Top 4 Micronutrients Every Man Should Take

Top 4 Micronutrients Every Man Should Take

If you are a health-obsessed freak or just a guy who wants to live healthier, stronger and longer; then you should not forget about micronutrients, they are very essential vitamins and minerals for your well-being and overall health.

But then we all know the unfortunate circumstances nowadays:

  • Majority of Americans are deficient in vitamins and minerals from their eating habits (also 92% of Americans have vitamin deficiency) [R], [R]
  • 2+ billions people over the world have been estimated suffering from micronutrient deficiency. [R].

And because of what? Because of most people shitty nourishing habits in their daily basis, that eventually effect their health.

Now look at most of your American fellows, they eat fuck tons of junk foods from McDonald, Taco Bell and Papa John’s Pizza; and refined sugars in cakes, chocolate, ice creams, marshmellow. So you see, many seems to be well-nourished as they look fat as fuck, but unhealthy and slow.

Next time if you spot on a bodybuilder looks like a mass monster, don’t be quick to judge they are healthy. In fact, they are not; they have been eating some various craps to get their macros hit, along with the synthetic anabolic steroids they’ve been pinning.

I say none of these guys are healthy, not even fucking athletes; I don’t care if who are you, but if you’ve been eating things that have no nutritional values and sufficient micronutrients, you are not healthy.

So that being said, I’d like to suggest you these 4 essential micronutrients should you be taking, as a great man in his journey to conquering life, to stay vigorous and powerful.

1. King Of Micronutrients: Vitamin D3

Micronutrient 1: Vitamin D3

The first and foremost and the king of all king micronutrients for all men must have is Vitamin D3; no debate! Vitamin D3 makes you masculine, lean and mean as fuck!

Hence it is the vitamin with the highest deficiency profile in the Western’s world, and I can see it why; most people cannot afford enough Vitamin D3 in their daily nutritional profile, and yet very less of them ever care about this.

But how the fuck can you not care about this badass?

Vitamin D3 is a crucial vitamin for enhancing bone growth, metabolism and density [R]; also it is the most powerful precursor to your favorite steroid hormone: testosterone and other androgen receptors.

It also lowers myostatin, increases muscle recovery; optimizes your neurotransmitters and will absolutely make your libido roaring and manly as fuck. And in fact, helps elevated your immune system so you can resists COVID-19, as most people who are Vitamin D3 deficient are major patients of it [R].

For now, if you notice yourself being deficient in Vitamin D3; getting it fixed will remarkably increases 20-30% staggering levels of testosterone, no kidding guys. This micronutrient is an always-must-have!

As for daily recommended dosage is about 3,300 IU a day, but personally I’d recommend getting at least 5,000IU; and my suggestions are:

  • Get out in the sun for at least 15-30 minutes a day; as Vitamin D3 from the sunlight synthesizes with your skin allow your body to absorb it.
  • If your geographical location doesn’t have good sunlight, I suggest supplementing yourself with this product; which fulfilled the need of 5,000IU every single day. (click here for the link)
  • And eat tons of foods that are rich in Vitamin D3: grass-fed high qu, salmon, tuna, … (don’t fucking drink milk. Due to most milk nowadays are pasteurized and probably injected with hormones; also contains lots of estrogen, which is damaging to your androgenic hormones.)

2. Zinc

Micronutrient 2: Zinc

Zinc should always be a staple along with Vitamin D3 as the two baddest boys for maximizing your manhood; in fact, I’d feel my best if I have enough or above-average levels of Zinc and Vitamin D3 everyday. By far, Zinc is one of the top-notch micronutrients.

And why is that?

Because Zinc is shown to be greatly beneficial to your brain function [R]; supports your immune system [R]; while also a precursor to androgen receptors, which also leads to increased amount of testosterone [R]. Damn! You’ll feel your libido roaring as hell every day.

Many studies have confirmed this, and by far; the amount of zinc can jack up your testosterone levels up to double or triple amount if you were significantly deficient in the first place. Now get some Zinc then man the hell up, boyyyy!

