what should you do if you are 18 years old?

What Should You Do If You Are 18 Years Old?

18 years old then vs now
18 Year Old Boy Then Vs Now

Most 18 years old of modern world are mediocre, slob and uninteresting human beings.

Yet there are also few minority of more mature 18 years old.

Some of them ask me: “What should I do if I am 18 years old?

Oh, definitely there are lots of things you should do when you are 18, and they are all come with the matters of choices and visions.

But if you are not within the mass majority of these average age-18 kiddos, these are what you definitely should wanna do:

  1. Follow your deepest purpose/wildest dreams in life.
  2. Have an above average quality lifestyle.
  3. Always seek to strengthen your core inner characters.

And that’s it.

These are the only 3 ageless, perennial pieces of advice for all those highly aspired 18 years old dudes (even teenagers and 20s dudes).

Because you’re not a normal 18-year old.

You are way more mature, higher and mightier than that.

And for any mature, high & might 18 years old, you possible possess these indefinite core values: TIME, LOVE, AMBITIONS & FULFILLMENT.

Look, like you; I am an 18 year old too. And I know these things very well.

As I know these things too well, I have to live & thrive by them.

Because I understand how precious yet finite resource as time is, and time should be spent wisely to be the best as I could be.

I understand that live high & mighty when I am so aspired of greatness, dedicated love & massive ambitions are NO-1 important.

I understand that you and I always desire for self-actualization, we want to live fully and never be regretful.

All these 3 things I’ve given you allow you to tap into your core values, thus so you can live up to your fullest potential.

Follow Your Deepest Purpose Or Wildest Dreams In Life

find your purpose in life as an 18 year-old

One of the core definitive traits of highest masculine potential is a purpose.

As a man with purpose is unstoppable and relentless. When a man know himself and know what he wants, he will embody the traits of assertiveness, courage, strength, determination and action mentality.

For these are the necessary qualities in any men must always possess in order to achieve greatness; thus live life fully as a mature man.

For any 18-year old folks out there, I encourage you to always follow your dreams.

Don’t spend time chasing irrelevant stuffs that are not aligned with who you are.

Don’t spend time chasing materialistic objects, or the objective, pleasure & recognition of masses of sheep upon you.

We have too many 18-year old kids spend their youthful, vigorous livelihood chasing bunches of insignificant bullshits & gratifications which serve them no perpetual values whatsoever.

As a results: we have the crowd of lady-boys, effeminate, weak, soulless & purposeless dipshits are constantly ruining themselves more & more.

If you are smart, you will realize what I said is 100% true.

And if you are reflective, you may find that is somewhat true with you too.

I know it because it whom I was.

And it was a depressing past, you know?

Hence, it took me 17 years of life to realize the bullshits that I was aimlessly drifting in. And few more months during my 18 to finally had the courage to give up what are irrelevant to live with purpose.

As my desire for greatness fuels me, the inner fire within is scorching bigger.

One of my very purposes right now is: to truly impact millions, build a legion of great men, then to be world class with this hardcore personal development brand of mine (this website is one of it).

“Yo fuck that shit! Give it up, it is impossible!”


“You’ll never make it, you are just another phony ass wannabe of those great men before you.” – As some people said.

Here’s what I am gonna say: “GO FUCK YOURSELF, DUMBASS!

And here’s what Nelson Mandela says: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

So, I dare to dream the impossible.

And I live it with my gut, live it with my conviction.

And so should you.

Know yourself, discover your true purpose & live it and act on it. Do what you want, and you will never regret.

Build An Above-Average Lifestyle

Jim Rohn's quote: those who seek a better life must first become a better person.

There was not so much to matter about having a lifestyle before yet it an essential thing for any young men for developing it early.

Building a lifestyle determines the quality of your life, reflects your ability to success and live happily or not.

That’s what it is.

Don’t ever be a motherfucking imbecile and ignore it.

There’s so much difference you can make in having a lifestyle, so why the fuck shouldn’t you do to improve it?

Take a look at slobbish slumpy Joe lifestyle and badass rad Chad lifestyle.

While Chad has a well-designed lifestyle with sets of habits, practices, routines & activities improve himself everyday.

He wakes up early, meditates, lift weights in the morning & brainstorms, executes his business daily.

And that damn dipshit Joe is complaining about his life, his job and his boss & lying on the coach with coke & chips while watching Game Of Thrones on Netflix, …

For an average, mediocre 18 year old: that would be doing, complaining about schoolwork stuffs, and lying on bed posting pics to Instagram, reacting to Facebook status or spending hours on the next Call Of Duty release, Fortnite shit, eat shit foods, sleep late, blah blah blah, …

That’s definitely not the lifestyle I want.

Fuck it, I’d rather ditch a college semester, take $5000 and save it for a Vegas trip, business, and I structure my own routines that make me happier and getting better everyday. (I am doing it actually.)

Now that’s a real deal.

And that’s what you should always try to do.

An above average lifestyle requires you to live, act & think much more different compared to your average to below-average peer.

You must have better habits, better things to do, improving aspects in life: mind, body, finance, relationships, spirituality.

And that’s how you do it.

Seek To Strengthen Your Inner Characters

discipline equals freedom - Jocko Willink

For any fellow 18 year old folks are aspiring for bigger and higher.

I always suggest developing your characteristics, work ethics, beliefs. and inner values.

Because when you move on through life, you might now know what you bumps into. And without a strong character, you will not be able to withstand.

A strong character is absolutely necessary for becoming a man at his fullest masculinity.

That’s what separates boy from man.

The book called King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert L. Moore (recommended reading) covers this very specific:

“The devastating fact is that most men are fixated at an immature level of development. These early developmental levels are governed by the inner blueprints appropriate to boyhood. When they are allowed to rule what should be adulthood, when the archetypes of boyhood are not built upon and transcended by the Ego’s appropriate accessing of the archetypes of mature masculinity, they cause us to act out of our hidden (to us, but seldom to others) boyishness.

Robert Moore – King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, pg.13: Boy Psychology.

Here, what we see in reality is that most men are pretty immature.

Most men are just stubborn, snobbish, egoistic, effeminate & fragile due to the fractions of the psychological imprints when they were young.

Pretty much, these men are just boys, with an immature masculine imprint within themselves.

So now have you understood?

You see, that’s why there are some 18-old dudes are wise beyond their ages, and some 30s – 40s dudes are literally man-fucking-children.

And likewise for these most 18 year-old folks.

And that’s why you should improve your strength of character.

These strengths of characters are essentially be work ethics, self-sufficiency, discipline, willpower & courage.

When you are resilient, bold and brave, and when you are controlled and calm.

You are unstoppable.

And you are free to get whatever you want out of life. Like any other great conquerors before you.


Poor Conclure: What Should You Do If You Are 18 Years Old?

winning doesn't care about feelings - Juhani Eridius 18 year-old message

For a fellow aspired and winning 18-year old, I have figured out what I want, what I be, who am I & therefore, I want you to be the same.

If you are a brilliantly aspiring young men for higher feats.

You should follow these three timeless pieces of advice I have given you.

Those are following your purposes; have a better lifestyle & develop your characters.

And that’s it.

And furthermore, that’s how you can evolve into a better man.

I remind you to understand that masculinity itself at fullest potential is sacred.

And like those men before you, you are in the destiny to fulfill yourself so you can contribute greatness & upbringing to the civilizations.



Stop fucking around!

Be a man of greatness! And thou shall ASCEND!

And like any successful men, or successful 18 year-old folks; always do what you’ve always wanted to do the most, and live it fully.

For now, I’ll see you next time,


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