How To Never Let A Hectic Or Bad Day Kills You Slowly

Bad days will either do 2 things:

  • Simply break you and leave you completely degenerated.
  • Or strengthen your characters mold you into a man.

But we are imprinted to be proned to the first option whatsoever.

Let’s be honest, bad days suck.

I usually give in and feel weak as a motherfucker during bad days too. And that shit takes me hours to days to recover from.

But with some tweaks, I don’t (and will never) let it completely destroy me and shove me down into a bitch made of a man like how I used to be.

Yeah, you read it; so you know how it is.

Bad days are contagious as hell to your overall quality of life, if you are not strong enough to hold into your grids; my friends, you will lose.

They will kill you slowly from the inside and therefore, leave you rotten as time flies by.

So should you give in?

Of course NOT! Why the fuck would you?

You can fight your ways against bad days so that you can end up big in life, and what I’m about to show you can help you tremendously on how to manage (and smash) them.

(*CAUTION: This article is marked as one of the longest articles ever composed in the website due to the specific details and hence, lots of valuable information are covered in it. I really recommend you to go through the article, contemplate & apply the principles have been well-covered)

Table of Contents

Hectic, Bad Days Will Have Chronic Negative Effects In Your Life

You can’t move forward ahead in life if you keep getting stuck in the loop of constant negativity, can you?

Bad days are the results of negative neural patterns.

And more bad days produce more negativity in life. That’s it.

It is because your subconscious mind is heavily wired with past experiences or assumptions that are aligned with negative patterns; so it continuously and habitually manifests more negative things.

Hence, if you don’t do anything at all to get the out. Then my friends, you can’t expect to be happy, peaceful or successful any further.

You don’t need to because you will have less days left to enjoy the fruits you have harvested and these negative, repetitive neural patterns are killing you from the inside.

See? The mind is a powerful tool overall, but misuse/mistreat it, then it becomes the most damned thing ever; and you must be aware before you can fix it to work like how you want.

How Did I Give Into My Hectic, Bad Days & How Could You

To win these days requires a strong sense of discipline & willpower.

Hence still, you can easily get rough on the edges.

As I consider myself to be above-averagely disciplined and fairly tough; I can always catch myself into letting go/giving in.

For there will be days are so hectic and shitty that I subconsciously decided to not to be productive and waste my time deliberately, also yeah, stupidly.

One seconds away, I can usually, easily turn into a piece of shit I used to loathe heavily before:

  • I binge watching porn and masturbate like hell, very vigorously.
  • I play video games for fucking HOURS.
  • I go into social medias to surf new feeds; read comments and laugh at some jokes, memes and shitposts.
  • I don’t work out and eat tons of sugary carbs, fats and trash shits from DoorDash, McDonalds.
  • I binge tons of hours on YouTube, entertainment threads just for some pointless pleasures,
  • …. and there’s more.

Yet ironically these will be things you often catch yourself doing out of blue when you are working on something in your life.

Because simply you usually can’t resist these shits, like I do.

Because at the end of the day, our brain are stimulated by gratification and the paths of least resistances.

For the bad days main consequences will be leaded into negative, obstructive & apathetic behaviors that contribute little values into your intentions, or desires.

Then do you know what’s next once you got stucked into that rut?

V R O O O O O O M !

These shits feel like black holes, therefore it is difficult to get out.

Hence, your generic bad days can be comprised of many of these elements:

1. Depleted Mental State

One of the probably worst things can happen to you on daily productive like is being mentally lethargic and ill-minded.

Which means you sometimes/often suffer from lack of motivation, discipline, focus and the will to do what’s needed to be done that day.

Bad days usually happen when you don’t feel fairly motivated to do anything productive; which in turns you wasting time and label them as “bad, hectic fucking days”

In fact, this is the most common reason I am likely to encounter.

Though I might has various symptoms of ADD/ADHD (which could be an another contributed factor). I believe this is actually also very common among many of us.

If you have some bad days with little progress, this is definitely you.

Don’t you think so?

Doing What You Don’t Want To Do Depletes Your Mental State

If you work on a cubicle job or a student, then let’s be real: you feel shitty a lot; because this definitely happens when you are trying to do shit you don’t like or have no intents to.

And doing shits you don’t like is a big motivation & focus killer.