So, how do we get our Zinc, there are many suggested ways:

  • Eat shit tons of grass-fed high quality beefs: ground beefs, sirloin steaks, new york strips, bison, lambs which contains lots of Zinc (about 50% in 100g steak); and other great micronutrients like Vitamin B6, B12, Iron, Niacin, Magnesium, …
  • Other great foods that contain saturated fat normally have higher Zinc profile: eggs, fishes, almonds, dark chocolate.
  • As for supplementation, this is the product I’d recommend taking along with Vitamin D3. (click here for the link)

3. Very Underrated: Selenium

Brazil Nuts contain 500 to 600% of Selenium within 2-6 quantities

Most mainstream articles will never tell you about this secret mineral. But I think probably most of them don’t know or it is way too insignificant among the mass attention.

From my experience, Selenium is a very, VERY underrated micronutrient! Hell! It is a god send to men yet most men never fucking know! And by getting this sufficient, you will supercharge your masculinity almost instantly.

For myriads of reasons: that selenium has shown to be extremely beneficial for your heart, cognitive also sexual health as a whole; especially if you want to jack up your manliness, here are reasons why this micronutrient is so great:

  • Selenium increases sperm fluid and production (which leads to increased testosterone); [R],[R].
  • Selenium can charge your sex drive immensely; [R].
  • And increases male fertility rate.

So how can you get enough selenium in your daily life? In my experience, there’s no faster and better way then jacking it up with freaking Brazil Nuts. It is damn awesome and it makes me feel like a god every day!

No bullshit here, folks; every night I have like 3-6 brazil nuts before bed 60-120 minutes; and the next day I wake up, the boner in the morning lasts for long minutes and it is freaking insane; also my libido is pulsing and roaring throughout the day; and I feel strong and clear-headed.

In fact, Tim Ferriss, the infamous bio-hacker, who experimented himself with 3-6 brazil nuts a day for a month, and when his bloodwork returned; his total testosterone levels nearly tripled!

So, there you have it the best way; yet there are also other suggestions are: eat red meats, as they contain lots of selenium. But keep in mind there’s no better sources of selenium other than brazil nuts; because it contains the most staggering amount of this mineral. And that’s the best you can get.

4. Omega 3 EPA + DHA

Omega 3 is way too underrated nowadays, but because of it’s great benefits; this is one of the best and hence under my top 4 micronutrients for men I’d recommend. These fatty oil acids are the great god holy grail for improving cognitive performance as well as heart’s health; and they are natural, safe, affordable and easy to get.

Micronutrient 4: Omega 3 Fish Oil EPA + DHA

Some studies have claimed that Omega 3 fatty acid shown to be extremely anabolic [R], which improves your muscle building process; increases your strength; increases your recovery; and it is good for reduce myostatin, insulin sensitivity as well as optimizing your hormones.

This micronutrient also contains two primary compounds EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). For these these two fatty acids contribute massive roles to your brain function [R], which includes: increases memory and learning ability; reduces risks of entering early stages of Alzheimer’s disease [R]; and also they are neuroprotective and reducing brain inflammation [R].

Now I understand why our dear mommies buy us milk that contains high proportions of EPA and DHA in it; so that we can grow smarter, and have better memory and acute learning abilities.

And there’s no better way to get this micronutrient from eating fatty fishes; especially salmon, which contains substantial levels of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Either that, or you can supplement yourself with taking fish oil daily.

For fish oil, this is a great brand. Because this is also very affordable while contains relatively high amounts of EPA, DHA and Omega 3; just follow the recommended dosage and you’d already have abundant of them. As I take them every morning and I feel great, even without stimulants.

How Steak & Eggs Diet Can Hit Most Of Your Top 3 Micronutrients

Relatively speaking, other than taking supplements for these necessary vitamins and minerals; yet there’s no way you cannot get them from having a good, nutritional meal plan.

But be surprised, folks! Most of the shits you are eating every day probably do not fulfill them; but eating tons of steak and eggs does. It is an old school, and a classic type of carnivore (or even keto) diet.

Some golden bodybuilders had been eating this diet ever since for its benefits, notably the legendary Vince Gironda.

