Killer’s Focus Formula: Meditation & Cold Shower.

For most of us; lack of focus is like a disease, yet everyone has the same disease for most of lifetime. So am I.

And that’s why we are seeking for the resolution.

Hence, not everybody can find a probable resolve to this mind-fucking problem.

Listen, I’ve spent years and years finding the best resolves to this case, for:

  • I’ve tried nootropics & drugs.
  • I’ve tried coffee, tea and lots of brain foods.
  • And shits like vigorous exercises, pomodoro, napping, diet, relaxing & stress relief, techniques to trick my brain to work/study or motivation, …

Despite many of them worked and could be highly effective, the effects were mostly temporary and didn’t last long very well.

I have several symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder), for that I had a hard time sitting down and focusing on only one thing to completion; I jumped from things to things deliberately & always felt restless.

Well shit … I guessed that is also why I could barely follow rules & hate doing shits I don’t like.

And those snarky little demons were continuously suffering me, until I’ve met these two holy angels:

They are meditation and cold showers.

Afterwards, I has found the best resolve for my case & finally equipped my brain with this bulletproof, seemingly everlasting increased focus.

And I mean: SUPERFOCUSsuperhuman fucking focus!

No, I am not joking with you; for at the moment I am writing this piece of work with an unstoppable mental clarity and highly jacked-shit focus.

Henceforth, this just turns out to become my very own formula for daily superfocus:

Superfocus = (Meditation + Cold Showers) * >= 30 days + Additional Shits

Why Does Meditation Work?

Meditation is the holy grail of practice for your overall well-being, body & mind – and it is not at all a woo-woo esoteric concept you’ve learned from spiritual teachers, yogis, Taosim masters, …

Just instead ignore all these irrelevant spiritual concepts, lot of mindless dipshits listen to this from most in many people who are completely bullshit and phony.

Only listen to this: meditation works best for your mind.

Because the very goal of meditation is to eliminate negative influences & distractions within your mind.

Therefore, it gives you a sense of mental clarity and also an increased focus.

When your mind is filled with countless stuffs that are distracting you, or is making you thinking and drooling about multiple stuffs; you are wasting your energy and willpower in these unnecessary stuffs & this status quo keeps draining your mental power until the end of the day. It will leave you no time and will to accomplish anything at all.

And if you don’t have enough focus, energy and willpower then how can you expect to accomplish anything productively? You cannot.

Oppositely, procrastination will enfeeble you and eventually overpowers you.

Now listen here friend!

What separates meditation from the rest of most methods you try to apply to develop mental focus: is that most methods signal you to add more stuffs, and adding more stuffs to your mind which has already been filled by countless things means nothing but chaos.

Meditation on the other hands, train your mind to detach from these irrelevant stuffs are adding up chaos within it. So by practicing meditation, you are learning to be free from chaos – and reside yourself with peace & calmness.

Thus, you preserve your mental energy, willpower and also promotes superfocus, and you should trust me on that.


Ah … now shit talking about the god-shit great benefits that meditation gives you.

All in all, these are things you will experience by meditating regularly:

Increased focus: This is no doubt, ok? With all the ramblings & explanation in the section above has already proven this point; you will get an incredible amount of focus on your tank like you’ve never had before. For there are little-to-no distractions are fucking with your brain, and you have work to do: meditate then focus on killing it. Luckily, this benefit is utmost permanent, regular meditation will change your brain and give you an endless increased focus.

Increased willpower & energy: Again, because you don’t have more nagging chit-chatty voices inside your head; there are no shit you give a damn about. So you don’t drain your willpower & energy on them – all of them are preserved and regenerated within your tank to use it to kicking-ass, doing the greater good.

Enhanced mental clarity: Meditation is the vacuum for the whole mess in the room. Any more mess? Then meditate, turn on the vacuum and VROOOOOOOOOOOM!!! There you go, clean and tidy! Ahhh it feels so good, doesn’t it?

Develop self-discipline: The method of practicing meditation by itself it very difficult at the beginning, hence very rewarding when it is consistently cultivated. When I first trying meditation, Jesus Christ the first week was absolutely challenging, and it required me to be disciplined enough to survived this shit throughout days. That’s it! This means you have to take a battle against your mind and conquer it with will & discipline like all great warriors do. And if it is something is challenging to do; it means life-changing then you should do it and not being a pussy.

Decrease & relieve your stress: Meditation pumps more blood and oxygen to your brain to wake it up; which elevates stress hormone (cortisol) so that you can experience these mental benefits aforementioned and likewise, no more stress – time to press the “kicking-ass” button.

Promotes happiness & mood: If you notice before meditation, you feel like shit and your have the whole goddamn maze in your brain. Then after meditation, you feel much happier and brighter. It is because meditation elevates your dopamine, serotonin & endorphin levels and make them more receptive.

Inner tranquility: Like wise, you will feel peace from within after all chaos and mental warfare are finally ended. The sense of lightness, calmness and peace will be everlasting throughout your lifetime. And now you are in Zen, then focus on doing what you need to do.