Through out years of life, I’ve been doing lots of shit I’ve never wanted to do: doing homework; going to school and listening to some irrelevant shits; doing chores; following other people’s ways, …

One of these circumstances following happen will almost instantly switch the off-button in my own motivation brain’s circuit.

I’ve never liked mediocrity & following other’s directions; contrarily, I want to be free and great.

That’s why I loathe studying in college to learn nothing, and being purposeless with an expensive-yet-useless piece of paper to please some people more than me; then working on a shitty cubicle jobs with living zombies. Obviously, that sounds safe; but it risks you many things: HEALTH, MIND, JOY, WEALTH & especially SOUL.

Why? Because these things make me feel depressed and dead inside for days, so I stopped. Likewise, if what you hate to do can kill you inside, then should you keep following like a sheepie?

Other Culprits Of Weak Mental State: Foods, Lack Of Rest, Water, Drugs.

Yet that’s not the only culprit of feeling depleted, for examples:

You can feel mentally fatigue and weak after eating a huge carb meal, it mostly happens for me too; and definitely for those cubicle workers who eat lunches and have a big slump.

By eating huge carbs, your body switch into glycogenic state that will use a lot of energy to burn the calories also makes your brain working temporarily slower and less effective than ketogenic state.

What’s more? Lack of sleep/good rests will severely affect your discipline, energy, focus and mental state.

This is the very very VERY important thing we have covered many times in the past articles. At the end of the day, your body, mind and life quality are either ungodly or dipshit depends on your sleep and rest.

You can’t fully recover mentally and physically if you don’t sleep well, and it will always be like that. So fuck that “all-nighting” mentality.

Not drinking enough water can be detrimental for your brain and body as the same time. Your brain will need lots of pure H2O for good functioning on regular basis; so if you are committed to grinding hard on your works, dehydration will fuck up your productivity and mood.

Oh and yeah, last but not least: Drugs are even more easily noticeable killers of your mental health at some extends; this includes PEDs, supplements nootropics & psychedelics too.

Some bad days can be caused by borderline stupid usage of drugs. I love drugs for bio-enhancing purposes; but if I take more than 5 cups of coffee or more than 8 pills recommended of my favorite nootropic stacks: I’d would be fucked for the next couple days. It is very easy to get caught onto drugs yet the consequences can be vehement.

2. Unfortunate Circumstances & Surprises

Friends, have you ever caught yourself in some circumstances like this exampled situation?

“Joe was a hard-working, disciplined and highly committed man; his immense work ethics separated him from his family members and peers. He had a purpose that is driven him to grind his works harder, he also had a good lifestyle and habits, too.

But one day the man had a struck on the news that his mother passed away from breast tumor; he got digged around 50 grands and got dumped by his girlfriend; and he constantly encountered multiple unexpected legal issues with IRS within his business that he had not known before.

Joe didn’t know what too do, he was desperate. This once happy, conscientious, durable and workaholic man turned into a depressed, lazy, apathetic and obese trash.

For he constantly indulged in porn, Netflix, video games and junk foods; there was no cause or purpose for him any more. Every day is a bad day for him.”

Somehow can you related to this, am I right?

So do I, too.

And some suck shits like that can create a chain reaction of bad days that can murder you inside slowly, unless you do something.

It is easy for us to let our guard down when some unfortunate situations penetrate our life out of blue, make us lose all momentum, peace of mind while start creating disorders and ill-mentality.

From that goes on, if you don’t find a way to fix your problem and stay calm, the next tomorrow will be your bad days, and what you will gonna do is doing some frivolously worthless shits for hours, maybe for days, you know it.

So, if you don’t keep yourself calm and positive during these moments, you will lose to the hands of destiny.

3. Disorders, Doubts, Difficulties Cause Bad Days

For those who don’t know me, I am a pretty neurotic & somewhat slothful guy in real life.

I can easily doubt and lose many faiths in myself when I encounter in some difficult, arduous tasks; I lose consistency and discipline for far lots of times I can count & I don’t always finish my tasks or deadlines.

Even when I am working on this blog or writing; I sometimes still has some doubts.

Or even when I am pushing myself through a training program, learning a skill for period of times, making money; I always has insecurities and massive doubts.

And I can easily slip off, get panic and procrastinate afterwards.

