PEDs steroids and fake natties

On Talking About PEDs, Steroids And Fake Natties

Let’s talk about PED (performance-enhancing drug) shits, steroids and fake natties for a while.

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Although I am not an expert in this field; even having any experience. But some of my arguments will be valid, so I guess, why not talking about it for little bit?

Now in my opinion:

Using PEDs in general, or anabolic steroids, synthetic testosterone and SARMs (selective androgen receptors modulators) in specific; all should be considered carefully.

Every average human being has a certain natural potential to build good, lean muscles; and if I am not fucking with you, I’d say most of you can build approximately 30-50 pounds of muscles for lifetime. And every motherfucker can looks relatively jacked, huge and aesthetically impressive, that can put you on the top 5% of guys; like every of you can at least bench 315 pounds, squat 405-495 pounds, deadlift 495-585 pounds for once in your life.

Yet they are achievable naturally.

How the fuck can you not achieve it?

For few exceptions are those with god-tier genetics in muscle building, they can accelerate their progress much faster than your average-Joe. And these can include genetic predisposition; free bio-available androgen:estrogen receptors ratio; and myostatin deficiency. (myostatin is a protein that inhibits muscle growth & strength).

Every single guy can reach their max natty potential in lifetime; and it can be achieved through consistency in optimal training plan, diet and recovery regimen in between 6-11 years. Yeah you can do that shit, I can do that shit, too.

But now you know what the hell happens.

The fitness industry nowadays stinks like fucking diarrhea; literally almost 90% of them are phony ass, fake natties and steroids abusers.

As these are notable fake natties in league:

  • Mike O’Hearn (Mike O’Tren).
  • Simeon Panda.
  • Connor Murphy.
  • V-Shred.
  • David Laid.
  • Kinobody.
  • Jeff Seid.
  • And bunches of celebrities, especially Hollywood stars.
  • …. Or also the uptrends of new fitness influencers are starting to rise with a lean, big, bodyfat < 10% trained in blah blah blah years not within first 6 years and self-proclaim: “I am 100% natty bro, trust me!“.

Fuck your “100% natty bro, trust me” shit, I am not buying it!

And frankly, most of you people actually believe their bullshits. Then the consequences are you’re getting hooked in the now like bunches of cattle and buying into whatever the fuck they say, whether it is scientifically valid or not; for reasons: to boost their reaches and audience, to inflate their dirtbag egos and to leverage you making banks for these guys.

Hey, if you are reading this and you think I sounds like a hardcore anti-PED; no, I am not.

In fact, using PEDs to overcome your physical limits and achieve its fullest potential in whatever sports you are playing, is all good; no one against you.

But! For instance if your training regimen has been slacking off and inconsistent for just 1-3 beginning years, seeking instant gratification and not wanting to put hard efforts; then you are making serious mistakes, my man!

Therefore, all your PEDs used during these cases are just complete irrelevance and stupidity.

Because PEDs are being used to elevated protein synthesis duration + enhacing your testosterone levels and other androgenic hormones to super-human levels; thus making your recovery process dozen times more powerful. And you have to use an appropriate cycle usually take 12-16 weeks, and then after that have a PCT protocol (post-cycle therapy) to recover your ability to produce testosterone naturally.

But now, most what I am seeing are fucking retards with a goldfish brain do not research carefully and want short-cuts; and yeah, their physiques may look good to be honest with you, espeically their shoulders, traps, vascularity and single-digit bodyfat.


  • Imagine what can these chemical compound affect you in few more years later: this often occurs when you are abusing with inappropriate protocol.
  • Or completely destroy your testosterone production because you’re stupid for not following a PCT protocol.

For example, Isaiah Miranda is a rising brand new fake natty in the beginning of this year for his infamous borderline-fucked up testosterone levels by juicing.

He was heavily exposed by More Plates More Dates (video link) And Greg Doucette (video link) for having a testosterone levels of 21ng/dl . In which this shit is too damn low; hell this is not even a man’s average, it is a fucking woman’s! And the motherfucker is just 21. I mean, how ridiculous that case was? Though he was believed to be in some compounds or at least using SARMs.

Now, you think that there’s no fucking way that a man’s testosterone can be that low, right? Well, if you are having the T levels like that, there are two possibilities; it is either you have a freaking hypo-gonadism that your testicles cannot produce testosterone sufficiently, or you are stupidly on something else but without a PCT protocol.

But since he already has a very jacked body, so there’s no fucking way he has the first possibility. Just go and check his YouTube channel and you know what I mean.

Back in the days, PEDs had to be used carefully and secretly for competitions; but now thousands bunches of rats from elsewhere do that shit too; so no wonder why the current fitness industry is a disaster zone. Jeez.

So in conclusion, here’s my advice:

Train naturally, consistently and optimally for at least 6-11 years; or at least to the point you feel like you can’t progress shit. After that, do whatever the fuck you want to do, and not without a brain.

Oh, and by the way! I’d like to provide you some legit resources and references to know and learn more about PEDs, and probably entertain yourself with natty or not:

  • YouTubers that are experts in this field: More Plates More Dates; Greg Doucette; Vigorous Steve; Leo & Longevity; Phillion (uhhh… not actually, but he has some hilarious meme materials about fitness industry, check him out).
  • Commonly mentioned steroids: testosterone enanthate, dianabol, nandralone (deca), anavar, winstrol, EQ, trenbolone.
  • SARMS: RAD-140 testolone, MK-677, MK-2866 Ostarine, LGD-4033 Ligandrol, GW501516 Cardarine.

And besides, although these compounds mentioned above are definitely synthetic; but there are two compounds that are natural, which you will not losing “natty card” for using them: ecdysterone & turkesterone. I’ll write about these two later in the future.

That’s it, boys.

Don’t mess up, okay?

Now let keep fucking some good shits.

Talk to you soon,


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