You Have To Be Willing To Face Pain & Adversity

You Have To Be Willing To Face Pain & Adversity

Pain is inevitable, accept it.

I’d want you to understand about one of the truths of reality: you must have pain & suffering.

When you find a way to avoid it, you will never; because no matter how you try to avoid pain, it will find a way back to you.

But pain is also a good thing.

If I have to spend 30 minutes listening to many percentage of you blabbering “pain is not worth it”; then I can pull out every single argument to prove you otherwise and I damn guaranteed it.


And life without pain, suffering & adversity is not a worth-living life and you will never find the causes, the will and the drives to succeed.

People who avoid pain and adversity never be able to reach their potentials, but you and I will be different.

“You know you got to go through hell before you get to heaven.”

Jet Airliner – Steve Miller Band

You Have To Feel Pain To Survive

Pain serves as a factor of our brain’s primal survival mechanism; which it means you have to feel pain in order to survive. And if you don’t? Hell, barely you can in my opinion.

When you can able to signal and dangers & adversity, your primal instincts will have to tell you to survive by any means necessary, and depends on situations you can either choose to fight or flee.

And what also happens during when you face adversity or in the verge of pains? Your brain jacked up the inhuman amount of adrenaline and noradrenaline, allows your body and mind to work at a superhuman levels.

When you are in between the scale of life-and-death situation, all you need to do is to survive and pain is a great motivator.

Now how can you use this for success?

By implementing the “do-or-die” mentality; then build the courage to put yourself in an uncertain and dangerous situations that challenge your comfort, but aligned with your paths to success.

When you can successfully sink that way of thinking deep inside your heart; likewise, your instincts will drive you to find the ways to succeed your goals no matter whats like how you find a way to survive.

It Makes You A Tough Motherf*cker

Pain & adversity is the necessary thing if you want to build a Spartan-liked quintessential traits and to be a tough, bad-ass warrior.

For those whom I really admired and see them as modeled figures, they all embodied the traits of: discipline, willpower, courage, resilience, confidence; and if you ask how were they hardened that way, all came from countless scenarios of adversity, fears and suffering.

Take a look at these most elite warriors in the world such as Navy SEALS, US Marines, Spetsnaz fighters, Mongolians, Spartans, Vikings, … Those are powerful men have been through lots of pains, losses and adversity risked their lives fighting and conquering in the battlefield.

Or those who are top 1% elite entrepreneurs, notable MMA champions and myriads of great over-achievers. And did how they exalt their mental capacity to be that successful? Just only their will to embrace the pains, friends.

And that’s how we can learn to be great like them.

So if you want to be extremely successful or obtain the greatest, most bad-ass, most capable personality traits that everybody always look up to. When you encounter hardship and suffering in your ways, never run away and embrace it like a great man.

Pain & Adversity Tests Your Commitment To Success

Now here is the interesting one.

When you stands in confrontation with the face of discomfort, fears and adversity, you will learn so much about yourself.

And what’s that mean?

It means pain and adversity can tell are you really faithful with your goals, your dreams and your success; or not.

If you want to succeed in life, you have to commit to your purpose and be willing to work to succeed; and sheer commitment to success is like a marriage proposal and your purpose is your spouse.

Any moment, you can really cheat in your spouse (giving up in your success) and to seek comfort: and there’s no easier way than giving up when you encounter the hardship.

But if you want to succeed, then be faithful to your purpose by accepting struggles. Monogamy is the best way to ensure your success or not and polygamy will never give you any true successes, just stupid half-ass results.

Do you want to get jacked? I want it too. But if you lack the resolve to accept the struggles and pains when working consistently in your training regimen; but constantly shifting focus and unfaithful, then good luck achieving your dream body.

That’s what separates those who can win in life and those who lose.

Overcoming Pain & Adversity Makes You Feel Mighty

Ever notice the feelings of when you are focusing your best to complete a tough workout like a maniac, despite all tiredness, grunting & sweating but at the last minute you have made it; you feel so aroused, proud and mighty like a conqueror?

Or the feelings when you put hours of work in finishing a craft, learning a tough skill, doing something so uncomfortable; and when you have finally done it, do you feel that same great feelings?

I do though, I always do.

And I’d tell you are nut if you have never felt like that.

For instances, whenever I finishing a tough lifting session that day; finishing a great book; taking cold showers; completing a great morning routine; or clicking the “publish” button of my well-refined article and winning the day. I always feel like busting a nut!

The feelings when you can finally conquer or are conquering all struggles and hardship out of your ways to success is completely different than when you indulge in instant gratification. Instant gratification can gives you a temporary spike of pleasure for now, but winning over hardship, failures and griefs gives you heightened, powerful emotions will last until you die.

Pain and suffering are temporary during your journey from Hell ascending to Heaven; that’s why it is worth it.

Yet only mediocre people and giver-ups blindly seeking instant successes or secure ways to keep themselves gratified for certain amount of time; what they just could miss out is the pile of gold buried down the magma layers of temporary pains.

So, if you have a dream, and you know that is will be hard and painful to get there; do it anyways and feel mighty like a victor later.

Your Life Becomes An Inspiring Story

We are here to close the discussion why your life is worth living after myriads of hardship, pains and suffering with this last factor.

Think about it, after months to years of being faithful to your purpose, grinding your way, building your dream consistently and enduring all kind of agonies along the ways; after all of that, you are at the paramount of your success.

All insufferable scenarios and intolerance have been faded away.

Now you are living the dream.

You also have mastered the unyielding alpha male self-image & personality traits, became one among the elite guys.

You’ve become a hero of your own story, just like Gilgamesh, Hercules, Conan The Barbarian, Marcus Aurelius, Arthur Pendragon, Benjamin Franklin, …

And when people read your biography, they feel inspired because they can have something you related about: “you came from the background like most of them, and how you’ve worked your ways up to greatness despite all pains and adversities”.

Contrarily to those who are successful but have never really faced any significant struggles at all; they are not inspiring at all since how many people can relate with them? 1? 2? Probably none.

But we all know that any kind of great success requires pains and sufferings in that. You can’t avoid these shits, just grow your spine up and face them. And that’s why it is inspiring.


* Recommend reading: The Obstacle Is The Way By Ryan Holiday

The Obstacle Is The Way By Ryan Holiday

In other words, pain allows you to tap into your greatest potentials ever, the absence of pain and adversity makes your life meaningless, uninspiring and your success unrevealed.

And if you can’t accept and win over these tough shits, how the fuck can you expect to be successful?

No, you can’t.

You just can win if you treat your pain and suffering like a friend. A friend with a tough love/opposing figure that is going to push you towards self-actualization; like Tyler Durden and The Narrator or Vincent And Max From Collateral.

And you can’t prove otherwise, because in your subconscious mind: you know it is true.

So why hold back? Why more hesitation?

You don’t need it, what you only need is growing the fucking spine and confront the latter.

Because now you have to make a great story for the world to read that you have survived and overcame the hellfire in the highway to paradise.

Pain itself alone might be not worth it, but pain within your purpose is all worth it. As long as you can dream, do, endure then reap the rewards. Pains are just something natural to feel.

Now have you realized the true value of pains?

So no more fears.

Go find out what you want, commit to it, and pursue it.

Craft a blueprint for your success.

Never hold back when you meet pains along the ways.

And then succeed, then transform; congratulations! A man has gone through a great phase of apotheosis and fulfilled his destiny.

For now, I’ll see you next time,


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