Likewise, doubts and insecurities can be the biggest factors that can sabotage your progress and can essentially bring mediocrity; then create bad days into your life constantly.

Your one beautiful and fully organized week can turn into a godshit mess if you keep giving in to doubts, then eventually you become a dysfunctional shell of a coach potato in the next couple hours.

But how can you get into constant doubts and fearfulness?

Reason 1: You Set Your Goals Too Big Or Unrealistic

Personally, I love having huge visions and setting gargantuan hell of goals because I like being great; I constantly daydream and envision about my big goals.

And I am also confident that my goals will be self-fulfilling prophecies.

Hence, when it comes to doing, I procrastinate or work half-ass a lot; the doubts always start to running in my mind and somehow if things are too hectic and arduous, I let go.

Now I am still doing that but since I have learned from that mistake, I’ve decided to do differently. But keep that in mind, it was a sole reason of many of my failures and bad days.

So, what can you gather from this?

Unrealistic and unapproachable can give in fuck tonnes of doubts, difficulties and disorders, easy-peasy, man!

Doubts and fears can easily seek in within days and when you procrastinate to the end, your goals aren’t achieved so you keep walking out with the life-sucks mentality will continue drawing a huge hole in your soul.

So don’t do that.

It is time to get real.

Reason 2: You Think You Aren’t Good Enough

This is just a fake, baloney piece of lie that you try to deceive yourself, the “I am-not-good-enough” mentality equals the great bullshit.

Your survival instincts create that fallacy just to trick you not to try anything that can be uncomfortable or painful, albeit necessary and rewarding. So you think you are not good.

Which is why most of us don’t have the gut to follow their dreams, while their true potentials get hindered.

Do you know how doubt happens?

Because of this.

People are stupid enough to believe that they are not good enough or incapable, even any of them are actually smart or very good at things they do.

But they lack core-confidence, if you lack of core-confidence and keep entertaining the shows of doubts and difficulties. Well, there you have it, you pay for what you gets.

Lots of people I’ve met or known in real life are really good, in fact some of them surpass me! But strangely they also have shittier life and way more underachieved then me.

Because they’ve bought into that baloney “I am not good enough”, that’s why.

Reason 3: You Are Not Willing To Fail Or Facing Pains

Failures and suffers are inseparable elements in your journey to be extraordinary. So you shouldn’t be afraid to fail or avoid failures, discomfort and pains like they are nuclear detonators.

Failures and pains are not stinking shits.

They are pretty compulsory for your growth process and being much better at the things you do.

Why do many people are endless bunches of mediocre morons is they always trying to predict future failures & pains and shove their heads upon them even before they start doing anything. Just expecting risks then walking away.

If you are smart, you know that is the fastest way to fail.

And that’s why they also have lots of shitty, boring bad days with only televisions and entertainment in the couches.

Reason 4: You Give Too Many Fucks About Insignificant Things

Back in my days I was over-sensitive and wimpy about almost everything (the results of living in an estrogenic environment & eating lots of soys).

That time, I gave too much fucks about my image, my actions, my feelings and can they disrupt other people.

I gave too much fucks about what other people think and talk about me.

I gave too much fucks whether I behave good or not.

And oh …. it was ironic, I realized that was the reason why lots of people disliked and looked down me, it was also how I used to be underachieved in life and being a completed degenerate.

This is a hard-to-grasp lesson, boys.

This kind of mentality turns you into a fearful, arbitrary, insecure and worried weakling that makes people contempt you like running away from the stinks of dead rats.

Approval-seeking is a disgraceful and low-valued behavior.

My experience tells me that those who seeking approval too much are nothing but being highly repulsed, hated and unsuccessful.

My experience also tells me that those who give too many fucks have lots of bad days and are bunches of degenerates.

So, if you just keep caring about insignificant things other than yourself too much, man you’re not very happy.

Reason 5: You Are Not Doing Shits With Intents

Intents are what have you set (intend) on your mind and take any actions that follow that directions; you gotta do what you tell yourself to do.

We all have the intentions to do something, huge or tiny; but most of us do not actually act congruently to our intentions and stray away from the paths, doing something completely stupid and irrelevant.

No wonder why the masses are wimpy, fragile and unauthentic.

When you intend to do A but later start to do B, you are not living with intents, you are not doing what necessary to be done. And no matters why you feel bad that day.

