The Solution To Your Miserable Life: Start Lifting & Training.

The Solution To Your Miserable Life: Start Lifting & Training.

There are hundreds to thousands self-improvement things you can find in Google; or right now, I can give you my “Top 25 Self-Improvement Activities” list or whatever.

But whether you get your ass up and do many of these or not, I guarantee it is not as effective as if you start lifting right now. Subjectively, I think lifting is the cure-all to your miserable life; the best antidote to “apathy” poison by far.

Why? Because I was stuck in the same pit as you do, until the gym, the iron, the weights were introduced to me.

My 14-year-old self was a horrendously spoiled, mentally fragile, socially dysfunctional, edgy and feminine kid in many ways. I made friends with edgy kids and threads on Internet, video games, dweeb shits; I was into hardcore porno stuffs and making love with my own hands multiple times a day.

But then, I suddenly had a light bulb in my head once during my trip home from school; I thought about going to the gym. It is because I listened to a badass music with Rocky IV training clip in it days before; somehow I had realized that I wanted to be extremely powerful in every single way, and I couldn’t sit my ass and do nothing to get what I want, I gotta do something.

Then it clicked.

Buttoned “on”.

I’ve been doing physical training on off for almost 5 years, either lifting weights, doing calisthenics or martial arts. First 3-year period was the most inconsistent, yet I’ve made few gains and built a decent base. That time, I didn’t know whatever the fuck I was doing; and time passed, things fell in line and made sense gradually, and it is still continuing today.

As the longer I am still in this path, more things will make sense to me. I am almost 180 degree different compared to the pathetic, weak kid I was at 14 years old; and it all started with lifting.

Why Lifting Weights Cure My Problems? …

Deadlifting 315
Me deadlifting 315lbs (3 plates) for the first time with that pretty “grinding” face; it’s definitely not too impressive or strong number, but feels good.

Enough about my personal background, let’s come into the real question; as you may ask: “Why?”

“Why lifting weights cure me my life’s misery?”

Because of many things.

There’s an average trajectory thinking that starts lifting weights at the gym with a purpose to achieve an attractive for sex appeals. And yes, I don’t think there are any problems with that. However, getting jacked for looking good is not just a single benefit you may have.

It’s way lot more than that: strength, health, self-esteem, discipline, performance, …

Any men who start to lift seriously will eventually reap one of these benefits; and they are indications of high value lifestyle, also the person itself.

If you are an average slob with a piece of shit body and mental state, lacks discipline and will to strive for something, enjoy constant hit of dopamine and feel apathetic and miserable; and when you swears to go the the gym religiously and seriously, boom, that’s when the magic comes.

And for now, I’ll break down some of these main benefits, which are most relative.

Testosterone Levels


Most of the times, the average men’s body-type; the skinny fat soaking wet or big belly with no muscular definitions, are weak and fragile, weak bodies come weak minds. It is the red flag of having low testosterone levels as well as dopamine sensitivity & serotonin levels.

Low testosterone guys usually act passively, overly subtle and mostly without balls; they love to feel depressed, apathetic, lazy and emotionally fragile. Also due to how testosterone is correlated with serotonin & dopamine production in the brain, low T guys tend to constantly searching for hits of instant dopamine from internet binge; video games; TV, social medias; junk foods, porn & masturbation, … and more kinds of craps. As a result, they have no dopamine left for motivation and ambition, and have shitty mood all the time.

Does it sound familiar to you?

It does for me.

I believe it does for most average guys nowadays. Most guys have very little motivations and clear paths of life other than consuming and pleasuring themselves to misery. Most of them have low-to-normal testosterone levels, their bodies reflect it; because a crappy body is a product of lack of self-care, blind indulgence of foods and activities that malfunctions the endocrine health system, nervous system and hormonal productions.

But, when you start weight training, that’s when thing shifts.

Lifting helps increase testosterone as well as dopamine levels, it improves your muscular definition and your physiques, makes you stronger, healthier and happier.

You’ll also take care of your body and your daily life more with the right activities; rather than fuck yourself up with ridiculous consumption of clapped pleasures.


The results of increased testosterone levels are higher muscle mass and density results to increased strength, as well as improved neuro-muscular activation in the central nervous system, which makes it more efficient for you to exert higher mental and physical force.

