guy: is great for testosterone, body functions and health.

While LDL cholestrol aka big bad motherfucker: is which you are trying to stay away.

Study shows that eating foods that has lots of saturated fats and monounsaturated fats; can increase your T levels – and they are mainly from eggs, red meats (mostly beefs); fatty fishes, raw milk, nuts, olive oils, MCTs, …

While trans fat and polyunsaturated fats are T killers such as vegetable oils, margarine, the junk foods you get from the vendors or McDonalds or sweet cakes, donuts, cheeseburgers, …

“Monounsaturated fatty acids intake was inversely associated with serum blood levels of calculated free testosterone, total testosterone, and inhibin B.

On the other sides, high HDL cholesterol is correlated with high-T; you can get HDL cholesterol from whole and clean foods or, some sources of healthy fat I have mentioned above; while LDL cholesterol is from the junk shits, smoking and high alcohol dosage.

“TT and HDL-C were positively correlated in the entire sample (r = 0.11, P = 0.0001). After adjusting for confounders, we found this relationship was mostly limited to the 209 men with CVD. Among men with CVD, TT (P = 0.0004), fT (P = 0.0172) and DHT (P = 0.0128) were all positively correlated with HDL-C, whereas in men without CVD only TT correlated with HDL-C (P = 0.0099).”

Lastly, having higher amount of HDL cholesterol is better; as it can reduces the risks of stroke, blood pressure and cancer.

So eat smart and be wise.

Get more micronutrients

Aside from macronutrients, should you never forget about micronutrients; : because macros are kings; micros are queens.

They are also very important for your body & mind functions, your endocrine health and your hormones.

Unfortunately, most Americans are reported to be highly deficient in many key micronutrients according to this study; this indicated study is also proved how most average-Joes out there are suffering many health problems, and obesity are heavily contributed by not only macronutrients.

Therefore, correcting your micronutrient deficiency and improve it can actually surges your T levels up to double; even triple or higher amount. The most notable nutrients are vitamin D3, zinc, magnesium, iron, selenium, allicin as these are powerful testosterone boosting key factors.

Reduce sugars & avoid eating soys

Sugar is actually a consumable atrocity in the modern world; then soy products are the notorious killers of your testosterone.

The fact that most of the world have high blood pressure, heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, obesity and various symptoms; are mostly sugars.

Due to high sugar consumption leads to higher blood sugar levels, increase your insulin levels (the hormone that regulates glucose in the blood), high level of insulin raises your sugar in blood which can causes diabetes, obesity and heart diseases.

Sugar can also makes you feel sluggish by spiking your dopamine levels which causes addictions; which leads to brain fog, elevated cortisol leads to decrease in T levels.

Meanwhile, soys contain phytoestrogens, the compound chemical that mimic estrogen in the body and also activates the estrogen’s receptors.

This is mean that you will get a whopping incline in estrogen while losing your testosterone levels, this is also mean we have that many effeminate men and soyboys in modern world; so avoid soys as much as possible!

Foods that contain soys: like soymilks, tofu, soybeans, miso, edamame, soy oil, …

And I mean, HELL!

Even some processed foods or dressings contain some soys. Excessive sugar and soys are the last things you want to touch if you want to boost your testosterone.

Here is the list of testosterone boosting foods I recommended:

