The Weakest Link In Any Man's Dating Life

The Weakest Link In Any Man’s Dating Life

There’s a proverb of the old saying: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

So are humans, and in this article, I will be talking about this within the aspect of males.

In which you fellas have probably witnessed many situations of men, including women going downfall and getting weakened; after they’ve got into relationships with significant other.

Let’s assume that you are a masculine guy looking alpha as fuck; and you are full of energy, confidence, power, intelligence, and women can pick up that aura of confidence and swagger from you. Yet suddenly one day, you meet and fall in love with a beautiful, feminine woman. So you get into an intimate relationship with her.

But one day, that lovely honeymoon moments starting to fade, or just snaps the fuck out instantly. Then she grows obnoxious and being apathetic towards you; but you dumbass cannot control your shit, you overthink like a maniac and you feel like your world is turning upside down because of a fucking woman.

And if you act like that unconsciously, you goes from a strong masculine guy into a pathetic and stupid weakling mess of a man charmed by a woman; then you try to do anything to please her in order to get her back.


In almost an instant, you just loses your entire integrity.

The scale of power reverses as a man is no longer in charged, and relationship falls.

And you feels heart-broken, depressed and possibly being furious about her; so is she (or she is looking for another daddy, or a new sex’s god).

This instance sketches out the main theme for this article, and yes it is another one about woman.

So let’s get into it.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

“You are only as strong as your weakest link”. And during this situation, your weakest link is about her, or generally, about women. I am goddamn sure that 99% every single motherfucker has this weak link. So if your link about romantic values with women isn’t strong enough, then these are consequences:

  • You lose your both inner & outer values also your integrity of a man.
  • Both yours and her life get messed up, she will lose respect for you (and guess what? If she doesn’t respect you, she doesn’t love you.)

Normally, I can easily show you how to know if you link is weak or strong, and that is your mental and psychological frame when you interact with women. You must assess yourself with these questions: Is your masculine, dominant, confident vibe and integrity real? Can you express yourself and say what you want to say without seeking her approval? And do you deify women like they are goddess? (If you do, please do me a favor, drop that shit).

That’s it, if you frame with women seems insecure and full of phony baloney, then your connections with women in long-term will be like crap.

Therefore, this is something you should assess carefully, so that you can strengthen this weak link; when this link is strong again like the all other links, then your life, relationships also experience with women dramatically improve. In other words, you will be a full-fledged integrated alpha.

Oh! But that’s just one part!

Do you know why your time with women at the beginning feels sweet like honey, and then slowly dampens? If you don’t fucking know, allow me to elaborate you: she shit tests you, that’s my 100% money-back guarantee.

Point 2: A Woman’s Shit Test Can Severely Mess A Man’s Mind

Shit Test

Ah, yes! This is just an another classic thing happens when you are with any woman, it is also a classic term mentioned by PUA’s and red pill dating’s community. So here, I will tell you about it.

My Little Explanation About Shit Test

Women generally is more emotional than being rational and logical; that being said, it doesn’t fucking mean that they are incapable of being rational, but most of the time their state of mind is more influenced by emotions, yet out of the blue. This is why women are very volatile, vulnerable, always changing moods and being deep; and it is also why they think men are kind of “stupid”, on the other hands, men think they are kind of “crazy”.

Women’s subconscious mind has more depth and is more susceptible than men’s; when a woman get to know a guy, she constantly shit tests him, yet she is unaware of it because it happens unconsciously. You folks will always be tested.

“Wait, why the fuck she gotta test me then, that’s stupid? Is she crazy?” – Most guys.

My man, she gotta test your ass to sees if your qualities and vibes are made of precious powerful metals or some cheap-ass plastic.

If your frame is a fucking steel-made of a man, than you are a high-valued strong guy, you cannot be distracted and influenced by her emotions.

And If she can see that shit in you, her feminine energy signals your strong masculine energy; she sees you having potentials for the great future, so you can protect, love and provide her abundance; at the same time she feels convinced to be submissive and be supportive of your leadership. So that both of your lives can move forward and get better.

Women must shit test so they can progress their love and affection towards whom she dates; and women need a lot of time to truly like and love a person, fellas. Meanwhile, you immediately turn the fucking “on” button within your dick when you see how big and hot her boobs, ass and face.

That being so, mom said me once: “his penis blinds his eyes”, and now this is so damn true.

Her Main Shit Test: She Acts Like She Doesn’t Want You

To reflect the main circumstance of this article, I will reveal a kind of common shit test all guys fall into: “she acts like she doesn’t want you”.

Back then, she always listens and follows you and what ever the hell you say to her, and until one day you tell her something, you ask her something, you want her to do this or that; but she just doesn’t give a fuck, she drops all your boundaries and leaves you baffled. In which you react to these behaviors explosively:

  • “Why the fuck you do this to me????”
  • “Hey babe, I am sorry, don’t be like that any more, I still like you and I’ll do whatever you want, ok?”
  • Or you become jealous and insecure: “Fuck, have she been sucking other guy’s dick??? I am so good for her, but why would she do that to me????”