For example how the loser guy live his life? His intent was to chase his dreams of starting a transporting business that impacts millions and make millions; but he just dreamed and ignored the possibilities of it, then do something unrelated.

The dreams never come true, because the man did not live with his intents.

This is definitely noticeable if you intend to approach a girl but instead, choosing to not do it and feel like a motherfucking loser.

Bad days and failures are created when you don’t do anything congruently and beating around the bushes, so pretty please understand this.

4. Distracting Unnecessary Pleasures

It is not uncommon that we are progressively becoming victims of impulsive desires for irrelevant instant gratifications.

The truth? Your life becomes what you habitually do consistently.

Also another truth, they are common reasons why your days feel like disastrous as your life are progressively becoming a calamity.

Here are what you’re doing now seem pleasurable, then eventually scar your realities for the next couple years:

  • Watching porn & masturbating regularly.
  • Binging TV, Netflix, YouTube, entertainment shows, …
  • Eating unhealthy, sugary foods.
  • Spending tons of times on social medias & chatting.
  • Arguing, trash-talking and trolling others on Internet.
  • Abusing drugs.
  • Making excuses.
  • Procrastinating, half-assing, giving up.
  • … et cetera,

Especially if you are the kind of dude who like to work on his goals and purposes, then dude, you don’t want these things to distract you.

Your bad days can be summed up by these irrelevant shits you do unconsciously for days, for months and for years.

If you are working on making progress towards your goals; any instant, slight indulgence to any of these can fuck up your whole day, no I am not joking. And until you keep doing it for years, your everyday feels like a compound of negativity and mess, so as your life.

I regretted most of my hours last year I’ve been spending procrastinating, watching YouTube and doing some stupid shits on social medias which added up nothing to my current venture. If I could go back, I would definitely try my best not to indulge on these shits and use more of my time building my venture to greatness.

How To Stop Having Bad Days & Start Creating Greater Days

Do inversely of everything aforementioned.

To stop having bad days and start having more good days; you have to turn to 180-degree angle with among the things you’re doing that are calamitous to your days particularly, and your life generally.

You can choose to keep doing these things that will blast tons of negativity in your days, and will slowly kill you inside.

Or doing thing different then be a badass conqueror of life.

Being More Energized And Mentally Great

Let’s grab your self a good mood and clear, fresh and boosted mental state for your day, cus’ if you don’t, then you are not living life or feeling good. Fragile mind = fragile days & life.

Doing What You Want Or Doing Anything With A Purpose

Like how I said, doing what you hate makes you bite your teeth can decimates your mood, your mind and your good day. But it stops until you start doing things you want to do.

In fact, doing what you want can get you a much successful and better life than your average conformed peers.

What I want to do: create, build something, lead, make big bank & give values to many peoples (this one website is built for this purpose); improving myself; training my body & mind to full potential; learning stuffs I want to learn; be free.

Doing these things make me aroused with positive emotions, therefore make my days feel good & productive.

Yet other than that, it will not always be doing what you want to do.

But if you have a purpose to do something, you might have to do what you don’t really like as long as it is relevant to your goals.

You will not always feel pleasurable grinding day-in-and-out for the first period of your business; you will not always like lifting weights harder, or reading books, or approaching women.

But it takes time, learn to love what you don’t like for the progress towards your goals.

Hell, to be honest, I don’t always enjoy writing articles. In fact, I’d fucking hate writing because I suck at it. Hence, the work is relevant for my current phase; so should I stop? No.

Give up for something you hate are not sensible, but persist on necessary hardships toward your something sensible, that’s how you can be both happy and successful.

Cut Out The Culprits And Replace Them With Healers

These culprits that kill your good mental health are unhealthy foods, lack of good rests, dehydration & drug abuses.

Any one of these are currently affecting you severely should be a complete kick-out-of-the-field before they turn you into a ragged shit.

1. Replace Unhealthy Foods With Healthier Choices

Instead of eating shit foods like ice cream, slurpees, cookies, chips, fried fast foods, burger, processed meats, packed snacks, …. Cut them immediately! Then save your money and health in some better extensions like grass-fed red meats, beefs, eggs, nuts, potatoes, green veggies.

