Why Lifting Weights Is The Best Thing Every Man Must Do

Why Lifting Weights Is The Best Thing Every Man Must Do

Lifting weights, in my belief, is the best of all best habits any man should do in their lifetime.

It gives us the overall feelings of manliness.

It has great tons of benefits for a man’s life.

While it is absolutely great to lift weights in regular basis; only very less men do it. That’s because the most average Joes barely touch the barbell before; and also they don’t even care about it.

And I mean, hell yeah. Most guys don’t even want to fucking exercise; let alone lifting.

Because their bodies are not built for exercising/trash genetics or whatever the fuck their brainless excuses are.

Average guys don’t lift weights: the typical average modern males in Asian countries have mostly skinny fat; and severely skinny body type looks like being drained by Dracula in a night-trip on his castle. And they all look girly and wimpy as shit.

Meanwhile, the typical average modern males in Western countries have dad bods; lots of heavily overweight type of bodies; some are skinny fats. This definitely signals high contents of consumerism and hedonism.

Guess what? They all have these common same-ol-records:

“But being muscular isn’t attractive; it is so intimidating. Girls love dad bods and skinny types of bodies more!”

“Meatheads that lift lots of weights aren’t that strong; and they are also dumb as fuck with these roid rages shit!”

Whining doesn’t keep you away from the truth, pussy boys.

The truth? Women actually prefer guys that looks athletic, muscular and strong; yet not too bulky and extremely big like professional bodybuilders or heavyweight powerlifters. But still, it’s a fact that women likes muscles and athletic physiques; since they indicate testosterone, power and good genetics.

But it is not only the benefit of being more attractive to women.

Lifting weights is absolutely crucial for building strength, intellect, discipline and a sense of purpose; all noble qualities of good men.

So spare yourself some weights, and hear the lectures.

Lifting Weights Undoubtedly Makes You Strong & Jacked

Guy lifting weights

There’s no fucking way you can run away from the absolute fact: when you’re jacked, you’re stronger than most people.

As being muscular is the indicator of health, strength & masculinity.

If you can lift a barbell with 45 lbs plates on it, there’s no doubt you are strong. Most people struggle picking up a barbell properly since they barely touch it; or at very light dumbbells initially.

In fact, the common strength standards for any average lifters are: 4 plates deadlift (405lbs); 3 plates squat (315lbs); 2 plates bench (225lbs); 1 plates overhead press (135lbs).

And if you can perform these numbers for 3-5 reps, then you are definitely strong; also when you can lift these numbers, your physique must also be good simultaneously for these numbers above are difficult enough for beginners to achieve.

That’s just a simple relationship:


And how to get strong: lift heavier weights than last time.

You build big muscle groups when you lift heavy; and vice versa, building muscles with moderate weights for hypertrophy also increases your strength potential.

And must you at least achieve these number above to consider yourself as highly strong.

Guys Who Lift Are Especially Intelligent

Bodybuilding, or just in generally, weight training’s philosophy is definitely not simple.

It doesn’t always mean: “Lift more and heavier next time, then you are going to be strong and big.”

But it breaks down to training variations; nutrition; and recovery. And you have to actually be knowledgeable and hit all three elements excellently in order to optimize your growth. This is what average gym-goers all encounter and have to educate themselves.

Even for the guys who use anabolic steroids, while there are some lazy-ass retarded fools love to blast like a fucker and don’t bother to learn. Dudes who are on their first cycles must do a lot of research and studying about the compounds; their roles in physiology and neuropsychology; and how to do it.

The guy who takes his training seriously aren’t stupid like these girly man-bitches think.

That “meatheads are stupid” are not even true.

A natural lifter who looks very big, muscular & fit; lifts and bangs 5-6 weight plates in his sets has dedicated his training and learning for years. He is obviously very smart and knowledgeable about his stuffs; so is the personal trainer; the competitor & his coach.

Lifting weights will definitely make you more intelligent. Not only you do lots of learning, but exercising also increases the blood flow to the brain; enhances its plasticity, nerve cells growth & production of neuro-chemicals.

