The Vertical Diet

The Vertical Diet For Micronutrients, Physical, Mental Health, Muscle And Strength.

If you have read one of my first posts about micronutrients before; then you know I’ve introduced briefly about Vertical Diet (click here).

Now I will be writing a separate post again to be more specific and giving you my own experience.

In my opinion, Stan Efferding’s Vertical Diet is very complete in terms of fulfilling nutritional values in both macros and micros; which is mostly unmet by the majority of diet models and mass mediocrity’s eating habits.

I personally feel great when eating this diet, and I think it is the best ever before.

And yes, it outperforms the standard Steak and Eggs diet, which was also a good one in old school bodybuilding.

Let’s deep dive into it.

Who Is Stan Efferding?

Stan Efferding

Let’s talk about Stan Efferding, or called by “The Rhino”.

This dude was a IBBF pro bodybuilder back in the day; and I am not fucking with you. Man! He was one of the strongest guys out there, as he holds the badass title of World’s Strongest Bodybuilder; and the guy was a mass monster, but looks very aesthetic and also inhumanly strong.

Stan during his prime, he had a record of 2,303 pounds RAW in total in a powerlifter competition; with 600.7lbs bench press, 865.2lbs squat and 837.5lbs deadlift.

And now, The Vertical Diet is his gracious piece of work passes down own us, for maximizing nutrition to achieving our potential in athletic performance, building strength and muscle also greater health.

What Is The Vertical Diet?

This a type of diet model that designed in which to be naturally compatible with your body needs for nutrition.

It is meant to increases greater performance in body and mind, especially for athletes and lifters, with the simplest eating regimen; while tackling highly bio-available sources of vitamins and minerals for the body to easily absorb for greater health benefits.

And luckily for you, it is not complicated to do so; and you don’t even have to restrict yourself from any sources of foods. Well, except for the shits that are doing unhealthy damage to yourself, obviously.

The main appetites during the Vertical Diet should be red meats; these contain: steaks, ground beefs, bison, lamb, …. are mostly covered with white rice is a main serving for carbs. Sounds tasty, eh? That’s why I love this one! Because these are extremely dense foods in nutritional values.

And the rest are side servings but necessary for vitamins and minerals; you know what are the best whole foods to choose, ranging from chickens, poultry, dairies, legumes, veggies and fruits.

The Benefits Of The Vertical Diet

1. Achieving Micronutrients & Macronutrients Sufficiency

The reason why this diet is filled with shit tons of red meats are because they are not only dense in calories, they are also rich in nutrition.

And I mean, they contain relatively high amount of Vitamin B12, B6, B2, A, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Choline; and they are necessary vitamins and minerals for increasing your body energy, immune system and brain function. Most white meats don’t contain that much; also red meats high in bioavailable fats and proteins make them very rich in calories.

White rice is your main source of carbohydrates in this diet; and you can get a massive bulk of carbohydrates with rice for mostly cheap price. It is also easy to digest and extremely cheap.

Other smaller proportions of healthy nutritional foods are meant to hit other essential micronutrients that red meats and rice can’t give. Like fatty fishes or eggs for Folate, Vitamin D3, Omega 3 and 6, Zinc, Iron; with fruits and vegetables for Vitamin C; and dairy products for Calcium, ….

But at the end of the day, red meats are the most important bulks of Vertical Diet because of their richness in both macronutrients and micronutrients.

2. Enhanced Athletic Performance & Muscle Building

This is absolutely a “no need to argue” stuff, guys.

In fact, it doesn’t take a freaking genius to tell you that does this diet improve your performance and muscle building process. Because it is created by a Hulk-looking-like pro bodybuilder! So how the hell it does not?

The diet is full of red meats and rices can easily hit your calories intake for lifting heavy weights in the gym, or have energy to practice or compete your sports, then to recover. Because of that, this diet is so, so easy yet perfect to implement if you are an athlete.

Moreover, the micronutrients are what we truly need, not only for our health but increasing performance and recovery. In other words, you are on a clean bulk with Vertical Diet because of the macros and micros sufficiency that helps you recover and perform better in sports.

Hell most pro bodybuilders don’t even give a single fuck about micronutrients, most of what they are eating can be shits load of trash foods just to get their calories spike; while they are on heavy steroid usages, which is why most of them feel like shit and are severely ill when their career ends.

If you are a natural lifter and you are focus on both performance & health: this diet is exactly perfect for you, to build muscle, strength and stay lean. And the saturated fat from red meats will improve your HDL cholesterol levels, thus helps you produce more testosterone.

3. Enhanced Cognitive Health

Personally, I feel great for during Vertical Diet even before I have known what the hell is it; I generally eat steaks for morning and the rest of the days cover with rice, eggs, Brazil nuts and occasional proportions of fruits and vegetables. Boy, the difference when I used to not included red meats in? In this diet, I am generally healthier physically and mentally.

My brain is way more clearer, sharper and less likely to have a food slump.

My focus, productivity and energy are generally great without having to use nootropics.

And I guess this is true because of the amounts of micronutrients being covered in this diet, you need essential vitamin and minerals like magnesium, Omega 3, choline, Vitamin D3, B12, K2 to supports your nervous system, regulates neurotransmitters and improves brain development.

If you are not on a current bulking session, or just simply doing intermittent fasting, you’ll still feel sharp (even sharper) with this diet, as intermittent fasting has already gives your brain’s an edge, but having enough micronutrients also helps more.

Why I Think The Vertical Diet Is Superior?

Overall, I tend to find that The Vertical Diet is much more better than most diet plans in the world, at least for me. Due to the relative amount of macronutrients are needed for the body and optimal micronutritional profile.

If talking about the Paleo Diet, the diet is very rich in protein and moderate in fat, but very minimal in carbohydrates; this is great if you want to stay lean and healthy, but for athletic performance? No. Moreover, the diet restricted heavily on sugars and dairy, which there are some forms of complex carbs you can get nutrition from.

If talking about vegan diet, the amount of fibers and micronutrients you can get from fruits and vegetables alone are not entirely enough, as you will miss Zinc, Iron & Vitamin B12. And most vegan’s protein sources are less bioavailable than animal products. Also some vegans look like shit or severely crazy.

If talking about the keto diet, the diet is high in fat and moderate in protein, also minimal in carbohydrates. While the fat and protein can be high on caloric intake and you feel much more mentally cleared, high on energy and can workout; you hardly get stronger and build muscle because you need carbohydrates.

This also says the same with Carnivore diet and Steaks and Eggs; they are great, especially on shredding fat and get lean, but not fully optimal.

One more thing about the Vertical Diet stands out is: there’s no freaking food restrictions.

You don’t need to restrict anything in this diet, eat whatever you want; but as long as the large proportions of it are meats and rice, with enough high quality foods to provide sufficient micronutrient needs. Then you are good, hence it is easier to eat that way than restricting this or that.

My Review For The Vertical Diet

Vertical Diet For Micronutrients, Body-Mind Health And Building Muscle

I’d recommend you guys to try it.

This is simply the best way to eat for me, and probably for most of you.

You will notice your quality of life improved, your athletic performance as well as mental performance significantly better; you will lift more weights, you will perform better in sports, you will focus and stay sharp longer in any complex tasks.

And more, you will feel generally healthier and more vigorous compares to your traditional diet; the micronutrients sufficiency will help with your gut health, your immune system, digestion system and diseases.

I am doing this and I love it.

I am pretty sure this is 100% the best diet for me and for most people.

Try it and you won’t be regret.

Until next time,


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