Why Does Cold Shower Work?

Lots of pussies will screaming: “Arwawhaghhhhh cold showers I gonna get fever! I gonna get hypothermia”

No you idiots! You don’t get a damn fever or hypothermia, but it is just you are a pussy.

Here’s the thing: Cold shower is one of the manliest best bangs of the buck you will ever get, that’s my 100% money back guarantee to you no joke.

Nevertheless, there’s a reason why cold shower is in my formula; also on my tip-top list for superhuman focus.

Because cold shower gives you increased focus!

Because cold shower gives you increased focus! I repeated!

And it is an awesome feeling to get in the cold showers, embraced the instant jacked-shit waking up feeling on cold temperature. Then later get out of the shower and feel like a god. That’s what I like about it.

Metaphorically, you’ll feel like your brain is on steroids.

You will notice an instant spikes in your energy, your mood and also your confidence.

You will also feel unstoppable and light-headed, as the instant stress and negative feelings just got wiped up in seconds or minutes.

And most important of all, it jacked your testosterone levels up the roof!

Cold shower also boosts your immune system too, because you will need that to kick COVID-19’s ass as a great man.

Now regarding to the increased focus: Yes, yes, yes! After a cold shower, the crazy adrenaline & the endorphin rush to your brain gives you shit tons of energy and mental will also. Your mind will also get a tingling sensation of feeling bright and clear. And these are the signals telling you: “you’re ready to killiing some tasks today, now FOCUS!”

And now, the man – the warrior, is ready to crush his shits, with superfocus.

An Action Guide For Increased Focus

Now my friends! After feeling & understanding the lectures of Eridiuscience 101 in the back of your head. Eridius will give you his actionable formula to superhuman focus, in the easiest way.

Let’s repeat the formula:

Superfocus = (Meditation + Cold Showers) * >= 30 days + Additional Shits

Now let’s break it down into chunks.

Step 1 To Superfocus: The Best Time To Do So Is In The Morning After Waking Up.

Always, always choose the best moment, space & time to do whatever practice it is!

For me, personally – even maybe generally: The best time for this method is in the morning, you know; after you wake up and get ready for the day.

For two reasons:

Number one: You mostly feel very groggy and sluggish after waking up, because in the early morning after bed: your body has a lot of stress hormone (cortisol) which makes you feel generally stressed and tired.

And number two: Your mental and physical battery are fully charged after that sleep (unless you aren’t sleep enough). Hence, morning is the time we prepare for our day; and the best time to focus your mental energy to accomplishing tasks.

So, using this method after waking up – gives you the best benefits, also hit two birds with one stone! Kill your stress, then press the “killing” button.

Step 2 To Superfocus: Meditate First, Then Take A Cold Shower

Listen, you don’t jump into the cold shower first because it gonna shock your brain up instantly. After that, it is hard to meditate because your brain is not as receptive as after wake up.

That being so, always manage to meditate first – or don’t if you are a lazy ass.

Meditation has many methods you can try, but most of them are just redundant and irrelevant shits. In my opinion, the best, fundamentally way to start is practicing mindfulness.

Here’s how to meditate for beginners:

  1. Prepare your position in a lotus pose, or just basically sitting in a chair to make it easier first.
  2. Notice the thoughts, the emotions, the distractions, the bullshits in your mind, notice them carefully by sensing it.
  3. Slowly condense your focus into your breathing.
  4. Deeply inhale from diaphragm, not from the heart – sensing the breath to the brain. Breathe in with your nostrils for optimal experience.
  5. Hold it for few seconds, and then slowly exhale with your mouth or nostrils.
  6. Develop a breathing pattern: either just naturally flow with your own rhythm, or using the box breathing rhythm (4-4-4-4), or the general ryhtm (4s inhale, 6s hold, 8s exhale).
  7. Continuously doing that while balancing & controlling your inner chit-chats, don’t force yourself – just let it flow.

Then repeat the cycles, if you are the beginners – don’t ever try to force yourself to silent your brain. Simply it is best to let it flow and slowly work up to better experience.

Ideally, each session should be 10-15 minutes; but apply Kaizen if you are a beginner (from 1 minute, to 2 minutes, then to 5 minutes , …. until 10-15).

Step 3 To Superfocus: Blast Yourself On The Cold Shower.

That being so, after you done with your meditation session; you can jump into the cold shower and blast yourself on it.

Hence, don’t just recklessly jump in like a maniac if you haven’t got used to it!

For beginners, I’d suggest you two options to start with:

  • Either slowly and slightly decrease the temperature from hot to cold, don’t just instantly SHOVE the shit the cold it up on your fucking head.
  • Or immediately turn in the cold showers, but raise it slowly from the bottom to the top to avoid hyper-shocking the central nervous system.

One or two ways, I’d recommended all to start with the first option; but if you are bold and tough: take the second option like a man.

Blast if for about 5 minutes is enough.

You will feel extremely great and euphoric after that, probably it is one of the most heavenly experiences you would feel. I always feel like a damn Olympic god after a cold shower.