When you first step to the gym, lifting 135lbs is seemingly a struggle for you, hell, even just a plain 45lbs bar is a struggle for some at the beginning. But once you can get your number from 135, to 225, 315, 405, 495, …. You are sure getting damn stronger. Not only physically strong, but mentally strong.

The strength standards for most guys start lifting seriously for first 1-2 years should be: 135lbs Overhead Press (1-plate); 225lbs Bench Press (2-plate); 315lbs Squat (3-plate); 405lbs Deadlift (4-plate). But even if you can do like 70-80% of these numbers, guess what? You are already stronger than most average guys which don’t even lift; though you are average to other gym-goers.

Especially if you are like me, come from a past with imposed incompetence and weaknesses, used to be bullied around and feeling helpless; once you get stronger in the weight rooms, it feels damn good and revolutionary. You’ll realize how much potential you have when you can make it your first 1-5 years in the gym.

(*Note: the notion “plate” means number of plates in each side, for example: if you squat 3-plate, it means 3 plates on each side; which is 6 in totals).


One of the common reasons to go to the gym is: health.


Of course, any kinds of physical exercise will definitely improve your health, the same says with lifting weights.

It helps with your body’s recomposition, metabolism and heart health, therefore allows your body to adjust into a more healthy and stronger states than people who do not exercise. You’ll live longer, you’ll feel better, you’ll get sick and pains less often and much more happier.

Also being a lifter, it is most imperative to pay attention to your nutrition and recovery. If you want your body to looks better and have more muscle as well as health; you eat nutrient-dense sources of fats, carbs, proteins and reasonable calories amount to consume everyday for your goals, you take necessary vitamins and minerals, you drink more water, you stretch more, you strive to sleep well for 8-10 hours of sleep every night, … and all these things contribute insurmountable long-terms benefits for your health.

That said, not all kinds of lifters are healthy. There are guys who dirty bulk, love to jam their mouths with shit loads of foods and mostly don’t give two fucks about nutritional profile whatsoever; there are guys who do yo-yo diet or do extreme caloric deficit (even fasts) for accelerated weight loss which will also burn their muscles and health. And then guys who abuse PEDs and anabolics in order to gain massive amounts of muscles and superhuman body recomp in short amount of time, which are toxic for their health when they get older.

If you want to be healthy, I’d not recommend you to be either one of these guys in the latter. Yet they work for some ridiculous short-term goals, but you’ll regret most of the time.


Lift this log, get pussy.

Probably the most common purpose for going to the gym, both men and women.

You go to the gym to get fit, have a better looking physique; so that you can feel better, more confident and attractive; so that you can impress more guys/girls and feel less insecure about your physical appearance. And hey! You set your foot in the right path; if it isn’t, then I don’t know what is.

Lifting is the most fundamental thing you can do to start building your self-esteem. Of course when you looks better and stronger, the newfound positive aspects of your works make you pay lesser attention to your self-imposed limitations and insecurities on yourself.

When you look good and strong, people respect you for these qualities; in fact, any kinds of hard works that make you better among others will mostly be respected and complimented, although some hate and feel jealous.

You’ll definitely improve your sex appeal and get more pussies, because you are good-looking, strong and mentally powerful; most women love masculine and strong guys.

Before I start lifting, I was full of insecurities and self-hate; I felt inadequate, weak, hopeless and lack. But when the light bulb turned on and I start going to the gym, then saw some improvements, I was happy and more proud of myself. Even until now, whenever I lift heavier, more reps, better techniques, and seeing some gains; no fucking ways I’ll feel celebrated inside.

It feels great to be better than before, even if it’s just one thing.


This is the most important virtue any man must have in life to achieve greatness and success.

When you can master self-discipline, you can do and achieve anything, with great will. And lifting weights or any intense physical training depends on this trait. Not only you will achieve higher physical prowess, but also mental.

You see? To build the greek-god-lookalike body, you need that damn strong discipline.

That discipline helps you master the weights, the movements, to keep yourself accountable for your nutrition, recovery, and training regiment to the T; and that same discipline is what keeps you to stay consistent for a long-term vision of years, and years of training until you get the results.

It’s not any different compared to martial arts, gymnastics, football, competing triathlons,…

You must have the discipline to focus on mastering the techniques, the movements, the strategies and the physical conditions necessary for any kind of physical expertise.

And that discipline can always be applied to all aspects of life.

I’ve built my self-discipline and mental will stronger by time because of my passion with physical-weight training. The harder and more often I train consistently, the better my discipline that I can use for other areas of life; and when I slack off on my training, my self-discipline gets shittier and I barely get things done.