  • Eggs: high fat and protein contents; consist of vitamin D and B-6, iron and lots of amino acid. Eggs are basically your nutritional powerhouse.
  • Steaks & livers: (recommended having grass-fed quality), high quality saturated fats, proteins and zinc are essential for testosterone boosting.
  • Salmons: (recommended wild caught salmons), tons of saturated fat and omega-3, tons of magnesium and vitamin B-6.
  • Raw brazil nuts: high saturated & monounsaturated fats with good cholesterol contents. They contain most staggering percentage of selenium in all foods (about 500% higher than the second closest food in selenium contents); also contain decent amount of iron, calcium and essential amino acid L-Arginine.
  • Garlic & onions: contain high amount of allicin, high quality male enhancement foods.
  • Spinach: essentially a steroid food (although, vegetables make very little difference to T levels; but it can enhances other androgenic hormones).
  • Celery: natural aphrodisiac foods; one of the very powerful foods to unlock the sensitivity of your androgen receptors and thus, stimulates testosterone synthesis. Which can boosts your overall testosterone levels and other sexual male hormones: pheromones (androstenone, androstenol), DHT, …
  • Virgin coconut & olive oils: One group was placed on a diet high in extra virgin olive oil for three weeks. At the conclusion of the study testosterone levels increased by 17-19%.
  • Raw milk: Although I do not suggest dairy products due to they also kill your T and raise estrogen; but raw milk is still a good thing that have great sources of vitamin D, calcium, high saturated fats and has less testosterone killing factors compare to other diaries.

While we already have foods we need to boost testosterone. There are also foods are the last things to avoid if you, stupid, want to kill your T:

  • Soy products (soy milks, soy beans, oils, tofu, miso, many processed foods). As they contain estrogen that will fuck your T up.
  • Dairy: most products are pasteurized, homogenized or come from cows ; that were not raised naturally or grass-fed (the beefs or steaks we eat should be also concerned) contains antibiotics and estrogen.
  • Junk foods & snacks: contain high trans fat, LDL cholesterol and sugar levels.
  • White bread, pantries, desserts.
  • Vegetable oils.
  • Margarine.
  • Peppermint: This study conducted in 2004 researched that peppermint tea lower testosterone levels.
  • Alcohols: another infamous testosterone killer, drinking alcohol can results in increase in cortisol levels, decrease in testicular size and testosterone

Bonus #1: Steak and Egg Diet For Energy, Fat Loss & Testosterone

Vince Gironda, the legendary bodybuilder of the golden era and the founder of the steak and eggs diet, revealed his secret to sculpting his incredible physique.

Steak & Eggs for Increasing Testosterone

Basically, you eat nothing but only steaks and eggs for the whole day, no other foods, carbs and veggies allowed, you basically get no or marginal carbohydrate contents during this diet daily. Just pure steaks and eggs.

Vast millions of guys, including me, tried this diet, it was one of the greatest tools for accelerated fat shredding, heightened energy, focus and supercharge your testosterone levels. It was also one of the strongmen’s favorite diets.

Why? Because this diet is extremely high in saturated & unsaturated fats, high cholesterol and protein contents, we understand that high fats and cholesterol activate our body in a more anabolic state, and are essential for boosting your testosterone as well as stimulate your androgen receptors sensitivity.

In addition, carbohydrate restrictions in this diet activates your body in ketosis, when glucose is depleted in your blood; which is the main source of energy molecules provided by carbohydrates, your body will use fats (ketosis) as main energy fuel, and science claims that ketosis is a more efficient energy fuel than using glucoses, which gives you a substantial and steadier amount of energy.

During ketosis state is also extremely great for brain functioning and your mental performance, cognitive and neuroplasticity are heightened.

Despite its seeming superiority, is not a perfect diet for long term, yet not ideal for hard gainer or to build muscle, with no carbohydrates, your insulin level is depleted and you cannot gain weight and build any muscles during this diet. It is not recommended when you want to bulk up.

However, for guys who has been gaining a lot of muscle and strength, and you want to lower body fat very fast also boosting testosterone, you should try this diet, it can also increases your strength, too.

Find grass-fed steaks and organic eggs if you can for higher quality. Also, an additional tip is drinking raw eggs before bed is also lot more effective for building testosterone due to you are becoming more anabolic during sleep.

Combine with intermittent fasting and 2 huge meals a day, you can shred a ton of fat and become more anabolic much faster. Yet it is also not recommended for long-term.

Bonus #2: GOMAD (A Gallon Of Milk A Day)

Contrast to steak and diet for those who want to lose fat, this is a good short-term alternative option for hardgainers and skinny dudes who want to bulk up and increase testosterone, though it is not recommended.

