Dopamine Detox - Fasting

Why Do I Think Dopamine Detox Is BULLSHIT?

“Dopamine Detox? The hell is that?”

If someone ever tells you about something in your brain is responsible for pleasure; and if you are an intellectual, your answer will be: “Dopamine”.

But have you ever heard of dopamine detox or fasting?

No? But I did, because y’all are dumb.

Alright, I am just fucking with you, but BASICALLY, it is the shit you might need in order to fix your life back; or whatsoever.

I just recently did a small dopamine fasting session, as I have been spending shit tons of time doing meaningless things for weeks; while have not been continuing improving my website; and I would’ve thought of having an urge to writing about this for you all.

However, I think it is a bullshit; a big fat bullshit, and I want to show you an another way that is more effective than this.

What The Hell Is Dopamine?

“What the hell is dopamine?” – asked some of you haven’t known about it.

A bit of science, dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for stimulating pleasure; the more sensitive the receptors, the more motivated you are to pursue your dreams, and level up yourself. And you need to be dopamine-sensitive to be more productive.

The dopamine system is dynamic, our receptors are responsive to various emotional patterns inhibited in activates; mostly fun, orgasm or motivation feelings.

With a diversity of patterns such as: moderate or neutral at rest or unstimulated; heightened levels when confronted by a cue of motivational significance; quick, strong pulses when an unexpected reward is obtained; and rapid declines when an expected reward is withheld.

Our dopamine system is naturally healthy, it can helps us to activate aroused emotions in certain activities we embrace in our lives.

Hence, it is also the reason why sometimes – or usually we feel unmotivated, lazy, bored.

Why? Because this also happens with the relationship of dopamine sensitivity. You see, your dopamine system has certain levels of response; depends on personal exposures. Most of us engage in draining activities like: social medias, video games, watching porn, movies, listening to music, …

These activities spike your dopamine levels up to drastic percentage! And too much stimulation? It fucks your brain and makes you numb!

Hence why, dopamine detox or fasting is made as the solution to the cause.

Dopamine Fasting – Detox

Like fasting, fundamentally; you practice dopamine stimulating-activities restrictions in an amount of time. So that it helps your brain to reset the sensitivity, that also leads to having a desire or motivation to accomplish something.

I don’t know about the lad who made up this practice “Dopamine Fasting”, they called him a life-coach or something. Also, the fact that it was pretty contemporary to Silicon Valley. So I thought why don’t I give myself a shot?

And hell yeah, it works. It works as a big ass HYPE.

Truth to be told, it was a waste of your time & un-FUCKING-necessary! You don’t really need this at all, but still I want to clarify about this practice.

So How Can I Do It?

What you need to do:

  1. Writing a list of the activities that are draining you; basically they are sucking your dopamine like, just vampires are sucking your essence.
  2. Set your timer for 24-72 hours (24-hour period is commonly appropriate to reset your brain).
  3. Restrict all dopamine activities within the hours given.

Which is mean: NO video games! NO social medias! NO fun! Porn and masturbation is extremely recommended to be restricted too! And goddamn, not even coffee; foods (except clean, whole foods); even reading or learning shit!

And THAT’S IT! That’s how you do the detox work!

Either you do nothing – as this is for the truly hardcore fuckers.

Or, you can try to take an easier approach in this practice; so simply instead restricting all activities, you can do:

  • Meditation.
  • Journal.
  • Take some damn showers.
  • Relax or going outside.

That being said, do it for a period of time until you feel the tingling or clarity kicks in your brain. Maybe there will be a moment that you would have questioned your purposes.

And doing that giving you the motivation for doing what you need to do, in order to get shit done; take actions to achieve your goals; fulfill your dreams.

Nonetheless, like I said: IT IS FUCKING UNNECESSARY!

HOURS wasted for nothing, so that you could getting back to feeling normal again? Then what the fuck happens when I feel MOTIVATED or wanting to get SHIT done?

No! Thank you! Instead of wasting my time like with that bullshit, I have a better and more effective way.

Alternate Method: The Unplug

The “Unplug” method is fundamentally quite identical to the above-mentioned in approach. However, this way saves you the potential hours dragged by in an unnecessary way.

In terms of benefit, you can expect the same results (with extra hours, also).

And because I have already given some details about some particular terminology about this topic. I will get straight to the methods; no more redundant ramblings.

How to do it? EASY …

Unplug your brain from the devices, the foods, the leisure you are repetitively exposing to, that are draining your essence; for a matter of hours.

It is like taking a break from the status quo. Either do nothing, or do some activities that are needed for your growth; those could be things you have never done before.

Normally, it takes hours for the average; basically those who have little purpose for their futures and full-time interested in leisure, to toggle the switch in their brain.

On the other hand, guys who know their purposes and are fucking motivated; it can be much faster!

AND THERE YOU GO! No needed of wasted hours, continuous self-confinement, unnecessary resistance (despite they are pretty great to train your self-discipline).

Just few hours, until you feels heavenly. It is time to KILL.

Final Thoughts:

To sum up; dopamine detox is an unconventional-yet-shortcut method, to helps those who are in deep with the status quo of being consumed from their own habitual preferences; which keeps them from being productive, accomplishing tasks, discover and actualize their purposes.

And I think, because most people are the victims of their habitual patterns. This is one of the good ways to go.

Henceforth; I already said that this shit is pretty unessential, and there is a better way for that. But whether it is better or not, I would say: IT’S YOUR CHOICE!

It’s your choice to decide what you want, if you really desires for massive turns in life, or massive success.

So choose. In reality: Most men don’t really need this. The way I see; they are mostly the victims of pornography and disgusting self-sex fuckery! This is what has messed up many lives holistically.

If you are a porn-fapping junkie, pretty please; STOP. With all the ramblings about this dopamine detox, stopping from porno-fapping shit worths more. In case, I have a full guide to practice NoFap so that you can shift your reality, check it out!

Some reference about Dopamine Fasting – Detox: Is There Actually Science Behind ‘Dopamine Fasting’?

That being said, I’ll see you next time,

Exit stage, Juhani.

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