And of course, this is easier said than done. But trust me! It worths it. This formula, in generally, extremely challenging at the beginning – until you’re used to it, this becomes a piece of cake.

And you become a badass ass-kicking motherfucker with an insanely increased focus to kill & conquer.

Step 4: Add Few Options To Enhance Your Focus

So you’ve passed all the difficult stages, this step is meant to be more enjoyable, yet also reinforce your already jacked brain.

As this step means adding some juices a.k.a Nootropics.

Caffeine + L-Theanine: Coffee is one of the best ways to go out to, it is also a commonly used nootropics; it is safe, tasty, it makes you more focused & boosts your brain. Usually when I start my day writing: I go out with a cup of coffee every morning after meditation & cold showers. However, caffeine naturally just makes me more jittery and anxious in generally.

And that’s why I combine that with L-Theanine. These two are good shits! they works synergistically, and it is a safe basic nootropics stack for a go-to.

For reasons: Caffeine increases your focus, energy and memory skills yet makes you feel anxious; meanwhile L-Theanine eases the anxiety from the caffeine and also, makes you more relaxed and calm while still focused.

The effect of this combination results in a potential Flow state of performance if it’s possible. Interestingly enough it’s abstractly embodied the concept of yin & yang if you understands what I mean.

Modafinil + Kratom: Essentially is a more powerful and efficient stack than “coffee + l-theanine” yet also basically the identical stack. But these two substances are whopping dozen times stronger. Hence, I haven’t tried any of those, still is in one of my hitlist due to many potential great benefits and reports I have heard from hardcore players in nootropics community.

Onnit Alpha Brain: I am currently using this nootropics from this brand while combining with “coffee + l-theanine” stack. It is much more potent and I feels lots of euphoric, focused and I feel like my brain is running like electricity.

Probably it is one of the most potent nootropics in the market, yet not as strong as modafinil; and I am having great experience with this.

Why More Than 30 Days?

Given the formula that I’ve emphasized the groupie: meditation + cold showers; must be do consistently at least 30 days or more. But why?

Because in general, it takes at least 21-66 days for the neural pathways in your brain to rewire new neural connections, therefore reinforces the new habits to form; and consistently doing meditation & taking cold showers can progressively amplify the benefits thus making you feel better and sharper.

While you may notice the instant impact on your focus and clarity of doing these two practices in your first or few more days, it takes, however, more than few weeks to have the permanently increased benefits.

That’s why you should do at least 30 days or more than that. Although 21-day period is minimum; a one month-period is more ideal.

Try to commit it for at least 30 days.

Or no, go hardcore! Do them for 6 months like you’re building a solid fortress on your mind. Then you’ll understand how I feel every morning.

Additional Shits: Beside Nootropics?

Intermittent fasting:

You don’t eat anything for at least 16 hours in a row; then fill food in your stomach in the remaining 8 hours of that day. Fasting is not only the tool for weight loss & body composition, but also for your brain health. As fasting promotes ketosis state for the body which increases neurogenesis, brain plasticity, mental clarity & focus – that being so it is one of the great additions to your preferences.

Ketogenic Diet:

This diet promotes more efficient & extreme state of ketosis due to the glucose depletion from eating low-to-no proportions of carbs at all, yet increases testosterone & lose weight; but should only be used for short-term. Fundamentally: you eat a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb meals for a period of time – as you don’t have a slump or sluggish feeling after chugging tons of carbs in your everyday meal.

Currently I am on a prolonged keto-diet for a period of time; and I feel goddamn good.

For I has been eating only steak & eggs, which are basically almost carnivore and all animal proteins; and I feel shit tons of energy and my brain is much more sharper (And yeah. Red meats don’t make you stupid, only dipshits believe that false science). And on the 6th day of every steak and egg cycle: I eat carbs as a cheat day.

Full sleep:

Now this is the even more crucial aspect to focus on. If you notice you’ve got everything well consciously; but still cannot focus & tired, then you are probably having a trouble with sleep. Most slobs can’t get enough sleep so that they feel like shit mentally & physically. So if you really care, I mean REALLY care about your health & your brain. Get about 7-9 hours sleep, please. Sleep should always be your very first priority.

Closing Thoughts


Why this formula?

Because it is a killer’s formula, it is natural, safe, convenient, quick & easy way to increase your focus to higher levels!

In fact, this doesn’t really cost you any dollars shit, unless you have an option for the last step.

Overall, you’d rather have an easy and highly efficient way to fix your lack of focus and to be more productive. There are plenty of ways to do so, but not many of them are ideally great & are unnecessary.

I had tons of shit with focus’s problems, before I add meditation & cold shower to my complacency – I still felt like shit, only this formula works the best for me.

And I am sure one thing: If it works for me, it works for you!

The kick-ass way to jack your brain’s potential easily & naturally!

And for now ….

That’s all you need to know.

That’s all you need to conquer your game, so let’s your winner out and rise up!

I’ll see you next time, friend.

Exit stage, Juhani.

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