Intellect & Mental-Physical Performance

Lifting makes you smarter

Weight lifting gives you stronger joints, bones, muscle mass and central nervous system therefore allows you perform better with heavy weights, you can also be more explosive, faster and versatile. It also strengthens your muscle-mind connection and techniques, which will make you focus on your muscles and training better and easier.

You’ll also get a surge of mental focus, willpower and endurance in order to push your limits and perform greater physically and mentally. It also improves your blood vasodilation which increases the blood flows to both your brain and your muscles which makes you stronger, sharper, smarter and more alerted.

For intellect, let’s ignore the false stereotype of “stupid meatheads.”

In fact, I don’t fucking think meatheads are stupid, just because there are some assholes that are jacked and mostly aggressive, doesn’t mean it can translate into “meatheads are dumb” bullshit. Guys who lift and achieve great results, they are way highly intelligent than you think.

They have to do lots of researches, readings and studies about nutrition, physiology, more intensive knowledge about training and bio-chemicals stuffs. Even if they decide to hop in PEDs and steroids, there are hell alot of researches to make good decisions.

And also because the guys who lift weights have other aspects in their lives improve as well; they develop passions for self-improvement and they will consume knowledge and knowledge for other areas in their lives if they want to. If that’s not intellect, I don’t know what is.

Why? How do I know about that shit?

Because I never read shits or love learning when I was a fat, horrendous, fragile fuck before, until I start lifting.

You’ll get the same results when you start to lift.

Purposes & Manhood

More testosterone means more masculine. Masculine and tough men have high testosterone levels and vice versa, weak and feminine men have low testosterone levels and high estrogen levels.

Our culture is made up with tons of feminine men by excessive left-wing ideals; which has fucked the most integrated and congruent form of masculinity and femininity up. Lifting weights like an animal will start to shed some lights in this darkness.

You’ll start to gain more energy, focus, raw aggressiveness, discipline and relentless spirit of a warrior on his path of conquest. When you tackle the weight, you want to lift it explosive and destroy the entire workout; then leave the gym with a feeling of accomplishment and badass. Along the side, you build these traits by each session compounds over time, these masculine traits make you more attractive, powerful, dominant and can be potentially beneficial for many other areas like: building business, making money, finishing projects, seduce women, …

The more you lift, the more motivated and obsessed you are with your purposes in life. Why? When you keep lifting for months and years, you’d probably build the inner monologue of setting and completing goals after goals in the gym; when you’ve set goal for a 500-pound deadlift and achieve it, you will be set another higher goal like 600-pound. This kind of ambition in the gym is assimiliated too with other aspects. I say, there’s no fucking better way to build discipline and ambition than hitting in the gym religiously and animalistically.

When I say lifting is a cure-all to your misery in life; trust me, many others would probably agree with me in this one, too.

Alternatives To Lifting Weights

“I don’t have the gym nearby or weight sets.”

“The gym is too expensive for me…. I prefer others than lifting weights.”

“I don’t have much time for the gym.”

“But lifting is risky for the back, heart, risks of injuries and it is not the only way.”

What? So you say you can’t going to the gym because of some of your blippy-blah-blah excuses? Well, unless your excuse is as shitty as the two latters; the otherwise are okay to be approved. So I would suggest you other alternatives which also work great.

Calisthenics – Bodyweight Training

Baki doing calisthenics

Calisthenics is the closest alternative to weight lifting, both are in the category “resistance training”. So instead using irons and plates for resistance; you are using your bodyweight. Which most common are: push-ups, pull-ups, body squat, sit-ups, dips, handstand, …

These movements above are simple and functional, and they are pretty similar to some of the lifting movements. And they can help you build lots of strength (specifically relative bodyweight strength), endurance and muscles.

Once you can master these movements and can do them without difficulties anywhere anytime; you already have a decent base of muscle and strength. They can be done everyday with very high volume and frequency training in order to build more type-1 fiber (slow twitch fiber) in your muscles; which can incrementally increases muscle and strength endurance.

And if you want to be more advanced: do them in harder and different variations of each fundamental movements like muscle ups, archer push-ups, pistol squats, dragon flags, ….; apply some training strategies like isometrics, explosive reps, paused reps, …; or just simply add extra weights on your movements with weighted vests or belt.