Follow the low-carb or carnivore diet for a period of time to stop having huge meal crashes from carbs, either these two options are greatly beneficial for your brain and accelerated weight loss. If you are a bodybuilder or want to gain more weight; then eat good proportions of carbs, fat, proteins and lift weights.

2. Drink A Gallon Of Water A Day

Frequent hydration will be crucial for keeping your brain alerted and fully pumped up, your brain needs lots of water for healthy functioning. So keep that in mind and never neglect the “1-gallon rule” of pure H2O.

As drinking a gallon of water a day is optimal for mental clarity, elevated brain functions & neuro-chemicals as well as for the body recovery from fatigues & metabolism regulation.

3. Maximize Your Sleep Quality

I believe this is a numero-uno priority by all means.

For sleep, it is a MUST always be fully jacked up: a perfect 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep every night will give you a far 10x edge in physical, mental conditions compared to any other guys who don’t take their sleep seriously.

I always feel cleared, productive and have a much better mood if I sleep fairly well; on the other hands, I’d feel sicked and ached like a motherfucker. So take your sleep seriously like it is your baby.

I’d recommended taking Gorilla Dream to maximize your sleep quality, get more deeper sleep stages and enhance recovery; staying out of blue light for at least 2-4 hours before bed; keep your room temperature cool and go to bed, wake out bed early at the same time repeatedly. These are how can you do to receive the best from your sleep.

4. Proper Uses Of Drugs

Lastly, drugs should be used for introspective purposes or for certain optimal dosages that are only needed to get your shits done, not for BULLSHIT reasons like entertainment or lack of research testing like a dumb motherfucker.

  • Psychedelic substances (LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, DMT, cannabis, …) are meant to used for heightened spiritual experience, expanded consciousness, finding your soul purpose, ego death, …
  • Nootropics (modafinil, caffeine, GABA, alpha-GPC, DMAE, …) only needed to enhance your focus, productivity and energy for arduous tasks or relax anxiety.
  • PEDs (anabolic steroids, SARMs, 19-nor-5 compounds) should be used considerately to take your physiology to next levels after you have trained naturally for 3+ years. I’ve never touched PEDs since I haven’t been training seriously nowadays.
  • Supplements also have recommended optimal dosages in which only needed for improved health baseline.

You should use drugs mindfully, otherwise you can have lots of troubles within stupid usage.

I recall smoking marijuana couple months ago for some spiritual assessing experience; but when I took my second sativa stick and used it all, despite great experience but the next day I felt like shit: unmotivated, lack of drive, lingering paranoia & constant headaches. Now I am off it for a while.

That being said, always consider your usages smartly of any substances you put into your body into. For now, I only use certain substances for certain purposes with moderate or optimal range, or use sparingly or off it completely.

2. Learn To Detach From Outcomes & Misfortune By Two Methods

If your day can be easily influenced by negative outcomes, or unfortunate circumstances; here are two ways you can do in order to get out of the bad days rut as quickly as posible.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindful meditation will help you ground your emotions, be in control of your thoughts and banish any irrelevant thoughts, images and feelings that are causing you to experience grief, anxiety, depression, anger, …

This is the one of the best habits for men to practice, you will become more mentally tough, grounded and calm when you meditate on the regular basis. Especially during the hectic times.

I’ve been meditated for almost 2 years, albeit not always daily. Yet for now, I can get through over many negative circumstances or chaos in my life; I feel more alerted and peaceful, and it also helps me on improving my productivity and focus, too.

If you are on the verge of breaking up with your girlfriend; meeting problems with your clients & businesses; being poor; having difficult relationships: meditation helps you get through tough times, and therefore give you the ability to solve the problems more effectively.

Positive Self-Instructions

* Recommended reading: The Official Guide to Success By Tom Hopkins

If you’re consistently having tough times, negative habits and bad days, then it is no doubt you are having a dysfunctional self-instructions.

Shitty self-instructions meant shitty mind; and shitty mind creates shitty life and days. You are the byproduct of your mind, self-instructions are used to reinforce certain feedback to your thinking & emotional patterns in the mind.

This is why you shouldn’t surrender yourself in life. Instead, I’d like you to jump 180 degree angle compared to the former.

From only know, you should instruct yourself with highly positive, supportive and uplifting words, thoughts, emotions & perceptions.

Your life will shift massively, and you will love it.