And combines with good nutrition and recovery (sleep, water, stretching,…)? You’re brain is a damn powerhouse.

It trains both the body and the mind, remember that.

You Build Enormous Discipline From Lifting Heavy Weights

Discipline is an aspect of motor control function in the prefrontal cortex of a brain; which responsible for self-control & executive functions; which is an another add-ons to your intellectual capacity.

Discipline is also a powerful quality of man, it is a virtue to possess with honor and spirit; for a man with discipline is strong, actionable, powerful & very successful in his doings. That is one of the core traits of this site.

Lifting heavy weights also give it.

You need to be highly disciplined, to build greater strength in order to lift heavier.

It is lifting gives you the sense of discipline to keep going to the gym and put on plates consistently for months, for years to get stronger and bigger.

And it is lifting gives you that discipline to be accountable with all your training regimes, nutrition and recovery in check that later becomes your lifestyle; so you can progress better in your lifting journey.

When you bang more irons for the next couple years; you will encounter fuck tons of hardships, plateaus and setbacks.

If you don’t have the discipline & will, you’d give up already.

Lifting heavy ass weights build strong sense of discipline over time that makes you stronger and better, and lets you overcoming hardships, setbacks and failures along the way. This kind of discipline can be applied to anything in life.

That’s way I believe it is one of the most powerful ways to build discipline. And I am never wrong about this.

Lifting Weights Ignites A Sense Of Purpose In You

What do you go to the gym for?

Why do you want to have a good physique and to be strong?

What do you want from doing this?

See, everything begins with a reason, including lifting weights. Since the day one you step in the door of your gym, you’ve had the reason; you have a purpose and a vision that makes you hit the gym.

That’s what when you starting lifting does.

You go to the gym with a purpose, either to look more muscular and attractive to women; or to become stronger so no one can touch you anymore; or to build a better life. Otherwise, you’d rather sitting at home as a bloke scrolling Internet and wasting time hitting pot, gaming and busting with porn tabs.

You feel that sense of purpose, so you keep working on your training consistently until you hit your goals. That gives you a sense of accomplishment. Until you hit 4 plates of deadlift, 2 plates of bench; you’d feel like stepping in the moon and feel proud of it.

That sense of purpose builds that fire inside you and can transit into making money, being successful with your passion & many other things.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Or Can’t Lift?

If you can’t hit the weights; then do calisthenics training or some martial arts classes.

Calisthenics training like push-ups, pull-ups, pistol-squats, planks, handstands, …. are fantastic for developing your physicality to much powerful levels, you’ll build decent amount of muscles and tons of relative bodyweight strength; and I believe performing crazy calisthenics feats are as impressive as lifting extremely heavy.

Although I prefer lifting heavy weights more due to faster muscle growth and great for building size, strength as well as very primal masculine thing. Calisthenics are also primal as well and it’s perfect for those with little financial options and prefer doing crazy things with their bodies.

Lifting weights builds bigger muscle easily and pack in more raw strength; calisthenics is great for optimizing relative strength, dynamic power, tendons & endurance. I love to combine both practices.

Martial arts, on the other hands, train you to be more offensive and strategic with using physical & mental prowess for combating. It is also one of the primal practices teach you to defend and fight for survivals. You will gain tons of reflexes, speeds as well as explosive power and natural aggression.

Just keep in mind that all 3 increase natural testosterone levels.

But choose whatever fits your pocket.


Deadlifting 800lbs

In short, lifting weights is the best thing every man must do; because not only it makes you more attractive, it builds great strength, intellect, discipline & a sense of purpose, all good qualities of men.

Once you hit the weights, there’s no point of return.

It is meant to be life-changing as well as addictive to the feelings of getting stronger and better.

To be honest, my life wouldn’t have turned around if I had not decided to go to the gym.

I remembered when I was just 14, being naive, lazy, egoistical and had the thinking pattern that: “all good things are given to me.”

Well, that all changed when I began lifting weights, but I wasn’t changing much there until few years of being obsessive of it. And here I am.

Now, looking back on such old days; I feel grateful for the good qualities I’ve earned today. And it all started with the journey in weight & iron rooms.

Until next time,


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