This method is actually a bulking method for skinny beginners, due to it enormously high contents in nutrients, a gallon of whole fat milk everyday is basically 2400 calories, 120g protein, 125g fat, 185g carbohydrates and staggering contents from calcium, vitamins, magnesium.

GOMAD method can be slightly as anabolic as steroids, for starters only.

GOMAD on Increasing Testosterone.

With such a high content in nutrients, most beginners actually gain 1lbs a day, that would be 30lbs in 30 days. It accelerates your strength and muscle gain also make you more anabolic.

But this method has two problems:

  • It is dirty bulking: you will gain muscle & fat at the same time.
  • For skinny guys/hardgainers who train over 1-2 year – will be hard to gain huge muscles other than lots of fats.

The contents of fats and carbs add up to a substantial amount of calories, therefore, it will surge your insulin levels and metabolism for gaining weight. I suggest trying this method with whole fat milk (raw milk is much better!) with a gallon jug everyday until you notice your weight gain, muscle gain with some fat gain, then do not go any further.

Lots of milk can be harmful, also for guys with lactose intolerance, I would suggest not doing this.

Environmental Design & Practices

  1. Quit porn, masturbation and orgasm (NoFap).
  2. Get into the sun.
  3. Take cold showers.
  4. Intermittent fasting.
  5. Reduce stress and anxiety.
  6. Practice game and have sex.
  7. Increase caffeine consumption.
  8. Subconscious/mental programming.

Quit porn, masturbation and orgasm

Yes, NoFap does increase your testosterone levels, there’s a study shows that an increase in 45,7% of testosterone levels after abstaining from ejaculation for 7 days and there is no fluctuation the following days, whether it is concluded as true yet or not.

NoFap will allow your dopamine receptors to reset to normal which gives you motivation and pleasure in life, furthermore helps you develops confidence, energy, willpower, and also sexual attraction, which are the traits of masculine men and alpha males.

Get into the sun

With the awareness of most Americans are deficient of vitamin D at whopping 74%, men who are deficient in vitamin D have significantly lower testosterone levels.

As we know, sun exposure is one of the best ways to increase vitamin D as your skin synthesizes it. With at least 6 minutes in the morning under the sun gives you about 1,000 IU of vitamin D.

Standing in the sun at least 20 minutes a day which is equivalent to 3,300 IU or higher to improve your vitamin D storage (I personally get more than 5,000 IU, the maximum amount is 10,000 IU).

Getting in the sun can also regulates your biological clock, produces melatonin that will make you sleep better at night and will correct your local circadian rhythm, try to get the sun at 7-9 am for best results.

Take cold showers

Cold showers has tons of psychological and physiological benefits such as high alertness, increased energy, focus, decisiveness, boost immune systems, releasing more endorphins, decreased stress, burn more body fat, good for your hairs, increased sperm fertility and testosterone, it is a bang of a buck.

I feel like a god and have an extremely productive day after a morning cold shower. Moreover, if you can turn this practice into a daily habit combines with NoFap, you will feel more disciplined and masculine gradually.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is one of the best tools to accelerated fat shred and weight loss, it is best for cutting and staying lean, also help inducing ketogenic state in the body to produce substantial energy and brain function, also boost your HGH and testosterone levels.

If you are overweight, you might need to considering this into your routine as the most common time-frame ratio is 16:8, fast for 16 hours and eat straight for 8 hours.

For the hard gainers and skinny dudes, however, you may need to bulk up and build lot of muscles first, until you want to cut to stay lean, this option is highly recommended.

Reduce stress and anxiety

While most people believes that estrogen is the antagonist hormone of testosterone, is not true; in fact, cortisol is the opposite.

As your stress hormone cortisol raises, your testosterone decreases, it is when your nervous system is overstimulated sympathetically restricts the parasympathetic responses to your nerves, which testosterone production and recovery are difficult.