Some of the exampled positive self-instructions you can try and cultivate them on regular basis:

  • “I am grateful for being happy and great. My life is filled with tons of bliss and fun! I continuously live and improve my life whatever I want.”
  • “I live my life on my own terms, I keep seeing great things and doing things that make me happy and successful every day. Life’s fucking great.”
  • “I am a badass motherfucker who lives life how he wants to live. I do and feel great things only, and I give literally no fucks to bad things because boy, I am happy and calm!”

There, start with these every morning for 8 weeks and see how you feel, these things might feel uncanny at first.

In fact, this is how I started to change my self-image and emotions completely.

I used to feel like a motherfucker, my days were full of nauseating thoughts and emotions, I was filled with shitty things then later only to recognized that because I had a losing mindset. Therefore decided to change my mind from there.

3. Overcome The 3-Ds: Doubts, Difficulties, Disorders

This 3-godshit-D’s combo of negativity is a colossal mind-and-soul-fucking parasite you would never want to entertain and waste your time on that, yet you still do sometimes.

Me too, but in reality?

Doubts, difficulties & disorders are just some baloney you like to convince your subconscious that they are parts of you, yet they are not.

I’ve learned to banish these parasites out of my mind in necessary times, so if I can, you definitely can.

Remember what I have said? Do the opposite.

Set Few Ambitious Goals, But Believable And Measurable

* Recommended reading: Define Success BEFORE You Chase It

I’ve learned my mistakes from setting too many goddamn goals that are over-grandiose and too far-fetched in certain amounts of time. But I am not going to discourage this behavior in the long run.

What usually cause the problems is: dreaming, and finalizing tons of goals within certain deadlines.

And then when you look at it?

HOLY SHIT MAN! Why there are too much shit to be done, and too massive??? I quit!!

Then you feel like a motherfucker; these three assholes with the capital “D” come at your doorstep, knock-knock and ask for your candies like everyday is a nightmarish Halloween!

Am I attempting to discouraging you to don’t think big and unrealistic dreams? No. In fact I’d really wish you to follow your big dreams. However, the moments when you decide to put in the work then beware of the cunning doubts sneak into the back of your head anytime.

I don’t want you to be a no-brainer and set your bars too unapproachable and unrealistic.

That was a mistake I’ve learned through many times failing and feeling shits until I have come to a solution, that is: “break ’em down to chunks, then consistently achieve all of them until I meet my ultimate boon.”

Long-term, great success = short-term success + short-term success x (n+1).

It is imperative to define success first before doing anything towards your goal. That way, you can really get more of what you want out of life and be happy.

Never, EVER, Think You Are Incapable Of Anything

If you believe yourself you aren’t good enough, then let me tell you this:

“You definitely going to be good, or much greater if you can stumble upon this website and read what I’ve written there.”

In here, I always remind you that your success is your vision, your purpose. And yeah you can do it no matters what.

You are smart enough to learn anything, strong enough to follow your dreams and lift some weights and burdens, capable enough to pick a skill, manage and execute your dreams.

From now, you can choose to believe in your ability or let your mind, other people dictate what you are, what you can and are you good enough, fuck them.

Only breaking free of this self-sabotaging brainwash so that you can live your dreams, stop doubting yourself and fucking your life up with unnecessary bad days.

Grow The Spine To Embrace Necessary Pains And Failures

You will never runaway from failures and pains if you want to actually try and succeed, they are necessary.

Yeah, that is the inevitable nature of wanting and achieving success.

Instead, you need to stop being a coward grow your fucking balls and be willing to accept what can be dangerous come to you.

It is what separates the losers from the winners: Winners are willing to suffer and fail, contrarily losers want to stay behind and be comfortable in an insufferable reality.

Chasing success and growth will give you tons of good days, but facing failures and endure during the process gives you strength to overcome bad days and doubts, difficulties and disorders in life.

When you are willing to make mistakes, to endure necessary hardships and accepting failures, you can grow from them and eventually win if you are committed to your dreams.

Leave these bunches of losers from behind, you are on the top because you have more fucking balls than these losers.

Stop Giving Too Much Fuck About Things & Focus On You First

* Recommended reading: How to Not Give a Fuck What People Think

Giving too many fucks (or care too much) is simply entertaining the 3-D traid of parasites that will rob you your life force and your happiness. Came from the experience, I urge you to stop doing it.