If you consider trying to take shits to next level, try gymnastics training.

The pros of this training are: using your own bodyweight as a tool for training and no gym or weight needed; you can save tons of money to the gym by just going to the park with some bars; also, it is an almost omnipresent approach, you can do your shit wherever and whenever you like; you’ll also make some decent gains as well as changing your life towards a more positive trajectory.

The cons are: bodyweight basic movements alone won’t build more strength and muscles easily after periods of decent training, so you may consider to add some weights or try much more harder in mastering advanced moves; or you may consider switching to lifting.

Martial Arts Training


Although I do not have much experience with martial arts myself, as I train Boxing, Muay Thai & Taekwondo for a bit. However, they are amazing skills that you must learn and practice regularly to be more masculine and powerful. It’s primitive and necessary for sharping your survival and killer instincts in every single way.

Training martial arts will train you your self-defense and combatant abilities. It will help you develop explosive power, reflexes, endurance, speed and dexterity which as a whole, enhancing your physical conditions and sharp primal instincts.

As a man, we are hardwired to the primitive masculine brain which has violence and the ability to carry & protect the tribe encoded within us. That being said, you will have higher testosterone and courage to take risks and dangers when necessary. You’ll also develop immense self-discipline, focus, raw aggression and toughness by training it ferociously. It is paradigm-changing as well as life-changing.

There are tons of martial arts out there in the bucket list: Taekwondo, Judo, boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian JiuJutsu, Kendo, … But comes from your realistic observation, you should know what to choose.

Personally, I think boxing and Muay Thai are most effective for striking and offensive proprieties. Boxing is about the mastery of powerful blows of punches like jabs, hooks, uppercuts fundamentally; while Muay Thai is about brute force, aggressive offenses as well as bone-breaking strikes with punches and kicks.

For grounding and defensive elements, Brazilian JiuJutsu, in my opinion, is the number-one. BJJ is all about grappling and put you to the ground and force you into submission. Many of its moves are brutal, lethal and very violent. And by combining this with other two above; you’d be unstoppable.

You can also add weightlifting and calisthenics into your training regiment to strengthens your muscles and powers to your moves.

Lift Random Things In The Backyard

Farmer lifting bags of legumes

Lift whatever the fuck you want out there. Blocks, stones, sandbags, tires, or just simply doing some labors.

Guys who do tons of labor works are massive and very physically developed. When it comes to become stronger and bigger, you gotta be more versatile and adaptive in your thinking; as lifting and bodyweight training are not the only ways.

Just look at the farmers and how insanely strong their arms and upper bodies; whether huge or small muscles.

And also construction workers, industries workers, plumbers, engineers, … look at how massive their arms and biceps, strong grip strengths and muscles all over their bodies. If these guys come to the weight rooms and start lifting consistently, they’d probably clap at everyone else in the room.

Labor workers have insane strength and physique.

But what if you don’t do labor jobs? And what if you also have minimal access to the gym? Then just get your fucking ass up and lift some random things in your house or in the backyard.

In anywhere you can.

Carry some blocks and lay some stones, or just grab a bag of sand to do a workout like shoulder press and squat; do farmer walks with jugs, logs or bags; nail some shits with a hammer of slam the tires with it will train your forearms and grip strength. You’ll train your adaptability and build decent physical base.

Remember to get your rest, recovery and nutrition down as well.

You’ll start to see how your life start to change after you start doing some physical works.

Conclusion: Start Lifting & Training Is The Solution To A Miserable Life

Lifting weights impacted significantly on what have I become and how’s my life right now, I think it is also the same for many other guys. When guys start to lift weights and become obsessed with it, their life quality goes up and improves. You’ll never know how much potential you can have when you start to lift.

Let go of your own miserable, pathetic bullshit activities and excuses. Stop consuming tons of cheap-ass dopamine from video games, junk foods, drugs, media, porn or so-called “fun” shits with your friends only circling around wasting time and fucking with craps and alcohols. If right now, you can sense what I am saying is right, and your life is pathetic; heeds my words, then lift.

You’ll be on the right path I promise. After that, you can implement more good habits like NoFap, meditation, reading, working in your businesses, … or anything that supports your newfound positive navigation. If you want to succeed and be the top 1%, you gotta try.

It is a good solution.

And a choice you’ll never regret.

Be disciplined, try strong and smart; talk soon,


Lift & Be A Sikkunt Brah
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