Putting lots of stress from intense training, work and life problems but with less relaxation and rest will significantly make you feel weak, depressed, unhealthy, increase chances for many symptoms and decrease your testosterone.

Take time to rest and relax; sleep well, meditate, have fun, do things you enjoy.

Practice game and have sex

Men who are more sexually aroused and intimated to multiple hot women have shit tons of testosterone as the sexual instincts and sex gland (gonads) will be triggered,

When you immerse in sexual activities with women your reptilian brain is induced with heightened emotions, arousal feelings stimulate your parasympathetic nerves to produce more sex hormones in the gonads.

There’s a study researched elderly men are more sexually active have higher testosterone levels compared to non-active men.

That being said, engage in more sexual activities, or even practicing day and night game, surround yourself with women and have fun can significantly charges your testosterone to a whopping amount.

Increase caffeine consumption

Coffee is men’s one of most favorite drinks, it is tasty and fragrant, it increases our focus and energy, reduces stress, and quite to my surprise; increases your testosterone levels.

One study has researched the effect of increasing caffeine intake increases the sensitivity of androgen receptors also testosterone and DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

In conclusion, drinking slightly more coffee daily can gives you quite an incline in your T levels as well as your androgen receptors.

Subconscious/mental programming

Your subconscious manifests your reality …

Your brain has an ability to wire itself on unconscious levels.

Because the neural pathways have been developed and linked durably connect to certain emotions, feelings, thoughts, actions that you are unaware lead you to the certain experiences derived from those.

Your behaviors determined who you are and what you experience, mostly your brain developed these subconscious patterns when you are young, when your brain was filling by wimpy behaviors, shitty activities and liberal to mediocre indoctrination, they formed as beliefs into your mind and make who you are.

If you were initially conditioned to be a nice and weak beta, you are a nice and weak beta, and contrarily with a cocky and strong alpha. Luckily you can program your brain again at anytime and anywhere, you need to form new neural patterns and remove old patterns consistently until they are subconsciously imprinted in your mind.

Learn how to manage your mindset and thoughts on daily basis, your identity changes when your new neural patterns of thoughts and behaviors are repetitive enough.

Create yourself some new manly habits, usually it takes 21 to 66 days to form new habits, as what we do repeatedly becomes habit that determines who we are.

Engage in activities and practices that make you manly: lifting weights, shooting guns, competing, practicing martial arts, building, leading, inspiring; listen to motivating and powerful music or expose to manly medias, movies and games are also subliminal programming to your mind.

As your brain develops and is becoming more resonant with masculinity, your testosterone and hormones will be remarkably surged.


This is the moment when I am at my peak; full of energy, testosterone & aggresion

Testosterone will always be important for you whether you are healthy, vigorous and robust young man or you are at the elderly zone. It is the weapon for your mind-body and well-being as a whole.

I have gone through many testosterone boosting methods with various effectiveness which depends on how to choose for your personal optimizing arsenal:

  • Get as much sleep as possible.
  • Eat more and eat proper amounts of fats, carbs, proteins.
  • Get more key micronutrients such as vitamin D, zinc, …
  • Intermittent fasting.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Rest and relax more.
  • Lift weights, do HIIT or calisthenics.
  • Be more sexually active.
  • Reprogram your mindset, beliefs and behaviors.
  • Steak and Eggs for overweight dudes/GOMAD for skinny dudes.
  • NoFap, cold showers, meditation, coffee & et cetera, …

Try as many as you can. But still, I believe there are many more methods out there for optimizing testosterone, which I haven’t tried yet, hence, I will keep the list updated gradually forthcoming in which have I tried any more newer methods.

I might even consider adding things about substances, supplements or unnatural methods, which this post will not just about natural methods anymore, hence, I’d still recommend staying natural to prevent any unwanted risks.

As for now, I am leaving this post right there now. And I’d also want to hear any new suggestions for the list which I’d be grateful for them.

That being said, see you next time,

Exit stage, Juhani.

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