Vince Gironda
Vince Gironda – the human machine that eats steak and eggs

Let me breaking it down to you, … Take a careful look at this table below:

Vitamins and Minerals in 100g Steak (% RDA)Zinc: 50%; Vitamin B12: 63%; Selenium: 28%; Phosphorus: 24%; Niacin: 19%; Iron: 16%; Vitamin B6: 16%; Vitamin B2: 11%; Potassium: 8%; Vitamin B1: 6%; Magnesium: 6%, …
Vitamins and Minerals in 3 Eggs (% RDA)Selenium: 66%; Vitamin B2: 42%; Vitamin B12: 33%; Phosphorus: 30%; Vitamin A: 21%; Folate: 18%; Iron: 15%; Zinc: 12%; Vitamin B6: 12%; Vitamin D: 12%; Calcium: 9%, …
Nutritional values obtained from Nutrition Advance

You see what I mean?

Not only these contains relatively high amount of Selenium, Zinc and Vitamin D; but also numerous proportions of different essential micronutrients that are needed to optimize your human performance and health, hence why they are the best health foods!

Imagine eating tons of steaks and eggs every single day; and you wake up with a strong boner, also pulsing electricity in your genitals through out the day; also you feel more energetic, mentally cleared and happy due to serotonin and glutamine. So how can you tell me that they are unhealthy?

Because of cholesterol? No, it is what you need to increase sex drive and testosterone! These foods are obviously rich in nutritional values, and they are the best shits you can find.

Vertical Diets For Micronutrients, Body-Mind Health Benefits And Building Muscles

Vertical Diet For Micronutrients, Body-Mind Health And Building Muscle

While I can say that the “steak and eggs” diet is a killer shit to allowing you to hit my top 3 minerals and vitamins, do I suggest that you should keep doing that for the rest of your life? No, in fact, not for most of you actually.

Steak and eggs might be good and delicious, but it is not beneficial for long-term intake for most people; for you will be missing carbohydrates for lifetime, and most of you should have carbohydrates to function fully. Which is why Vertical Diet is the best approach for long-term.

Vertical Diet, created by Stan Efferding, is the diet that will allows you to tackle most of your micronutrients and amino acids need on daily basis, along with amounts of high quality foods in all three macros; eating this diet makes you feel healthier in both body and the brain, you’ll feel great!

To those don’t know who Stan Efferding is, he was an IFBB pro bodybuilder and yet one of the strongest out there; this guy in his prime was strong like an damn ox! He had an all-time powerlifting’s record of RAW total 2,303 pounds which is inhumanly impressive! And he just created by far the best diet model I’ve ever seen!

So, if you are lifting weights or an athlete, this is probably the best diet for you too; as you will also improve your performance, gain lots of strength and muscle, and feel healthy due to the sufficient micronutrients.

I’ve been eating this diet even before knowing it for almost a year; and oh boy, I feel great and vigorous everyday! And what I’ve been eating are steaks, eggs, brazil nuts and white rice with some veggies and fruits; yet I do not feel sick but powerful especially during the quarantine period.

Also my strength, muscle as well as energy also increased noticeably and I’ll be doing this for lifetime if I can. Now I am promoting this to you so you can get the same health benefits.


That, there you have it, folks.

The four, best of best micronutrients that every single man on Earth should take, or get from their diets; for these are: Vitamin D3, Zinc, Selenium, Omega 3 Fatty Acids + EPA & DHA.

In every single way, I’d guarantee with you if you get these vitamins and minerals on check, you will go from a snowflake zero into a badass hero. And I’d do that with money-back 100%; because these things work.

For my experience, I’ve been benefited a lot by having these micro-nutrients fully stacked in every day life; from being lethargic and having fuck tons of mood swings, to feeling energetic, powerful, motivated, balanced and masculine. And along with steaks and eggs in my every meal I’d just feel much greater than before!

Now you know these real deals; so don’t get yourself slip up, especially your body and mind. Because if you are on your life mission or just basically lifting weights hard every week, missing micronutrients are extremely detrimental to recovery and your health.

But neither of us want to destroy our precious health, now live healthy and stay strong.

Maximize your lifestyle and keep chasing your dreams, and never give in.

And I’ll be seeing you next time,


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