Blah blah blah, blo blo blo, on and on with all other bullshits… Jesus, if you keep doing this, you have already lost.

“But why?”. Because women are very sensitive about emotions, her emotions rapidly alter and they need that constant emotional stimulation in order to feel great, happy and excited.

When she begins to know you, you both have lots of interesting things that excite each other, but time passes, nothing new happens and she gets bored. When she can’t have that emotional rollercoaster again from you she gotta find another things to feel interested; and also tests you to see how hard you’re made of (happens mostly at the beginning of relationship).

If you can generate emotional rollercoaster for her; then you should best be strong within your frame. And if you can’t, then:

  • She loses respect.
  • She dumps your ass to Mars and ignores you forever: “Pathetic guy, NEXT!”
  • The scale of power shifts towards her, her femininity has been overshadowed by the secret masculine’s alter ego in her unconsciousness (in Jungian psychology it is “animus”), she is in charged of the relationship.

If you can see yourself in this article, I’d want you to re-assess and correct yourself honestly.

Two ways:

  • You will give her mixed signals.
  • You have to maintain your frame strong.

And I’ll be more specific in the below paragraph.

Technique 1: Give Her Mixed Signals

Mixed Signals

During your emotional progress with a girl, you have to be intelligent and ingenious enough when she will start to be feel disinterested or shit test you.

She needs emotional stimulation; and mixed signals are when you are being really good and affectionate towards her, and suddenly your behaviors fluctuate: at one point you are being positive and loving, and at one point you are being negative and uninterested. This counter-attacks her shit test.

For instance: you have great dates with her, watch movies, talk a lot, fuck her good and compliment her how angelic she is; then out of blue, you act like you don’t care about her anymore, or being slightly spiteful or negative towards her.

Guess what happens? She becomes curious and always think about you why you are being like that, her life is getting messed by a guy makes her losing her shits. And the more she thinks about you, the more attractive you are to her. Mixed signals are usually how girls shit test guys.

Of course this will be hard for most guys, I’ve been there done that; when I started doing this shit, I had always thinking myself: “Is this too harsh? Am I being too much of an asshole?”. But along with knowledge and experience, this makes sense and it becomes natural.

But NEVER overkill this shit.

The more you over-do this technique, the worse it gets; because she will feel disheartened and disgust you when you try to fuck with her reality too much. You want keep and adore her genuinely, not playing her like a puppet (if you are this sick, stay the fuck away from me!)

The PUAs, players and scumbags usually do this practice to seduce and retain girls; but it is highly over-done. Especially with scumbags: playing them like puppets then kick them out like kicking dirt.

Technique 2: Maintain A Strong Masculine Frame

James Bond
James Bond has an “alpha male” vibe because of his total badass frame

This technique is applied when she is the one who’ve tested you with mixed signals. And instead of reacting chaotically; you should control your frame and emotions.

Controlling your frame isn’t easy, this shit needs you to spend at least 1-2 years of deep inner works, meditations, training your mind, with some experiences not only with women, but with life; or have overcome at least 5 heart-broken relationships.

If you maintain and master a strong, stoic and powerful frame, you are still your true self even before you are dating her; a decisive, dominant, tough guy with purposes beyond everything and has no needs for external validation, and do what is right from within.

And you do not react to her shits, just like her: you act like you don’t care and mind your own business. Her subconscious can feel that, and that shit makes her wild for you and respect your more because of your integrity.

So instead of thinking about her all day long, just work on your purposes and improve yourself: lift weights, read books, learn a skill, make money and lead others; just leave her be.

But that doesn’t mean you just completely ignore her, because relationships need emotional investment even if it’s just tiny bit. If there’s one day you want to meet her up and tell you how you feel about her behaviors: “I do not accept your bullshit, don’t pull it out again.” You’ll say it with genuine feelings and honesty, your words are spoken within your frame, not hers.

From there, instead of being contemptuous and hateful; she actually respects these qualities of honor, leadership and authority of a man, and that makes you irresistible because you are an alpha male. And guess what? Tell someone to write a romantic love novels about your couples like 50 Shades Of Grey, I’d read it.

Poor Conclure

Ghostblade's image: an elf and a warrior

Remember that your weakest link will be the one that sends you into downfall.

Never leave weak links within you, especially with women; and almost all of you motherfuckers have it.

When you know that link is too weak and easily be broken, be aware of it and take control over it; then strengthen it until it becomes solid.

If it just fucking breaks with a snap, prepare to lose all the The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl’s beauty of romances; and watch it turning into a pile of dogshit. Trust me, most relationships smell like shits because of both guys and girls being dumb.

So don’t be dumb, just need a little bit of brains and understand the game of dating; then play it right.

She is leaded by a king, protected and lavished by a warrior, a hero. Be your own hero then you will be hers.

For now, I’ll see you next time,


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