You don’t need to be conscious so much about irrelevant things that are outside of your interests; especially people.

It is quite funny how most things will work on your favor when you stop caring about many things.

I did a little reminiscence upon old times when I used to always self-conscious nd giving too many fucks about irrelevant things; boy, you could say that he was a jinxed poor bastard.

Then when I decided to stop giving a fuck about what other people see about me, or want in me: my life started to blossoms and I began to feel happier, more successful and confident & people started to respect me more.

I also realized a truth: “most people really don’t give a fuck about you, and they are just as self-conscious as you used to be”

So if they don’t really care, then why the hell would you?

Leave your mind alone and spending your mental energies on building your empire is more worthwhile than entertaining such time-wasting mind porn like this.

Hence if you don’t want to lose in the game of life, and accumulate shitty, defeated days in life, stop giving a shit and do what you want.

Live, And Act Truly On Intents

Listen here, if you don’t want to live a life full of regrets and constantly complain about having bad, tough and shitty days. Then do one thing.

Start to live with intents.

If you set an intent to lift weights this morning, then go and do it.

If you set an intent to finish a book today, then pick it up and start reading it.

If you set an intent to be rich and making money online, then build a website; learn about marketing, sales managements; building, testing and launching your products online.

That’s the only way, live congruent to be successful and happy.

You will eventually overcome doubts, disorders and disorders in life and become unstoppable within your resolves to do what ever the hell you want to win the grand game of life.

Most people like to shy away from doing what is congruent and authentic to their intentions which is why most people lack the resolve to live their dreams and have shitty life, shitty days

But if you are different, then actually say what you intend to do, then do it without hesitation, then thanks yourself later.

4. Focus On Building Positive Habits And Minimize Distracting Pleasures

Like other things above, giving into unnecessary indulgence of instant-yet-distracting pleasures is the great, easy peasy, way to ruin your days.

If you have so many bad, sad, lethargic days in life: you are what you do repetitively.

But no, I am not going to saying that you should eliminate all of these pleasures unless you want to be ascetic and return to 10,000 BC and live a more primal, grounded with nature life.

If you are focusing on improving your life quality, or your goals; then many of these things are completely detrimental to your success.


Throw your phone away.

Log out your social media accounts.

Turn off the computer and video games.

Put the trash foods to where they really belong temporarily.

After that, replace them with high ROI habits you can (or must) cultivate in life to create greater, better and happier version of you:

And turn on the tunnel vision and focus on your goals, live happily and successful. Then you can return feel to these earthly pleasures once all works are done as rewards.

5. Really Having More Funs In Real Life

Had I not forgotten to mentioned, you and I would have missed one very crucial aspect of smashing bad days and creating great days.

But this is something I’d really like you to do.

Look, I’ve missed most of the opportunities for fun times I could have had, in trade for the investment in my goals.

I sometimes felt empty when my other friends we were having some good times. This truly made me realized how doing fun things is really needed.

So, reward yourself a vacation, an event or a good time with family members or friends when you have some of your goals achieved.

Or just chill out and relax.

You will need certain moments to stop being a geeky, no-life hustling zombie and actually make your life more awesome with good experiences, fun or by doing nothing.

Only when you are committed to a purpose or certain goals, be extreme like a motherfucker; but always have some chill-out-bro moments after that.

Poor Conclure

Good lord, what an article!

In summary,

If you usually having pretty hectic, lethargic bad days that are ruining you from the inside, assess any of these elements that are currently influencing you:

  • Weak, depleted and non-energized mental state.
  • Misfortune, unwanted situations or events happen out of blue.
  • The big 3-D parasites: doubts, disorders, difficulties.
  • Have doing things that are either negative or completely unnecessary and distracting regularly.
  • Not having enough fun.

From that, there’s only way to resolve: do the opposite (not always completely)

Just like how George Costanza did everything completely opposite of what he used to do in his life; and the man went from a weak-ass to a badass, scored himself a pretty girlfriend and a great job in New York Yankees.

Likewise, flip the switch and turn your days, and your life as a whole 180-degree, from “shit to hit”.

You can either choose to do something and actually makes your hectic, bad days useful for your growth in inner strength; or succumb to these bastards and let them kill you slowly from the inside.

But if you like my readings, you are wise enough to choose option one.

So be it.

Until next time my friends,


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